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T~-·'._ .;····"'· · .. >.. . , . . . . . . <br />,SOcUal h H OK'd for svnagogue~ but traffic changes 1required }1 . · . . ff£ P LI ~;LI C-- / ·-/ v -i~ · · , .~ 1 <br />Council .also hires · Louis Lagomarsino, a Phoenix more than was counted in a 1980 W~il~nd said he would favor a -such a~ illegal parking -if Paradise ,Vall.ey' Resort, . 5401 }-1:;· <br />· · · · traffic engineer and consultant study he conducted. tra~f1c hght. A ~our-way stop causes attendance mcreases. Scottsdale,. will help pay for six, 1iN8ter Consultant, hired by temple officials, Thursday Mockingbird carries 3,800 per accidents, he said. In other matters, the council: lights on -the east side adjacent io··· <br />Or.d. 9· rs·-Stree·t1··lgfltS recommended the following: . day, and Monte ,Vista carries only a . He also asked the council to o Aut~orized A!1derson-Nichols, the re?ort. Nine lights will be on the'n <br />· • Eliminate one of the two exits few dozen, he said. widen McDo!'}ald to the Scottsdale . a Phoemx consultmg company, to west side. <br />By NEAL SAVAGE from the temple parking lot onto During morning rush hour -limits. The road abruptly narrows ···study the .town's water needs. Town 'c.·;; <br />North Mollte Vl'sta Dr1've a res1·. 7·.15 to 8:15 a.m. -988 vehicles from four lanes to two as it crosses staff members will draw up a Town officials said it is uncertain,,-Nortlloast Vall.oy Buroau ' • when the road will be lighted. It;,. <br />PARADISE VALLEY . The dcntial street that intersects enter the intersection of McDonald mtotown. contract for the two-month study, depends 011 how quickly Arizona'/ <br />Town Council has approved a McDonald. and Mockingbird-Monte Vista, La-Lagomarsino said U.S. street-de-to cost no more than $18,500, plus Public Service Co. can get to1 it, <br />building expansion at a synagogue, o Forbid left turns onto Monte gomarsino said. sign codes say a four-way stop sign c·osts. th 'd . . <br />1 d Vista from the temple. "That's a lot of traffic at that or traffic light is warranted only if • Ordered 15 streetlights for the ey sai · <br />~rfnsfanif;h~o~~u~~~;t~t:fcl~~~ • Widen McDonald. to add a hour at a minor intersection," traffic exceeds 800 vehicles per hour three-block stretch of north Scotts-o Authorized spending of $70,000"' <br />North Scottsdale Road. left-tum bay east of the intersec-which causes delays, he said. on the major street (McDonald) __ dale Road between East Jackrabbit to modernize traffic lights on Easf : <br />Th ·1 Tl tion. Two neighbors complained the and exceeds 200 per hour on the .-Road and East Vista Drive. Lincoln' Drive at Invergordon and · <br />to ap~r~ov~11 <br />~ <br />1n v:!ee~1Jient 1 ~~st~~ • Add left-lurn bays on Monte intersection is dangerous. minor street (Mockingbird-Monte Total cost is $30,000. · Loe\vs at Mockingbird by June. · · <br />special-use permit for Temple So-Vista and North Mockingbird Lane, Mel Kowal, who lives two doors Vista). -~ · . -= <br />lei, 6805 E. McDonald Drive. which intersects McDonald from north of the intersection at 6021 N. Council members said they fear' <br />Councilman Richard Andeen was the north. Mockingbird, asked the council to the town would be penalized if the . <br />The council voted to add the consider a sign or light. council ignored the code on the · <br />in Philadelphia on business and did recommendations to the amend-"We have a severe and serious minor-street load and arbitrarily· <br />not attend. ment to the permit. . traffic problem," Kowal said. installed a sign or light. <br />Temple officials plan to con-The temple will pay for the "What are we doing about the The council, following Lagomar- <br />struct an 18,500-square-foot social change in exits onto Monte Vista. It corner? sino's advice, did not order a sign or <br />halt The town Planning and Zoning also will pay for cha~ges on "Forget about turning left _ light. . . . <br />Commission on Dec. 6 recom-McDonald and Monte