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3 <br />E·12 Wed., Jan. 4, 1984 'i'he PhOenix Gazette <br />Reporter goes out on a limb <br />with predi,ctions for 1 84 <br />By Rusty Foley <br />Gazette Southeast Bureau <br />· SCOTISDALE -Perched out on a limb to predict <br />· the unfoldings of 1984, we find few earth-shaking <br />observations. ' <br />: Much of what will happen in '84 is all too· <br />predictable. Not that it doesn't hold import for many <br />years to come, but it simply will not be too surprising. <br />: You might say we hold these sooths to ·be self- <br />~vident: <br />. : • The Downtown Plan may be dead by. the end of <br />1984 unless it regains community support and a way is <br />found to fund it. <br />: : What had been an overwhelming consensus in favor <br />of the Downtown Plan in April had come apart at the <br />$'earns by December. <br />; • The siren songs of the destruction came from so <br />many corners that the City Council decided to shelve <br />the plan for awhile. , . <br />·· • : : If the plan does survive the year, we see drastic <br />· changes to its street-system portion. <br />It will snow for Christmas in Scottsdale before we see <br />.· a:. five-lane Civic Center Plaza bisecting the world- <br />i'enowned Scottsdale Mall. <br />:,: If the city sticks with the couplet plan (dual, <br />eastside-westside five-lane roads to draw traffic off <br />Scottsdale Road), the east leg will be Hinton Avenue <br />east of the library and City Hall. <br />. • '!'here will be some adjustment in building-height <br />limits to promote building downtown, City officials <br />probably will be able to sell most of the community and <br />the council on some modifications of the zoning <br />··ordinance. There still will be no high-rises or even <br />·. midrises, merely an adjustment in select parts to a <br />maximum of 60 feet. <br />. • Mayor Herb Drinkwater will bury opponent Bob <br />Field in a landslide despite Field's surprise appearance <br />as opposition for the mayor. I ··-· . <br />) However, Field and at least three other "anti- <br />,establishment" candidates could generate some useful <br />discussion if they succeed in articulating an alleged <br />. element of disillusionment with City Hall. <br />·Heat has been caused by the north area annexations, <br />·the Downtown Plan and concern over maintaining the <br />c;ity's master plan. As a result, the campaign for <br />:Drinkwater and incumbent Councilman Jim Bruner <br />, ,l ~ill be tougher than might have been predicted a year <br />ago. <br />Their campaign workers -undeniably "establish- <br />ment" --. will find themselves· stumping more <br />vigorously than they've had too in many years. <br />They will prevail,. however, and the winners of the <br />two seats being vacated. by Jeff Schubert and Charlie <br />Smith probably will be cut from similar cloth. <br />• We wouldn't be surprised if United Cable .Co. <br />'executives are just biding their time until they can find· <br />a buyer for the Scottsdale system. City officials will' <br />continue dealing with the Denver-based company, <br />wli:id1 has been so recalcitrant about fulfilling the more' <br />costly provisions of its contract with the city. <br />. ,)f UtJited is planning to sell, it had ~p· <br />its age~~~· ~ow~ver, ~~cil~~e c!tY officials will go <br /> with their threatened license-revocation pro-. <br />cee~mg~ <br />. It. that happens; it will be Scottsdale, not the <br />company, who decides who gets the next cable license <br />jn the city. , " ·. <br />--~------~~--~· <br />B-2 Wed., Jan. 18, 1984 OMST <br />lllt::IIIIIIIIIIID*•+n'zt=:•=malll!l.'l¥s~alllll:lllllllallllllllllfl:l:!lllllll-----~~--·! , I., <br />Comm¢ntary ·' I <br />o The Scottsdale Unified School District will have <br />little trouble gaining vot'er approval to seek a long-terin <br />lease on the Scottsdale f!igh School property. We were <br />right on the money when we suggested that Scottsdale <br />High, not Arcadia, would be targeted for closure. Sure <br />'enough, the venerable 62-year-old school is shuttered. <br />. Debate, however, continues over whether the original <br />school -the "300 Building" -will