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---~--~--~---~~~~~~~~~~~~~--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~ <br />--~-----~ -~-------- <br />-------------'------~-----------'-------------~---------~~-~--- <br />Survey reveals citizen's priorities l . . . . <br />Responses up; citizens <br />aJPpear· more interested <br />C #§f"d' ¥1¥8'"UAM Ji; -By KATHY LEFFLER <br />Staff Wr~er y>. ~ . 1 AJ . 1 /LJ"/'t ft <br />Response to the 1993 Paradise <br />Valley Homeowners Association <br />resident survey was remarkably <br />high -10 percent, according to <br />PVHOA president Jane Cole. <br />Mrs. Cole attributed the out- <br />standing response to thorough dis- <br />tribution of 6,000 surveys through <br />individual mailings and insertion in <br />the Town of Paradise Valley <br />Independent. <br />Results of the surveys are made <br />available to the Town officials. <br />"This is a way of helping improve <br />the government for the Town <br />through input from citizens," Mrs. <br />Cole said, adding, "The responses <br />didn't indicate dissatisfaction; they <br />indicated interest." <br />The highest response came from <br />those favoring the undergrounding <br />of utilities. Mrs. Cole said there <br />was always an assumption that this <br />was important to residents, but the <br />. survey results indicate it is indeed a <br />priority. <br />Not far behind the underground- <br />ing issue was approval of landscap- <br />ing and maintenance on the road-• <br />ways and medians. Strong support ~ <br />was expressed for the Sonoran <br />landscaping which, according to <br />Mrs. Cole, was designed by land~ <br />scape architect; Christy Ten Eyck, <br />of The Planning Center. Mrs. Cole <br />said the Town of Paradise Valley is <br />one of the few communities-which <br />has been able to retain Sonoran <br />desert landscaping. <br />Residents also responded enthu- <br />siastically· in support of the anti- <br />crime and traffic control services <br />provided by the Town's police <br />department. While crime is a prior- <br />ity item in terms of concern, those <br />residents who responded indicated <br />satisfaction in the way the police <br />department addressed. both crime <br />The majority of those who <br />responded to the survey moved to <br />the Town within the last 10 years. <br />Mrs. Cole said while this doesn't <br />necessarily mean the makeup of the <br />Town has changed significantly in <br />recent years, it does show that <br />those newer residents are interested <br />in their Town. -~~II See SURVEY page 8 <br />[i1 § l.JJR V1E Y continued from page 1 <br />and traffic issues. <br />Mrs. Cole expressed surprise at <br />the number of residents who <br />responded favorably to the need to <br />enact rules to control allergy and <br />pollution problems. She said, "This <br />is not a big issue, but we got a good <br />response." <br />We included that item because <br />people are always complaining <br />about allergies. According to Mrs. <br />Cole, one way of addressing the <br />allergy problem is to keep the <br />amount of bermuda grass that is <br />mandated to developments down. <br />Highest among areas needing <br />attention, according to survey <br />results, was the need for public <br />transportation. Responses regarding <br />parks and recreation facilities for <br />families were mixed. A significant <br />number of residents felt parks and <br />recreation services were poor. <br />A strong majority of those <br />responding did not favor an eques- <br />trian (horseback) trail. <br />A breakdown of some of the sur- <br />vey results are shown below: <br />1. Water service to my house is: <br />280 responded excellent; 241 said it <br />was satisfactory; and 65 said it was <br />poor. <br />2. Fire control service to my <br />house: 227 said excellent; 224 said <br />satisfactory; and 21 responded <br />poor. <br />3. Public transportation to my <br />house: 30 respondents said it was <br />excellent; 105 said satisfactory; and <br />277 indicated it was poor. <br />4. Parks/recreation for my fami- <br />ly: 103 said excellent; 204 said sat- <br />isfactory; and 163 said poor. <br />5. Sewer service here is: 124 said <br />excellent; 176 said satisfactory; and <br />94 said poor. <br />6. Educational opportunities are: <br />195 responded excellent; 231 said <br />satisfactory; and 43 said poor. <br />7. Trash/recycling services here <br />are: 228 said excellent; 285 