Vista that people are getting killed and Lagomarsmo said that early this <br />mended that the council approve are adjacent to its property. smashed up." m~n~h, durii.1~ a period of little <br />the plan. The town will pay for any In the most recent crash there, rehgwus activity! he counted no <br />It was· the second time the changes on the northern and south-on Dec. 20, a woman was killed. more th~n 60 vehicles at ~~e te~pl.e <br />council had considered the matter. western sides of the intersection. Dennis Weiland, who lives across . at one time. ~emple officials mdt- <br />On Dec. 20, it postponed a vote ' The cost of the changes hasn't the street from the temple at 5826 cated. 100 vehicles can be expected, <br />'·:nfter · council members said they been estimated, town officials said, N. Monte Vista, said he is con-he said. <br />'wanted to study the potential and no date for the work has been cerned that expansion of the temple As approved by the council, th'e <br />'.impact ori traffic in the area. The set. will increase traffic. temple plan includes 229 parking <br />· t.e_rilple is on the southeastern Lagomarsino also reported that He also said he opposes any spaces. Council members said that <br />corner of McDonald and Monte McDonald currently carries 10,000 construction that would disturb the .is more than is needed, but will <br />. Vtsta. · vehicles per day -50 to 60 percent ; , residei1tial nature of the town. cause fewer problems in the future <br />,"';~~-- <br />Buiilders who change plans <br />?RtJG !?£~ 1-t;.b -8.s lr:r.itate PV comm1ss1oners iW recommendation that th~ <br />Paradise Valley Town Council <br />refuse to hear any evidence from <br />developers that has not already <br />heard by the Planning and Zoning <br />Commission was unanimously ap· <br />proved Tuesday by the commission. <br />The suggestion came from Chair- <br />man Richard Mybeck, who said he <br />was tired of seeing presentations <br />changed drastically before they <br />went to the council for final ap- <br />proval. <br />"The basic evidence should be the <br />same," Mybeck said, otherwise, <br />"it's apples and oranges." <br />Mybeck said applicants use the <br />commission as a "minor league" <br />presentation in preparation for the <br />Town Council meeting. <br />"We could do something else on <br />Tuesdays," he said. <br />Commission members take turns <br />attending Town Council meetings, <br />and Mybeck suggested that the <br />representatives speak up whenever <br />presentations have been changed. <br />and developers should be allowed to <br />make those changes before the coun- <br />cil presentation, they said. <br />But Paradise Valley Mayor Joan <br />Lincoln said she does not like the <br />sound of the resolution. <br />"Our job is one step further than <br />the commission's job," she said. <br />She said the council is not limited <br />to accepting just the presentation <br />considered by the Planning and Zon- <br />ing Commission. Staff reports and <br />comments from neighbors as well as <br />results from council members' own <br />study of the issues must be con· <br />sidered, she said. <br />"If we only referred to the Plann- <br />ing and Zoning presentation, we <br />would just be hearing an applicatio~ <br />twice " she said, and the council <br />' " f "would just be a rubber stamp or <br />the commission. <br />-SUSAN KEATON <br />Paradise Valley Cri1rne Rate ~lardly 'Grht'll'· <br />Edito~:. ~ /; /71.,1 Bi-I C. / '"'/6cards, came to just a lit.tic mon <br />. A pair of articles relating to . than 100, or less than 10 calls per <br />resorts in the Northeast Extra month. <br />edition oC Jan. 2 contained some Paradise Valley police have re- <br />.misleading· a·nd inacrurat.e state-ceived no complaints of rapes in the <br />ments. . town, at or away from our resorts in <br />For example, Paradise Valley 1982, 1983 or 1984. <br />police do nc:it investigate, as the While· our newest resort, quite <br />.headline states, "25 room burglaries . properly, was given credit for in- <br />a month." eluding the latest in high-techno- <br />. Attorney <br />~egins iob <br />With·town <br />~ ·,~//Zt:-fT C ': .. J,,1" 2..