be preserved. <br />Citizens pressing for preservation may want further· <br />assurances that the board will not allow the 300 <br />Building to be leveled~ The school board will pa8s that <br />political hot potato 1 to city planning and 'zoning <br />authorities and the City Council. · <br />We also scored when we said the Arizona Legislature. <br />would approve a long-term lease bill. School district <br />officials wasted no time in using the bill. They've <br />scheduled an election Feb. 14 on whether to lease the <br />idle Scottsdale High property. · <br />The best to be hoped fpr is th~t the board may smile <br />upon bidders who propose to integrate the building <br />into an office and commercial development. <br />• There may be some fallout from ·all the turbulence . <br />in district affairs over the last two years. The seats of <br />board members Anne Hickie, Don Swanson a·nd Laurel <br />Kimball are up for grabs in November; and it is <br />possible at least one incumbent will not run again. <br />The pot also may be stirred by the entry into the <br />race of a candidate from the Arcadia area. Residents. <br />still jittery over last year's recommendation to close the <br />. district's westernmost high school· may feel the need to· <br />field their own candidate to protect their interests.· To <br />be sure, with one high school closed, candidates will be. <br />forced to deal seriously with the issue of declining <br />enrollment in this go-round. <br />• The talk of incorporation in Carefree and Cave <br />Creek will continue in 1984, especially in light of <br />Scottsdale's annexation to their ~oorsteps. Some <br />_Carefree community leaders already are talking of <br />1 another drive but are not ready to go public, yet. <br />Carefre~ voters rejected incorporation in 1983, partly. <br />because supporters never proved enough population to. <br />legally qualify as a town. <br />• Look for an agreement between the Combined <br />Road Districts and Fountain Hills developer MCO <br />properties on how to fund future road-building. They. <br />will take the conservative course, encouraging as much <br />building as possible along existing thoroughfares to <br />increase the district's tax base. <br />Meanwhile, proponents of Fountain Hills incorpora-. <br />tion say they'll try again in 1984. They'll have . to <br />convince voters that incorporation will lower· taxes, <br />however. ' <br />• The idea of a mountain preserve in Paradise Valley <br />has not fizzled. By the end of 1984, the town should <br />control150 acres. · · <br />What will be interesting is to see }f more proponents <br />of the preserve follow .the example of FoormanMueller <br />and actually donate land to the town for. use in the <br />fund~ raising. . v . . . .. ·. . i • ; <br />. e The Paradise .Valley Town --Comicil probably will <br />.be re-elected en masse, .and, iri turn, will 're-elect J., <br />:nuncan Brock as mayor. The only question mark might <br />:be Dick Baxter, whose heart, reportedly, was not really;· <br />in his decision to seek re-election. <br />The Phoenix Gazette <br />' <br />·Surplus f};tJDV!Y. 6'/-o~c-rrc /~11-~/f: \ • • • <br />-i <br />. -. .. . . r <br />and that's not all the good PV news · 0 • • <br />By Diana Balazs <br />Gazette Northeast Bureau <br />PARADISE VALLEY-Rosy. <br />That's the word for this year, town officials <br />predict. <br />on the south side of Mummy Mountain was <br />created in the 1950s before the town was <br />incorporated. Town officials have encouraged <br />the private sector to repair the scar. The town <br />does not own the property. <br />politically. A new To~n Council will be ~l~cted: <br />and ~ with 14 residents vying for seven seats <br />-there could be some new faces. <br />"I think that all of the candidates, of course, <br />are interested in the same. thing (accomplish- <br />Residents can expect additional acquisition <br />of open space -on Mummy Mountain, further <br />· annexation of unincorporated county islands <br />and continued good government, they say. <br />· "I'm going to work extra hard in 1984 and I <br />have reason to believe that we'll solve that <br />problem," Butt