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/ <br />Paradise Valley Independent Jan 4 2006 <br />Bay St. Louis 1.) ..q \o ~ <br />says thanks · '"'"'~o\ <br />Thank you for continuing to <br />remember us and for your awe- <br />some generosity. Bay St. Louis, · <br />Miss., is slow to come back. Final- <br />. ly, FEMA trailers are beginning to <br />appear and I hope that means <br />rebuilding will jump-start. <br />There are still very few busi- <br />nesses, (only) one gas station and <br />a ·.wall tent that have some gro- <br />ceries. We hear our trailer might <br />come in a week or two. We are <br />!iving in a Lake Norman NC <br />Calien that is very rustic and has a <br />beautiful view of the lake. It helps <br />us remember how beautiful (Bay <br />St. Louis) was and promises to be <br />once again. <br />We had our lot cleared and <br />found some more stuff in the <br />process. We spent Thanksgiving <br />up there with our son and daugh- <br />ter, their spouses and five grand- <br />children. Christmas was spent <br />back in Louisiana with our son, <br />his wife and two children. That is <br />what is really important. That and <br />recognizing how generous per- <br />fect strangers can be, <br />May your entire Town have a <br />. blessed holiday season. <br />Yvonne Gelpi <br />Bay StLouis, Miss. <br />EDITOR'S NOTE: Mrs. Gelpi <br />and her family were profiled in <br />the Sept. 28 issue of the Town· of <br />Paradise Valley Independent. The <br />Gelpis were among the many <br />families Paradfse Valley Mayor <br />and First Lady Ron and Sheryl <br />Clarke met during their fact-find- <br />ing trip to the hurricane-devastat- <br />ed community adopted by the <br />1 Town. .. <br />Roadwork <br />Continued From Page 1 <br />developers, he noted. <br />Paradise Valley <br />Four road projects top Par- <br />adise Valley's capital improve- <br />ment plan in 2006: <br />Tatum/McDonald realignment: <br />Phase one to. realign the formerly <br />T-shaped intersection of Tatum <br />Boulevard and McDonald Drive <br />into a curve with new curbs, <br />sidewalks and photo radar is <br />nearly complete. It was designed <br />to reduce traffic congestion and <br />accidents. <br />Work to complet~-phase two <br />-the addition of sound abate- <br />ments, sidewalks, landscaping <br />and a Town entry monument at <br />the 44th Street curve -should <br />be done by March. <br />lnvergordon/Northem/Mock- <br />ingbird Lane improvements: <br />Phase one of the $4 million proj- <br />ect to improve one of the Town's <br />busiest traffic corridors is under tion Mitigation and Air Quality <br />way on lnvergordon Road program. The Town also com- <br />between Doubletree Ranch Road mit ted $100,000 plus landscap- <br />and Northern Avenue through ing, Mr. Ciccarelli said. <br />May. Design plans are about 60-Access · is limited to local percent complete, the adminis- <br />southbound traffi.c; as contractor trator said. The Town hopes to <br />Haydon Building Corp. installs a start construction in April. <br />traffic roundabout at Invergor-· Palo Cristi Road/Stanford <br />don Road and Northern Avenue, Drive traffic-calming: Bids to <br />new median islands, drainage install medians with landscaping <br />systems, rubberized asphalt, and . and install two stop signs on <br />decorative brick pavers at the Stanford Drive at Palo Cristi is <br />major intersections and between being bid. Paradise Valley bud- <br />median islands. geted $50,000 for the six-week <br />The Paradise Valley Town project, but Town Engineer Bill Council will determine during its Mead hopes it will come in • spring budget retreat whether to between $30,000-$40,000. begin phase two in the next fiscal <br />year, which begins July 1, Vice <br />Mayor Ed Winkler said. It would <br />continue the upgrades to North- <br />ern Avenue and Mockingbird <br />Lane. <br />Lincoln Drive sidewalk: Work <br />to install a sidewalk on the south <br />side of Lincoln Drive between <br />Invergordon Road and 32nd <br />Street is funded by a $500,000 <br />grant from the federal Conges- <br />---------~----~~~ .............. . People-in·· the .. News ... · <br />A. SpeCial'delivery in bronze <br />The Camelback Inn received <br />a special 8 -foot tall bronze early <br />holiday delivery Dec. 21 when <br />Town of Paradise Valley bronze <br />sculptor Dave McGary's trailer ~ <br />arrived with his latest work, <. <br />"Stronghearts." It took over an- <br />hour, a forklift and about eight <br />men to install the piece, . · ... <br />Mr. McGary, who is.a• world <br />· renowned sculptor and owner of <br />Expressions in Bronze of Scotts- <br />dale and Ruidoso, New Mexico <br />worked on the piece for nearly. <br />two years. It weighs nearly 3,000 <br />pounds. <br />"Stronghearts' portrays a <br />Sioux mother with a baby son in <br />a beaded cradleboard on her <br />back and young daughter at her <br />side. The mother and children <br />represent the surviving family of <br />Stronghearts Society Warrior, <br />who died protecting his family <br />and the tribe. · · <br />With the addition of "Strong- <br />hearts" the Camelback Inn now <br />has four life-size bronzes and a <br />series of masterworks in. key <br />resort areas including the lobby, <br />. - <br />golf course and this one in the Photo submitted to the Paradise Valley Independent gardens adjacent to the . main Town of Paradise Valley resident Dave McGary stands proud-pool. ly by his latest commissioned work, "Stronghearts." This is <br />For more information,· visit. the Camelback Inn's fourth piece in its collection of Mr. . McGary's work.