-1ru-.s..s- <br />-~ By Diana Balazs <br />Gazet.t.e Northeast B11rea11 <br />: PARADISE VALLEi·-Chuck <br />(?Hinger, the town' at.torney, is <br />expected .to commute to work for a <br />few;i.veeks· before joining the town <br />full time. . <br />: Ollinger, 50, replaces A. Paul <br />I;Jlunt who resigned to 'joi~ a <br />J?hoenix law firm. . . ; ? Since October 1980, Ollinger·has ' · <br />served as the general counsel for the <br />fo~n of ,Oro Valley, which has a <br />:i?opulation of about 2,500. He also <br />thas served as the prosecutor for the <br />;:town's magistrate court. . <br />: Until he can wrap things up there <br />'and with his Tucson Jaw firm <br />:OJlinger plans t.o commute to Para~ <br />'.dise Valley and work a couple of <br />;:days a week. <br />~ He hopes to come :on board full <br />:,tinre by the __ first of February and <br />:_saicl he is excited about his new job. <br />'.1 "I'm extremely proud to be <br />'.S?;rvjng in the town • and look <br />~foiwar.d,to it," Ollinger said in a <br />:telephone"foterview Friday: . <br />:'. He plans to settle in first and <br />become acquainted with officials <br />:and staff. <br />. He added he was "quite hon- <br />: ored" at being selected, Ollinger <br />:beca~e aware of the job opening by <br />readmg a·newspaper ad. · · <br />. The town has been S"earching f~r <br />::a replacement for Blunt for more. <br />,than a month. Town officials re- <br />. ceived 28 applications and a scre~n- <br />r ! Ollinger is the tow{l's fifth attm-- <br />~ey; That number does not include l • . :attorneys who have represented the <br />(.Dmmunity on retainer, Brines said. <br />:The town hired its first full-time <br />~ttorney in 1974, Butt said. <br />; i The legal profession actually is <br />:q_llinger's second career. Ollinger, a <br />:J?ilot, was employed in general <br />~viation and directed fixed-base .. · <br />;operations at airports. <br />:~ ~ut he decided to switch profes-:, <br />s_1011s and graduated in May 1980. <br />~it~ a law degree from the Univer-' <br />~ity of Arizona . <br />: '.'I'd reached most of my goals i~ <br />.~viation and always had been <br />fascinated by the law," Ollinger <br />s-aid. <br />: 1fter graduation, he joined a <br />'!'ufson law firm and about a year <br />fa~r became a partner in the firm <br />. tJiat beca~e-known as Henderson <br />. a~~ Olling'er. <br />Ollinger is a graduate of Notre <br />Dame University and holds a bach- <br />elor's degree in general science. <br />·He is a member of the American . ' Arizona and Pima County bar <br />ass.qciations and the American Trial <br />Laivyers .. Association. He also is a <br />member of several civic organiza- <br />tions. <br />lfo ;md his wife, Ann, plan to <br />move i.u a house they own in the <br />Parntiist, Valley area of Phoenix. He <br />has i,t:v1 ,n children ranging in age <br />from:-.'::' lu 27. <br />--····-"·~--.,, 'l <br />,1:-x:~---··-------·- <br />· .. tfl:1': 1:.-/tfi-~.i' <br />~l?';\&,n "rl l-7t\rlJ!'" \w,~;,iJAi1fn©01j \Vh1~[3 <br />~l'l'li!PI (D\fi'r)r7('['.' r;-<),f'l~r;11 <br />. ~~g j ~LP ,.~r,1J ~j ~) !_:<~!.J{I).jlJ fj <br />ff@!r ®Hfpjf.ffiutl~~fi©Uu,' <br />; Northeast Valley Bureau d\"- <br />. PARAD1$E VALLEY -The <br />~ Town Council on Thursday np-· <br />, proved building expansions at a . <br />: private school. . <br />. The council voted 6-0 on the <br />; master plan for Phoenix Coun- <br />try Day School, 3901 E. <br />: Stanford· Drive. Vice Mayor <br />'. Robert Plenge was out. of town <br />. and did not attend the meeting. <br />· As approved, the plan calls <br />for construction of a music <br />building, a gymnasium and acl. <br />di~)'1d classrooms. ~/ · <br />. The music building would he <br />built in