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·~ ' - <br />Mayor will not seek another term <br />An open letter to the voters of <br />the Town of Paradise Valley: <br />who would actually submit peti- <br />tions, and I made the choice, <br />somewhat reluctantly, to join <br />that group of candidates. <br />Board of Adjustment, six on the <br />Planning and Zoning <br />Commission, and six (as of <br />April 1996) on the Town <br />Council. It has been a rewarding <br />15 years, and I am glad that I <br />had the opportunity to con- <br />tribute to the Town. <br />pursue other interests. <br />Therefore, I am withdrawing my <br />name and will not run for re- <br />election. On Dec. 8, 1995, I submitted <br />my petitions to run for election <br />to the Paradise Valley Town <br />Council. I had given a great deal <br />of thought to whether I should <br />run again. <br />After discovering that there <br />were 11 candidates (including <br />Sara Moya and myself), I recon- <br />sidered my decision. <br />I have served the Town for 15 <br />of the 17 years that I have lived <br />in Paradise Valley: three on the <br />With the diversified choice of <br />candidates now running, I feel <br />that the time has come f<;~r me to <br />It has been a privilege to serve <br />you and to work with our dedi-. <br />cated staff. If there is any way I ' <br />can help the Town in the future, <br />I would be most happy to do so. <br />As the deadline approached, <br />there was somt~ question as to . . Joan Horne <br />!Patk'S:_ If you want to play, please pay <br />By MIKE KOZEL . <br />StaffWriter ~~'-.t."l:)..)~. I /3/'(b <br />Scottsdale Councilman Greg Bielli <br />wants Paradise Valley to contribute. <br />money for city parks' upkeep and pro- <br />grams, citing the heavy use of area parks <br />by Paradise Valley residents. <br />He said Paradise Valley residents use <br />Scottsdale parks because they don't have <br />any of their own. Currently, nonresidents <br />aren't charged for the use of play- <br />grounds, basketball courts or bicycle <br />paths, but Scottsdale residents pay for the <br />parks through taxes. <br />According to statistics compiled by the <br />Councilwoman Phyllis Sears <br />'favors "anything we can do to <br />'reduce traffic cutting through <br />re~idential streets." <br />; "If widening Scottsdale Road <br />:does that, then that is a plus for <br />:the Town of Paradise Valley," <br />:she added. · <br />; Lou Lagomarsino of Huitt- <br />·Zollars, who is conducting a <br />1raffic study in the Town, said <br />:the third lane will reduce cut- <br />:through traffic by 4-10 percent, <br />Scottsdale .seeks park-use funding from PV residents· <br />City of Scottsdale during a recent survey, <br />12 percent of people who went to <br />McCormick Railroad Park in a two-week <br />period were Paradise Valley residents.· <br />Mr. Bielli wants Town residents to <br />make a greater contribution. <br />Paradise Valley has donated money to <br />Scottsdale parks, and it has contributed <br />twice for renovations to McCormick <br />Railroad Park in the past five years, <br />recently giving $25,000 to the park. <br />"I think it's fair to charge non resi- <br />dents(for park use)," Mr. Bielli said. <br />In addition, 364 Town residents were <br />registered in youth sports programs, and <br />110 in aquatic programs at Scottsdale <br />parks. <br />"Cities and towns with adjoining juris- <br />dictions could help if they are not build- <br />ing parks within their own operating <br />budget," Mr. Bielli added. <br />Lenore Lancaster, Town finance direc- <br />tor, said the Town has given the money <br />for renovations, but does not donate <br />funds annually for operating expenses. Bill Exham, community service gener- <br />al manager for Scottsdale, said nonresi- <br />dent fees are tacked on to programs, but <br />that money doesn't cover renovations ·. <br />done to the parks. <br />Although residents in other cities, such <br />which would mean about 3;200 <br />fewer cars a day cutting through <br />the Town. <br />The Scottsdale City Council <br />will hear the resolution in <br />January. If passed, design work <br />will begin on the road, that <br />phase taking nine months. <br />Jo.e Gross, Scottsdale's capital <br />project.manager, hopes to have <br />the project completed three <br />years from now, but it will be <br />done in phases to minimize the <br />. as Phoenix and Mesa, use Scottsdale <br />parks, Mr. Exham said that's different <br />because Scottsdale residents also use <br />facilities in those cities. <br />Town Manager Jim Siket feels there is <br />give-and-take between Scottsdale and <br />See • PARK, page 2 <br />effects of the construction. <br />Construction will be done <br />first from Royal Palm north to <br />Mountain View Road, with road <br />building only done in the sum- <br />mer, when traffic is at a mini- <br />mum. <br />The section from Royal Palm <br />south to Indian Bend Road will <br />be done during the second sum- <br />mer of construction. <br />Mr. Gross said depending on <br />the progress of the Pima <br />Freeway, the widening may <br />wait for it or be ahead of it. <br />"We'll do what's in the best <br />interests of Paradise Valley and <br />Scottsdale," he added. <br />Undergrounding and moving of <br />utility poles and bridge con- <br />struction could begin sooner. <br />Undergrounding and moving <br />of the utility poles must be. <br />done in the winter months due <br />to high electricity use in the <br />summer. <br />,c~. , . . <br />rP.V. council candidate bows out,· foe drops suit <br />By Mark J. Scarp · . ~hether ~he name of ano~her can-nine of Harris' 41 signatures withdraw. <br />Tribunewritersu(b(i'g_0q t/'1 tcrc, dtdate, five-term Councilwoman belongedtopeoplewhoareeither H 1 "d h h . . '· -t Sara Moya, will be allowed on the not registered voters or not resi-0 man sru . e as r:t0 dts-P~radtse Valley Town ~ouncil Feb. 6 town primary ballot. . . cients of Paradise Valley accord-~greements ~th Hams on c~ndtdate Donald Hams has . Town Clerk Lenore Lancaster ing to state election laws. Town tssues, J:mt beheved anyone _who Withdrawn from the race and a said the ballots would be printed election codes require 39 valid turned m only two more stgna-suit to disqualify . him has been without Moya's name. signatures for a candidate's name tures th~t the minimum shouldn't droppe~., . · · ·· · ·· In the Ha~s case, Maricopa to appear on the ballot. hold office. <br />Hams Withdrawal reduces the County Supenor Court Judge Kaufman · signed the · order Harris could not be reached number of people seeking a seat Roge: signed an order after Holman and his attorney for comment. on t~e seven-member Town vacatmg a tnal that was sched-appeared in the judge's chambers <br />Counctl to 10. All seats are o~en. uled over the suit, filed by former Dec. 28. After a phone conversa- <br />Early ballots are to be pnnted Rep. Cal Holman, R-Paradise tion between the attorney and <br />today, even though a st~te Valley. Harris, both sides agreed to can-appeals court has yet to dectde Holman alleged that at least. eel the trial and that Harris would