said. <br />ing the goals of the town)," Butt said. · <br />"In 1984, I would like tO see, of course, the <br />elimination of county islands entirely," Butt <br />add£d. <br />"I look for great things to happen," Town <br />Manager Oscar Butt ·said, including another <br />budget surplus, a trend the town has main- <br />, tained for the past decade. <br />Mayor J. Duncan Brock, who met recently <br />with one of the persons owning property <br />affected by the scar, said he was told by the <br />owner that he was "going to do it (repair the <br />cut section of the scar) right away." <br />"We're optimistic that will be accom-, <br />plished." <br />The Paradise Valley Country Club, 7101 N. <br />"I think we will add to the mountain <br />preserve. The gift Foorman Mueller gave us (of <br />a one-acre parcel) will be the start of that," <br />Butt said. <br />The owner, who plans to build homes on the Tatum Blvd., is expected to be annexed <br />sometime this year. <br />If he had to list a disappointment in 1983, it <br />was that the scar on Glen· Drive was not <br />repaired as expected. The man-made eyesore <br />· property, also would be willing to create scenic <br />easements and place the homes on lower levels <br />of the mountain, Brock said. The mayor <br />predicted the repair work would be done <br />sometime this month. <br />"We will probably begin to develop a more <br />conscious direction relative to sewage· treat- <br />ment and wastewater disposal which would <br />also indirectly relate to water and water · <br />usages," Brock predicted. This year also will be an active one <br />·Paradise Valley_ <br />• ~(~01./S {Jfl l-f":: p (2(.! G If r!S s { ( f 7-f g 1 crlme goes down <br />By STEVE RYAN <br />Progress Staff Writer <br />Following a 15-percent <br />decrease in 1982, major crimes <br />reported in the town of Paradise <br />dropped annther 15 percent in <br />1983, according to Police Chief <br />Peter Wainwright. <br />There were no homicides kid-. ' nappmgs or rapes reported in <br />the town in 1982 or 1983 the <br />police chief said. ' <br />"I am very pleased at the <br />drop, particularly the drop in <br />burglaries," Wainwright said <br />Wednesday. · <br />The number of residentalf <br />burglaries reported in the town <br />decreased from 128 in 1982 to 9f. <br />in 1983, Wainwright said. . <br />He attributed the drop· 'tc• <br />"sting operations," whic;, <br />authorities from surrounding · <br />cities have used to· arrest <br />burglars who might have vic- <br />timized Paradise Valley <br />residents. <br />In addition, many residents <br />have installed burglar alarms to <br />discourage CJ;iminals, he said. <br />Police still have not solved a <br />rash of approximately 14 <br />burglaries believed to have been <br />committed by the same criminal <br />within the past three months <br />.,said Wainwright. None of thos~ <br />crimes occurred in homes with <br />b?,rglar alarms, he said. <br />;',But officers on Dec. 29 ar- <br />rested a 15-year-old town resi- <br />/lent on s~spicion of committing <br />. at least SIX other burglaries at <br />/hote)s and homes in the tomi. <br />Wainwright said. t <br />The youth, a Saguaro High · .·· <br />• School student, allegedly stole . <br />./. ' camera equipment and other ex- <br />1 . 1 pensive items, such as an at- <br />tache case full of jewelry that in-' <br />I' 1 'd · · · c u ed a $20,000 necklace, "over <br />the last few months "said Wain- <br />' wright. ' <br />Stereo equipment and other <br />Ifimer items also allegedly were - <br />takeri by the youth, he said. ·· · / · <br />·· Much of the property, in-: c~uding the jewelry, has been <br />, .. :-%o:vered, Wainwright said. <br />\v \_t~arges of posession of stolen <br />''ilfoliCrty', also could be filed <br />· agaifjo':!t youths believed to have <br />purchased stolen items from the <br />burglary suspect, although this <br />might ·not occur "because <br />everyone has been very <br />cooperative," Wainwright add- <br />ed . <br />The number of reported <br />burglaries from motor vehicles , <br />dropped from 72 in 1982 to 53 in <br />1983, while burglaries from · 7 <br />1 <br />hotel~, churc?es _and other coni-· <br />mercia! or Institutional struc-I <br />tures fell from 79 to 44. J <br />.. , The Phoenix Gazette Wed., .