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---------------------------------------~==~-----------------------~-'--------'------------------------------------ <br />·-. Imitation: That's the greatest form.of flattery <br />').1--1-?1-. . <br />By KIMBERLY SIMKO <br />Paradise Valley Independent <br />Residents on both sides of the <br />fence that separates the <br />incorporated Town of Paradise <br />Valley. from the section of <br />Northeast Phoenix dubbed <br />"Paradise Valley" say they often <br />must clarify which is which. <br />"Paradise Valley,'' and the <br />homeowners association left the <br />"Town of ... " off the beginning of <br />its name. <br />Boulevard on the north, Scottsdale <br />Road on the east, Chaparral Road <br />on the south and 40th Street on the <br />west -was incorporated in May <br />1961. <br />letter writer was correct in <br />recognizing the need for a <br />distinction. <br />McDonald Drive Phase II <br />If you want to· shop at the <br />Paradise Valley Mall, go to <br />Phoenix. <br />But if you need to contact the <br />Paradise Valley police, don't call <br />Phoenix, call the Town of <br />Paradise Valley. <br />However, don't call the Town of <br />Paradise Valley if the information <br />you're after is had by the Greater <br />Para.dise Valley Chamber of <br />Commerce -which actually is in <br />Phoenix. <br />And contrary to what their <br />names suggest, Paradise Valley <br />High School and Paradise Valley <br />Community College are not in the <br />Town of Paradise Valley, but in <br />Phoenix. <br />Finally, if you have a question <br />for the Paradise Valley <br />Homeowners Association, don't <br />look to Phoenix, ask someone in <br />Paradise Valley. <br />The Town of Paradise Valley, <br />that is. <br />Confused? <br />You're not alone. <br />"I get calls from the Paradise <br />Valley Mall when they have a new <br />shop opening. <br />"They'll ask me to come cut a <br />ribbon. I remind them that we're <br />the Town of Paradise Valley, and <br />tell them to call (Phoenix Mayor) <br />Paul Johnson," said Kent Wick, <br />mayor of the Town of Paradise <br />Valley. <br />The Paradise Valley Mall, after <br />all, is in the city of Phoenix. <br />Mayor Wick said he prefers to <br />be addressed as the mayor of the <br />Town of Paradise Valley, instead <br />of the mayor of Paradise Valley. <br />"I guess to be totally accurate, <br />you should say 'Town of Paradise · <br />Valley,' " he said. <br />However, that means some <br />aspects of the town are not <br />referred to accurately. <br />The town seal, for example, <br />only says "Paradise Valley." <br />Badges worn by town police say <br />~·· .... ··-~ ... --. __ ,_ .. <br />"My guess is they didn't want a <br />title that was excessively long," <br />said Janece Kline, president of the <br />Paradise Valley Homeowners <br />Association, which is comprised <br />of Town of Paradise Valley <br />residents only. <br />In spite of its name, the Greater <br />Paradise Valley Chamber of <br />Commerce, formed in 1963, is not <br />associated with the town, and <br />does not cater to its residents. <br />Instead, it serves residents and <br />businesses in the area of <br />Northeast Phoenix bordered by <br />the mountains and the Town of <br />Paradise Valley to the south, the <br />communities of Cave Creek and <br />Carefree to the north, Scottsdale <br />Road to the east and 7th street to <br />the west <br />Residents in that area may <br />claim to live in Paradise Valley. <br />However, according to Mayor <br />Wick, that is incorrect <br />"They live in Phoenix," he said. <br />The Town of Paradise Valley - <br />bordered roughly by Shea <br />· Longtime residents say residents <br />-living in what were county islands <br />30 years ago wanted to control <br />their own destiny, and formed the <br />town. <br />Holding true to tradition, its <br />current resid~nts and political <br />leaders are staunchly independent, <br />striving to retain local control. <br />And some don't like being <br />confused with the portion of <br />Northeast Phoenix that bears an <br />almost Identical name. <br />"I firmly believe that if the <br />Town of Paradise Valley wants to <br />regain and ~etain its identity. <br />"And if the residents within the <br />Town of Paradise Valley wish to <br />identify this fact, then all <br />references pertaining to the Town <br />of Paradise Valley should be read <br />as . such, not short-cutted to <br />'Paradise~ Valley,"' said . one <br />resident, who asked not to be <br />identified. <br />Town of Paradise Valley <br />Attorney Charles <?~inger said the <br />He defined "Paradise Valley" as <br />a "geographic, geologic feature" <br />spanning the Northeast Phoenix <br />region. <br />Mr. Ollinger's definition is <br />supported by Arizona historians, <br />who refer to "Paradise Valley" as a <br />vast, grassy area that was popular <br />with sheepherders . and cattle <br />ranchers more than 100 years ago. <br />Sheepherders are said to have <br />brought more than 30,000-sheep <br />from Flagstaff to Paradise Valley <br />in 1890, to set up sheep-shearing . <br />camps. <br />And cattle ranchers drove their <br />livestock through Paradise Valley - <br />specifically near the western end · <br />of Camelback Mountain, which is <br />now home to the Paradise Valley <br />Country Club. <br />Mayor Wick said some <br />Northeast Phoenix residents may <br />associate themselves with the <br />Town of Paradise Valley because <br />of its proximity. <br />"Being copied is certainly a <br />form of flattery,'' he