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P~radftse Valley '07:. Town preps for upcoming events <br />. Independent Newspapers/Jennifer Amsler <br />From ·left, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Khan and Paradise Val- <br />ley Mayor Ed Winkler celebrate the fire agreement between the two municipalities that <br />will go into place in July; <br />Fire contract in place this year <br />By Jennifer Amsler <br />Independent Newspapers <br />The year 2007 will be an <br />eventful one in Paradise Valley, <br />including the fire provider switch <br />to Phoenix and progression with <br />resort proposals. <br />Fire service <br />provider switch <br />As of July I, ParadiseValley <br />residents will no longer see a <br />Rural/Metro Fire Department fire <br />truck if they are in need of fire <;>r <br />emergency services. · <br />·That is when the town's con- <br />tract with Phoenix officially <br />begins. Residents will no longer <br />have to pay quarterly subscrip- <br />tion costs, which the. town has <br />mandated to be paid by every <br />household for years. <br />Last summer, when council <br />members unanimously agreed <br />to contracting with Phoenix as a <br />fire and emergency service <br />provider, officials silld the budget <br />allowed the town to pick up the <br />annual bill. <br />Paradise Valley will now be <br />part of the automatic aid system, <br />a communication system that <br />Continued From Page 1 <br />. The plans evolved several times <br />last year, including less residential <br />properties, less total resort room <br />keys and retaining the golf course. <br />Crown .Realty representatives <br />said they wanted plans approved <br />before 2006 was complete, but the <br />Planning Commission likely will <br />not make a recommendation to <br />Town Council until January ot Feb- <br />ruary. . <br />Mayor Ed Winkler said last <br />month Ritz Carlton plans were sub- <br />mitted to ihe town and after a few <br />months of staff review, will go <br />before the Planning Commission <br />as soon as February. <br />Several town officials say the <br />Ritz Carlton plans will be ~~viewed <br />in the Planning Commi~sion as <br />long as the Mountain Shadowspro- <br />posal or Montelucia, another <br />Crown Realty project that. broke <br />grourid in early 2006, because the <br />approximate 120-acre Ritz Carlton <br />lot is vacant. <br />immediately calls on the closest municipality as opposed to a pri- <br />fire station, despite its municipal-vate company. <br />ity, to respond to a fire or emer-Regardless, · the training <br />gency. should be minimal since the fire- <br />Town officials are working fighters already know the basics, <br />with both fire and emergency Chief Khan said. · <br />providers to ensure a successful Some Phoenix firefighters <br />switch. will be brought to Paradise Valley <br />"Everyone is committed to . to help with the transition. <br />· making sure the transition is "Some of our best firefighters <br />'smooth, without any bumps or and looking forward to the chal- <br />glitches," said RuraVMetrci lenges (like mountain-top <br />spokeswoman Alison Cooper. homes) in protecting Paradise <br />Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Khan Valley,"ChiefKhansaid. <br />said the city, town and <br />RuraVMetro will continue to <br />work together until the transition <br />is complete. <br />A plan to retain many of the <br />firefighters who have served Par- <br />adise Valley for years is also <br />being discussed by the Phoenix <br />Fire Department. <br />"We've. got C~n operational <br />team that's looking at that transi- <br />tion and putting together the dif- <br />ferent· pieces of the puzzle," <br />Chief Khan said. <br />If Phoenix does hire some of <br />the Rural/Metro firefighters whq. <br />currently serve Paradise VallEy, <br />those firefighters will likely go <br />through a new trail)ing because <br />th•~"') would be working for a <br />Town Council and <br />Planning Commission <br />Both the Town Council and <br />Plannfng Commission will be <br />making many decisions this year, <br />including what will happen with <br />the Mountain Shadows plans <br />and the recently submitted Ritz <br />Carlton proposal. <br />The -Planning Commission <br />has been working with Crown <br />Realty and Development Corp. <br />for more than a year on plans to <br />revitalize the closed Mountain <br />Shadows resort, 5255 E. Lincoln <br />Drive. <br />,See Preview-Page 6 <br />RaiD. delays <br />road work <br />· Phase to see <br />late January finish <br />By Jennifer Amsler <br />Independent Newspapers <br />The two-week closure· of <br />Northern Avenue experienced <br />a the road, causing a <br />slight construction delay. <br />While Town · Council <br />approved a request from the <br />contractor at the beginning of <br />December to completely close <br />both sides,ofNorthern Avenue <br />for two weeks to expedite <br />construction, Town ,Engineer <br />Bill Mead said the work