the near future and hr, <br />followfd by the gymnasium. <br />.Other buildings would be con- <br />struct,<i)Jy the year 2050. <br />Mary Ann.Brines, town clerk <br />·said Friday school officials ar; <br />expeqt.ed . to seek a Euildfog <br />permit tlus week· for the ·music <br />building. . <br />The school also niu:it seek <br />approval of plans for the other <br />buildings from·town officials. <br />· The school's enrollment is <br />5~~· i~cluding 240 elementary, <br />·lb.,.m1ddlc and 155 high school <br />stucJ.ents. The council approved <br />enrollment. of 1,200, of which no <br />~ore than 50 percent can be in <br />high school. <br />The'town Planning and Zon- <br />inr; Commission on ,Dec. 6 voted <br />. t.o recommend thnt ,t:he council <br />apprnw the master plv"n . <br />· On Dec. 20;-the council · de- <br />loye.d ~ vote or:~~.~J\ .... ma~ter after· <br />cou,1ril men,,wrt said they <br />needed to study it. <br />· . On Thursday, councilman . <br />R(chard. Ancleen . proposed 22 ·• <br />st1pulat1ons. Afte;-more than · <br />three hours of debH ~e, the coun-. · <br />cil. appr~ved 1?, including limits · ·/ <br />~n b~1Ildmg heights, parking and. <br />1light111g. <br />. .. -... ·-· ··-f <br />. ---- <br />. All the commissioners approved <br />the resolution, but they agreed that <br />it is wrong to expect the two presen- <br />tations to be exactly the same. · <br />: The Planning and Zoning CommiG- <br />1,ion often suggests changes in plan:j, <br />-·------ <br />The figures for 1984 averaged 3.6 logy magnetically encoded locks in <br />per month and only 1.5 per month its design, it hardly follows that <br />m 1983 when there were approxi-managers at the others "are lax on <br />mately half the present 1,573 resort crime." <br />rooms. In fact, one other resort has· <br />In the last of 1984, there started conversion to this system . <br />·were.only three such room burglar-Crime prevention is important <br />ing committee made up of Town <br />Magistrate Philip von Ammon and <br />Councilmen James Coffee and Wil• <br />liam Simon, both attorneys, whit- <br />tled the list down to 10, Town Clerk <br />Mary Ann Brines said. <br />ff P aradisl'vaiteyz,resfcient named·: ;L\? boa~d of state m.ine agency <br />;~"<F PA~ADISE V~LLEY -Harvey and mining companies in the West-ies in total, or one a month. for all· businesses and home owners.· <br />With seven resorts in this town We are confident the resorts in <br />with almtA 1,600 rooms, the pie-Paradise Valley will continue to <br />ture is hardly grim. · . work with us toward this end. <br />In fact, total calls'for all types of PETERS; WAINWRIGHT <br />problems at all resorts combined Chief of Police <br />1 this past year, including such things Town of Paradise Valley , as bad checks or misuse of credit Paradise Valley_ :, <br />bsmmm::;; : I <br />From there, the committee rec- <br />ommended two applicants. <br />Ollinger was inf ~rmed of his <br />~s~~~-ction Thursday morning. Town <br />~a.1iager Oscar Butt announced the <br />·up_pointment that : evening . at a :f P\vn. Council meeting. Ollinger will <br />~e paid an annual salary of $34,925. <br />: ~ "The council, as well as myself, <br />ftlt he was the best qualified to do <br />lpe job," Butt said Friday. <br />&;; W. Smith, a lo~gtime town resident, ern United · . <br />~; has b_een appomted by Gov. Bruce Smith holds federai appoint- <br />'.,! ~abb1tt to the b~ard of the state ments as a mineral surveyor for the <br />,tr epartment of Mmes and Mineral Interior Department and as an :l Resources. for unpatent.ed mining <br />''I S · 1 claims for the Justice Department. <br />;,; m1t 1 is president of Del Tierra The state department· provides -~~ Engineering and Mining Corpora-technica.1 assistance to prospectors <br />tion. He is a consultant for govern-d <br />:: ment agencies, individuals .and o1·1 an mme. operators aQd . gathers ,,, data on Arizona minerals'.·. · _ .. ,.. 't·t <br />· ~:-:awwzzue