added. <br />Northeast Phoenicians agree. <br />petition still circulating <br />J,d-I-J _ '2-. ?Yl>U D <br />Editor: -9 any amount of paint ever correct <br />Th.e petition and defense fund <br />opposing the widening· of <br />McDonald Drive in Phase II are <br />both well and growing, despite the <br />article in the Jan. 1 edition of the <br />Independent, "McDonald Drive <br />Phase II still'hot topic in '92." <br />The McDonald Preservation <br />Committee petition submission to <br />halt the addition of a third lane will <br />be made at the town council <br />meeting to approve Phase II's <br />construction contract. The date has <br />not yet been scheduled. <br />Town-wide, the recognition and <br />opposition to the council's plan to <br />convert orir streets into arterials is <br />growing. An example of the <br />council's plan to open up Paradise <br />Valley as a pass-through is the sub- <br />rosa preparation of McDonald and <br />. Invergordon for a traffic signal. All <br />in the face of a council vote and <br />vocal residential oppos~tion. Can <br />the eight-way confusion now at that <br />intersection? Hopefully, a new <br />· committe9 town council will return <br />that intersection-to the promised <br />four-way stop, and iri perpetuity; <br />At present, residents along <br />McDonald Phase II are assessing <br />the roadway's widening impact <br />upon their existing fences, hedges, <br />lighting, gates, driveways and <br />septic systems. . <br />As with the design specifics of the <br />Invergordon · intersection, the <br />drawings were withheld for over <br />nine months. Phase II's "right-of- <br />way" details and impacts were not <br />·communicated. <br />Your petition signature and <br />financial support can make <br />representative government work in <br />our town. <br />The MCDONALD <br />PRESERVATION COMMITTEE ,.. .. <br />i 1 0=:£ear report highlights Paradhls~ V alllley Ip>((J)llfite~ Ip>Jr((J)giress . >l£~f/tt$LI e . . _ _ · . • By Mar~ery Rose-Ciapp~ o _Q --7 ment and has impleme~ted pro-1.988, to p~o~ide ext;a compen~a- <br />' Staff wnter C. tf · L~ grams to reduce the cnme rate, tlon to ehgible officers; an m- <br />PARADISE VALLEY -The Prinszesaid. creased number of crimes solved; <br />, hiring of more officers and clerical The 13-page report also claims a improved resp·onse times; de- <br />; workers, updating of communica-40 percent traffic accident reduc-cre~sed burglary, ~heft and motor <br />f, tions equipment and the use of tion from 411 in 1987 to 239 in vehicle theft; and Improved. recov- <br />1' photo radar have helped create a 1990 that it says is due to photo ery of stolen pro~erty. :· · ff' t d · d d b h d The report said only 41 of 299 1 more e ICien epartment, says a ra ar, use y t e epartment b 1 . 'tt d · 1980 ' t 1 d b th p d' · 0 b 1987 urg anes commi e m were 1 repor re ease y e ara ISe smce cto er . 1 d h'l 47 f 224 · i Valley Police Department. There were 4,338 officer-issued s1°99v0e ' w I e 1 °d Th caf~es m · Th rt "T y f p . . . · were so ve . e Igures .. --· .~ r~~o , e~ ears o rog-traffic ?Itatwns Issued in 1990 and "compare favorably" with the na-t?~"' ''.a~ compiled by Onno 10,455 ISSl.).ed by photo radar. tional average of 15 percent, the .l:'nns;e. director o~ the. ~~part-The report said a high-frequency document said. <br />ment s Support DlVlsiOn. radio system, installed about a Crimes of violence, including <br />The doc~ment discusses the year ago, has improved communi-murder, sexual and aggravated d~partment s growth and progress cations, and addition of a computer assault, and robbery, increased,. <br />between 1980 and 1990, and a~-system has aided dispatching du-but the town's statistics were <br />. dresse.s goals set by to:wn ?o~ncil-ties report writing and the storing lower per capita than other Valley <br />men m 1987 for mamtammg a d' 11 f · fi t' municipalities and the nation the · h· 1 · · h an reca o m orma wn. , hig evel of pohce service to t e Th t 'd th d t-report said. 't d · t ff' · e repor sm e epar commum y, re ucmg ra Ic acci-, h . . 1 · Eight sexual assaults have oc-·dents . modifving driver behavior ment s orne mspectlon, a arm d . th t. . th t ' J • 't · · 1 t k · curre m e own m e pas 'and controlling speeders. mom. ormg, commercia rue m-three years, while one homicide <br />The department compiles an spectwn, ~lock Watch a~d Drug was recorded in 1987 and one in <br />· annual report, but Prinsze said Abuse Resistance . EducatiOn ~ro-1989. Although not included in the <br />: that he felt a 10-year report was grams ~lso have Improv~d cnme report, there were two in 1991. <br />needed to show trends. P.reventwn and commumty rela-An Intoxilyzer machine, ac- <br />In 10 years the department has tlons efforts. quired in January 1982, helped <br />i grown from a satellite of the Other improvements cited in the increase drunken driving arrests . <br />: Maricopa County Sheriffs Office report include a career enhance-by 250 percent by late 1990. <br />. into a full-fledged police pepart-ment program, implemented in Mayor Kent Wick said he is <br />File photo <br />A 1 0-year progress report says the use of photo radar by the Paradise Valley Police Department helped bring a 40 percent reduction in traffic accidents in the town between 1987 and 1990. <br />pleased with the Police Depart- <br />ment's efforts. <br />"We have a very competent and <br />skilled police force, but we don't <br />want to just rest on our laurels," <br />Wick said, adding that continuing <br />efforts would be made to study all <br />aspects of town government for <br />possible improvement.