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-----------~ ----------~---------~----~ <br />(J. ... h-···· -~ _·_--. 0 .'1 ~*P t e . r_~_r!:!!~tl!S.!!:.!E:~ Construction workers <br />forced to 2uit early.~) P.Y :1:dl. I , :;-Freeway construction may Speed up traffic relief in TPV Construct! rl AJorkers were <br />forced to put away their tools <br />Dec. 26 after.-it was discovered <br />they were in violation of a Town· <br />of Paradise Valley ordinance. · <br />....... a. ...... .-o:=m <br />By ANNE RYMAN <br />Staff Writer f>/. JJJJ.I j L{ j 'ls-' <br />The Squaw Peak Freeway <br />could cut through northeast <br />Phoenix nine years earlier than <br />expected, according to the gov- <br />ernor's new plan. <br />As a result, Town of Paradise <br />Valley streets could be relieved <br />sooner of some of the traffic <br />ule to be complete to <br />Thunderbird Road by 1998 and <br />to Bell Road by 2007. The <br />stretch from Bell Road to the <br />Outer Loop is unfunded. <br />Town of Paradise Valley <br />Councilwoman Sara Moya, a <br />representative of the Maricopa <br />Association of Governments, <br />said the governor's plan, would <br />be beneficial to the Town. <br />" T h e <br />~ .......................... aammm=ama=~~======g intentisto <br />Squaw Peak Freeway Route build the <br />0 u t e r <br />Loop as <br />soon as <br />possible. <br />"It (the <br />plan) will <br />get the <br />freeways <br />built that <br />directly <br />impact <br />Town of <br />Paradise <br />Valley res- <br />idents," <br />she said. <br />Members <br />of the <br />Paradise <br />Valley <br />To w n <br />Council <br />have advo- <br />JEFF MENZ/INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS C a t e d <br />that has continued to increase, <br />plaguing residential neighbor- <br />hoods. <br />The local stretch of the free- <br />way was one of several projects <br />singled out as a priority by Gov. <br />Fife :Symington last month as a <br />possiible solution to accommo- <br />date Phoenix's growth through <br />the year 2008. <br />Under the· proposal, the <br />Squaw Peak would be funded <br />and completed to the Outer <br />Loop by the year 2007. The <br />freeway is currently on sched- <br />speeding <br />up construction on the Squaw <br />Peak because of the vast <br />amounts of traffic traveling <br />through the Town's residential <br />neighborhoods. <br />Council members !llSo main- <br />tained the Squaw Peak -along <br />with projects such as the Pima <br />and Red Mountain freeways - <br />~hould be given priority over <br />the Estrella, Grand Avenue an~ <br />Agua Fria freeways because of <br />higher traffic counts in the east <br />Valley. <br />If the goverf!-Or has his way, <br />that is exactly what will hap- <br />pen. He hopes to accomplish <br />this task by ;cutting several <br />planned projects and asking the <br />Arizona D'epartment of <br />Transportalion'to trim its operat- <br />ing budget by $137 million. <br />The Paradise Parkway, running <br />parallel to Camelback Road, an <br />expressway along Grand Avenue <br />and the Estrella Freeway on the <br />west side would be shelved in <br />favor of finishing the Squaw <br />Peak, Pima and Agua Fria free- <br />ways. <br />The announcement comes in <br />the wake of voter defeat of <br />Proposition 400,. a controversial <br />measure on ih~ Nov. 8 ballot <br />that would have added an addi- <br />tional half-cent tax to finish <br />freeway projects originally <br />expected to be provided for in a <br />similar 1985 measure. <br />"The message from the voters <br />was clear Nov. 8," Gov. <br />Symington said at a recent news <br />conference. "Build more free- <br />ways but don't increase my <br />taxes." <br />The plan is contingent upon <br />acceptance by MAG, which <br />plans freeways. The Arizona <br />Transportation Board approved <br />the plan Dec. 16. MAG is expect- <br />ed to follow suit. <br />Gov. Symington has no official <br />power to plan freeways. <br />Ilana Ruber, Town of Paradise <br />Valley Independent editor, con- <br />tributed to this story. <br />The construction crew had <br />been installing sheet metal at·· <br />7600 W. Invergordon. · <br />However, a Town ordinance~ <br />calls for no construction activity_ <br />on a holiday. According to-. <br />reports, the company's owner:: <br />said he was not aware Dec. 26~ <br />was a holiday, and cooperated: <br />with police officers' request that· <br />he and his crew leave the site. <br />Lt. ,Warner said even though:. <br />Dec. _2~ ... was not technically a <br />holiday, the Town considered it· <br />one. <br />~ ~ New job bedkoims lPanradise V tilllney pollice chief <br />Ph X. G-~. . fl' b h' d By Dia~a Balazs 1 1,/,.,.