said <br />satisfactory; ad 68 said these ser- <br />vices were poor. <br />Municipal services provided by <br />the Town: <br />8. Police-anti-crime services: 291 <br />residents responded excellent; 253 <br />said satisfactory; and 31 said poor. <br />9. Police/traffic control services: <br />260 responses said excellent; 281 <br />said satisfactory; and 45 said poor. <br />10. Zoning/building control ser- <br />Tie vote,means no recommendation <br /><]_;').. (J) ,'V .".f A)d . I ) ~ )'j tf . ~ <br />There are still some urlresblvetl :Jewel's final plat, but without firm <br />recommendations. questions about the Desert Jewel <br />residential development on Tatum <br />Boulevard. · <br />1. Should the development be <br />enclosed by walls; or should there <br />only be one wall (on Tatum <br />Boulevard)? <br />By Jane Cole <br />President, Paradise Valley <br />Home Owners Association <br />These are the sort of tough deci- <br />sions the Town Council will face in <br />the year ahead. Council candidates <br />(six incumbents, two newcomers <br />and one former councilman) will <br />be available to present their views · <br />Tuesday, Jan. 11, 1994, 7, at ' <br />Palo Cristi Presbyterian Church, . <br />3535 E. Lincoln Drive. <br />Meet the candidates. <br />2. Are there safety reasons for <br />the identification sign to be lighted <br />or is the proposed lighting just to <br />help the developer sell property? <br />3. What arrangements should be . <br />made to ensure that Sonoran desert <br />trees and shrubs are planted in the <br />new right-of-way and street in the <br />Desert Jewel development? <br />ing sewer line easements and con-resolve these issues. A motion to Refreshments will be served. Plan <br />nections resolved to the satisfaction · pass the final plat, with stipulations, to attend this Paradise Valley <br />of the current neighporing resi-received a tie vote. · Hoine Owners Association meet- <br />dents? The result: The Paradise Valley . ing, co-sponsored by the <br />vice: 155 said excellent; 286 said <br />satisfactory; and 99 said poor. <br />11. Town Hall services (post <br />office, etc): 222 responded with <br />excellent; 314 said satisfactory; <br />and 19 said services were poor. <br />12. Town meetings open to citi- <br />zens: 160 said excellent; 286 said <br />satisfactory; and 14 said poor. <br />·Additional services favored for <br />action by Town Council <br />13. Enact rules to control allergy <br />and 280 are in favor of such con- <br />trols; 186 do not favor; and 112 <br />had no opinion. <br />14. Put bus stop benches/shade <br />trees on Tatum Blvd.: 271 were in. <br />favor; 142 were not in favor; and <br />165 had no opinion. <br />15. Maintain/add landscaping on <br />roadways 457 were in favor; 83 <br />were not in favor; and 44 had no <br />opinion. <br />16. Add recreational paths in <br />Town: 375 respondents said yes; <br />107 ·said no; and 90 had no opin- <br />ion. <br />17. Add recreational paths in <br />Town: 385 yes they would be in <br />favor; 122 said they were not in <br />favor; and 74 said they had no <br />opinion. <br />18. Plan an equestrian (horse- <br />back) trail: 160 were in favor; 228 <br />were not in favor; and 191 had no <br />opinion. <br />19. Do more undergrounding of <br />powerlines: 498 people said yes; <br />30 said no; and 53 had no opinion. <br />20. Number of peopie who <br />moved to Paradise Valley: before <br />1961, 39; between 1961-1971, <br />141; between 1971-1981, 188; <br />Members of the Town's Planning Town Council will hear· the devel-!ndependent. <br />4. Are all the questions concern-and Zoning Commission could not oper's application for Desert <br />between 1981-1993 totaled 262. <br />Town Mayor, J. David Hann said <br />the members of the Town Council <br />take the PVHOA's survey very seri- <br />ously. <br />"I think it affects the decisions <br />that the council makes," he said. He <br />commented the various committees <br />have been quite active this year, and <br />as a result community awareness <br />has increased. He cited the issue of <br />undergrounding utilities in particu- <br />lar, saying,"The Underground <br />Committee (that's what we really <br />• j <br />call it) is working this week on rec- <br />ommendations to the Council for, <br />I <br />prioritization procedures." • <br />Mayor Hann is a strong advocate <br />for community involvement. "This <br />survey will be scrutinized by every <br />council member," he said.