could <br />not be entirely completed due <br />to December rain. <br />The contractor was to lay <br />rubberized asphalt, the last <br />portion of the project, at that <br />time, but the closure was <br />moved to Jan. 6 to finish that <br />phase. · ., <br />Between Dec. 12 and Dec. <br />What. <br />do you <br />·think? <br />Is the town doing <br />a good job with <br />the road <br />Improvements? <br />• Public forums <br /> <br />• 24-hour Speak Out line <br />623-445-2824 <br />oE-mail <br /> <br />For more <br />information <br />Call the 24-hour construction <br />line at 602-264-6416 <br />23, drivers were re-routed <br />while construction wJrkers <br />worked weekdays apJ 'Satur- <br />days to complete th~ improve- <br />ments. <br />Paradise Valle~ police offi- <br />cers monitored the closure, <br />See Road-Page 6 <br />Road <br />· Continued From Page 1 <br />· directing residents to the correct · <br />detour and ensuring driving safe- <br />ty. <br />Paradise Valley, . Lt. Alan <br />Laitsch said drivers followed . <br />police instructions to stay off the <br />avenue and no accidents result- <br />ed from the closure. <br />Mr. Mead also said the closure <br />went smoothly and the town, to <br />his knowledge, did not receive <br />complaints from residents. <br />Construction crews still have <br />to paint lines on the asphalt-a <br />task that will close the road for a <br />few hours -before the North- <br />ern Avenue phase of the project <br />is complete at the end of this <br />month, Mr. Mead said. · <br />Northern Avenue construc- <br />~tion was part of the three-phased <br />road improvement project. The <br />first phase, which included the <br />roundabout· on Invergordon <br />Road, was completed last fall. <br />The third phase is scheduled <br />. to begin in August and will affect <br />Mockingbird Avenue from' <br />Northern Avenue to Lincoln <br />Drive. <br />i'We haven't sat down with <br />the contractor yet to figure out <br />how long that phase will last," <br />Mr. Mead said. <br />Town officials urge residents <br />to obey traffic control barricades <br />and signs while allowing extra <br />time. to drive through the con- <br />struction zone. <br />For more information, call the <br />.24-hour construction hotline at <br />602-264-6416. <br />Resident honored at MLK celebration <br />By Jennifer Amsler <br />Since 1986, the United States <br />officially celebrates Martin Luther <br />King Jr. Day on the third Monday <br />of January. <br />Across the <br />nation, individ- <br />uals remember <br />the civil rights <br />leader for his <br />accomplish- <br />ments and <br />influence on <br />the country. <br />From marches <br />to ceremonies, Jennifer <br />Martin · Luther Amsler <br />King Jr. Day <br />has become a day for both reflec- <br />tion and unity. <br />The Martin Luther King Jr. cele- <br />bration has been held in Paradise <br />Valley for nearly a decade and <br />each year brings tqgether individ- <br />uals wishing to observe the holi- <br />If you go <br />Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebra- <br />tion · <br />11 a.m. -1 p.m. Monday, Feb. 15 <br />Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive <br />Admission is free but seating is limit- <br />ed. <br />Call Hessam.Rahimian at 602-903-· <br />9999 to reserve a seat. <br />day. <br />Admission is free and includes <br />a luncheon, entertainment and an <br />awards ceremony but seating is <br />limited. <br />· This year, resident Dr. Gennaro <br />Buonocore will be named as the <br />Town of Paradise Valley Diversity <br />Champion and will be honored at <br />the celebration. <br />The award is ·given each year <br />to an individual who·embodies <br />the community and humanitarian <br />spirit Rev. King showed in his life. <br />Locally, Dr. Buonocore has vol- <br />Submitted Photo <br />or: Gennaro Buonocore will <br />be honored at the Martin <br />Luther King Jr. Day celebra- <br />tion Feb. 15 at Town Hall, <br />· 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. <br />unteered With the Paradise Valley <br />Police Department. <br />Nationally, since 2002, Dr. <br />Buonocore has been a member <br />of the Community Emergency <br />Response Team for the City of <br />Beverly Hills, Calif., as a crime <br />prevention police volunteer. <br />Dr. Buonocore has also served <br />with the Italian Red Cross in Iraq <br />and Afghanistan since 2004 <br />trained in Combat Trauma First <br />Aid and certified in the Principles <br />of International Humanitarian <br />Law. <br />In October 2006, Dr. Buono- <br />core volunteered for humanitari- <br />an mission and civilian recon-· <br />struction in Guatemala. <br />In addition to his humanitarian <br />efforts, Dr. Buonocore has held <br />various financial positions in <br />~urope and fluently speaks !tal-· <br />Ian, English, Spanish and French. <br />Post your opinions in the <br />Public Issues Forums at <br />News Editor Jennifer Amsler <br />can be reached at 480-483-0977 <br />· or