--where he would be working next, Both Siket and Lozier smd some con 1cts etween nn an <br />Staff wnter L w '1.J only to say the job was in Arizona Lozier was not pressured to resign. the council. It was rather appar- <br />and was law enforcement related. · d y kn 't ent that the council and the chief pARADISE VALLEY -Police "I'm surpnse . ou ow, 1 weren't working well together <br />Chief Don Lozier is turning in his "It was an opportunity that came as a surprise ·to me," Siket from an administrative point of <br />badge for an opportunity he says presented itself that provided a said. view." <br />he couldn't pass up. little more security than I have Department employees, how- <br />His new job, however, remains here and a little bit better salary ever, weren't. "We'd been hearing <br />a mystery. and benefits," Lozier said. He is rumors to the effect that the chief <br />Jones said Lozier had "very <br />little input" when it came to <br />budgetary matters. Lozier, who has been police paid about $70,000 annually. had his feelers out, so to speak, for <br />chief for eight years, submitted his Lozier, a Phoenix resident, be-some time," said Jay Jones, presi-"I think that probably in this <br />day and age, most police chiefs <br />never have the kind of resources <br />they would like to .have because <br />Don Lozier's <br />last day as <br />Paradise Val- <br />ley's top cop <br />is Jan. 31. <br />dent of the Paradise Valley Police resignation to Town Manager came chief in January 1987, Officers Association. <br />James Siket on Dec. 16. His last replacing Peter Wainwright. Lo- <br />day is Jan. 31. zier heads a department of 37 "We felt that the chief is doing <br />Lozier, 59, declined to reveal sworn officers and 9 civilians. an adequate job, but there were See LOZIER, Page 2 <br />JLOZJIER _____ Fro_m_P_a=-ge_1 <br />most communities can't afford it," <br />Lozier said. <br />"I would have liked to have <br />gotten a little bit more in this <br />fiscal year's budget. Each year, it's <br />gotten more and more challenging <br />to try to rrieet the needs of the <br />community with existing re- <br />sources." <br />The department's budget for <br />fiscal year 1994-95 is $2,672,245. <br />Lozier's initial request was for <br />$2,956,605. <br />Siket said ads will be placed <br />locally and nationally for appli- <br />cants. A panel will be formed to <br />review the applications, but the <br />makeup of that panel is not yet <br />known. Siket said a decision will <br />not be made hastily. <br />Either one of the department's <br />two lieutenants, Ron Warner or <br />Karl Emberg, or someone from the <br />community such as Wainwright, is <br />expected to be tapped to serve in <br />the interim. <br />The association has drafted a <br />letter requesting that if Siket <br />selects one of the lieutenants as <br />acting chief, it should be Warner. <br />"He (Warner) has been the field <br />operations commander up to this <br />point in time, and we're sort of <br />used to how he operates, and we <br />certainly will have no difficulty <br />with him in that process," Jones <br />said. <br />Jones said the association also <br />wants to be involved in the <br />selection process. <br />While the police chief is hired at <br />the discretion of the town man- <br />ager, Siket said he would seek the <br />Town Council's advice. <br />Siket said he is looking for <br />someone who has at least 10 years <br />experience in police management. <br />Jones said the employees want <br />to see a progressive person se- <br />·lected, one who will improve the <br />department and maintain, and <br />possibly enhance, the quality of <br />service provided. Jones said the <br />association's preference would be <br />for a local applicant to speed up <br />the transition. <br />In his resignation letter, Lozier <br />said it was . difficult for him to <br />leave because there are projects to <br />complete, including the depart- <br />ment's application for national <br />accreditation and the construction <br />of a police building, which has <br />been mired in controversy and <br />delays. <br />"Hopefully, I'll get invited back <br />when they dedicate the new build- <br />ing, whenever that happens," he <br />said. <br />Parat ,s~ Valle~ police chief quitting <br />.) ?-3 ~ (!Co f1 1 ~ J ~ ~~ · ef related position· with another Para~l~e Va~ley 'P.o Ice I de artment. . The 59-year-old <br />Don I.:.Oz1er will resign. Ja~. 31 P:Oenix resident announced his aft~r. eight ~ear~ of sei'Vl.ce, own · intentions last month. <br />off1cmls said Fnday. Lozier who replaced former <br />chief Peter Wainwr~ht in 1987, <br />heads a department of 37 sworn <br />officers and nine.civilians. <br />No official reason was given, <br />although Lozier hinted he would <br />be accepting~ law-enforcement-