>on. ll, 1984 NE-7. <br />\ __ ._\hJ(]ney R~~neh tstates . ~ . <br />end(!)rsed by pianners ,;; <br />' .(· J ~-• <br />. Gazette Northeast Bureau <br />PARADISE 'VALLEY -'-The <br />preliminary plat of Cheney Ranch <br />Estates . should b.e ·approved, the <br />Town Pl'auning and Zoning Com- <br />mission recommends. <br />. I <br />17ZXit $:. #&"t\l! \i; I . ·~R@Mt¥ '*·A"--.. ] <br />PVTown· ... <br />11aU <br />New appointment . .. : . · <br />The proposed 15-lot~ :;;ubdivision <br />•would be built at Mockingbird Lane Miusi Johnsen, a memberofth~· <br />and Morning Glory Road. , . ·. .. . · Town Planning and ZOning Com- <br />mission, has been· appointed· to tho· <br />Last week, the c<imm.isskinalsci .Town Hillside Building Committee~: <br />informally discussed expansion and . Puzzling gift ' <br />remodeling plans for the Sl{e\-aton <br />Scottsdale Inn, 7200 N. Scottsdale Town Clerk Mary Ann Brines. <br />Road. · loves puzzles. So what would make· <br />Resort officials are requesting an <br />amendment to their existing spe- <br />cial-use permit to· add 144 C!lits,. <br />including 63 lofts, and to remodel <br />and refurbish existing facilities. <br />. At its Dec. 20 meeting, tLc <br />commission heard the proposal b•1t. <br />.continued action until Jan. 17. <br />a better Christmas gift? . <br />She received one from Town· <br />Council member Joan Lincoln: The: <br />custom-made puzzle contains more <br />thnn 3,000 pieces carved in a variety <br />of sh:1pcs. · . . . · ,,·,: <br />When Brines puts it all together,. <br />·.the puzzle will depict ll map __: but <br />iwt just any ;nap. It will be a map or' <br />the town. · · ·-·· <br />Scottsdale resort .clears commission hurdl·e <br />By Diana Balazs <br />Gazette Northeast Bureau <br />SCOTTSDALE - A request by the Sheraton <br />Scottsdale Inn to amend its existing special-use permit <br />to expand and renovate the resort received a favorable <br />recommendation Tuesday from the Town Planning and <br />Zoning Commission. <br />.. The 5-2 vote· did not come easily, however, as <br />·commissioners debated the application for 2l!z hours. <br />• Sheraton officials are seeking approval for work on <br />the existing. resort, 7200 N. Scottsdale Road, and <br />expansion on 20 acres south of the resort. <br />The developers had resolved several concerns raised <br />by the commission at its Dec. 20 meeting, including <br />emergency vehicle access and lighting. <br />A major concern debated again Tuesday was whether <br />proposed loft units on the southern parcel were <br />actually lofts or second-story living quarters, which are <br />prohibited under the town's resort zoning. <br />At one point, commissioners looked up the definition <br />of a loft in a dictionary but decided it was not helpful. <br />Resort officials said the units would have no outside <br />stairways and would have an entry that could be <br />opene.d by only one key. <br />They also could not be sealed off to form two <br />separate living areas. <br />The two who voted against the application were <br />James Coffee and Donald Schwenn. Schwenn made the <br />motion to recommend approval with a number of <br />stipulations attached. • <br />Coffee moved to amend Schwenn's motion to <br />prohibit the loft units because he said they were two- <br />story units. His amendment was defeated 4-3. <br />There was no public comment at the meeting. The <br />application will be heard by the Town Council Feb. 9. <br />In other business, the commission unanimously <br />recommended approval of a staff initiative to amend <br />the town's zoning. ordinance. The amendment would <br />add a new country club use under special use permit <br />that would apply solely to the unincorporated Paradise· <br />Valley Country Club, 7101 N. Tatum Blvd., upon its <br />annexation into the town. <br />The matter will be considered by the council Jan. 26. <br />Town Manager Oscar Butt said today that annexa-. <br />tion talks between the cou~try club and the town "are. <br />going very well." · <br />"We are continuing to make progress."