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----~---- <br />\ <br />---~-----~ ___________ __!_ ___ _ ---------------------------------~------ <br />i ' R £ P?.l-il'r;lf[· 1-I; d6 . " :' ' · Swee~i warire d~;f!aws. 15\ in P_ aradise Valleyf\ <br />·thieves like flies; ' <br />Continued from Extral <br />growt.h as a significant factor. <br />Usmg special-investigation <br />te.ams, he said, "our future tactics <br />will be to concentrate on those <br />a!~as where we know we can· <br />expect crimes to occur." <br />'"!{£ Pt./8L./C.. 1-/-9.6 '' seek 7 ccunc11 seats , <br />PARADISE VALLEY -Six of • Marty Harper, 4834 E. Mar- <br />'swat' units ready <br />. ·These include newly completed <br />afi:d densely populated areas, <br />where newcomers are less likely to <br />notice a strange car and, therefore, <br />the seven Town Council members ston Drive, attorney. <br />are running for re-election in the • · Gerald G. Ritt, 7127 E. Sun-. <br />Feb. 4 primary election, and nine nyvale Rd, pharmacist. <br />other residents are in the race . <br />Police escalate war on burglary_-· <br />in northeast Valley communities_ to repor~ suspicious activity. . <br />William Simon will not seek a o Kent D. Wick, 7026 N. 66th <br />fourth two-year term. St., vice president of Judson <br />· A runoff election, if needed to · School. <br />fill any of the seven seats, will be -- <br />held March 25. · .~ By CHUCK HAWLEY <br />Northeast Valley Bureau <br />Money, like honey, attracts a lot <br />of pests. <br />And those pests, in the form of <br />burglars, ar:e an enduring problem <br />in the well-to-do communities of <br />Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. <br />The past year has seen an old <br />favorite -property crime - <br />persist as the most prevalent crime <br />in the two northeast Valley com- <br />munities. <br />"We are an affluent community. <br />We attract thieves," said Scotts- <br />dale Police Chief Michael G. Gan- <br />non. "I think that's a fact of life."· <br />·Paradise Valley police also will <br />be taking preventive moves in <br />.1986. The town has hired a <br />. ful~-time P.revention officer to help <br />residents Improve home security, <br />Wainwright said. <br />' · . Another emphasis in 1986 will <br />. be traffic enforcement. <br />,. "W h i •· , e ave to maintain the level · <br />of: traffic enforcement," he said <br />·h~ting that traffic through th~ <br />·town has increased. <br />· .Wainwright noted· an· inverse <br />relationship between traffic cita- <br />tions and accidents: As the town <br />~as ~ec~rded .a 4 percent increase . \ <br />m citatiOns Issued,. the accident •--~ <br />rate has dropped by 5 percent. · <br />'• f-'" <br />(. t <br />The councilmen seeking re-elec- <br />tion are Mayor Joan Lincoln, Vice <br />I\'layor Robert Plenge and Council- <br />men Richard Andeen, William <br />Barber, James Coffee and Russell <br />Mosser. <br />The nine others are: <br />. • Richard Mybeck, 4901 E. <br />Tomahawk Trail, chairman of the <br />Planning and Zoning Commission, <br />patent attorney. <br />·· e Joan Horne, 6636 N. Smoke <br />Tree Lane, planning and zoning <br />commissioner. <br />$ Robert Kline, 6030 N. 43rd <br />St., planning and zoning commis- <br />sioner, accountant. <br />~~':-~;-:~;-' ....... ..,.. ~-··~·:-.... ,-:-,• 1 ~ ··:!"7•-N=' .... ·,;~t· .. :n:'"''~:::~,-: <br />. U own Cou_pdl to study · <br />buying G wate~ ~YSt~m <br /><\ J.. By Pat Kossan t ~ • <br />tT' Gszette Northeast Bureau ou ·Ol·City water customers. <br />PARADISE VALLEY -The Rei?· ~hris Herstam of District. <br />Town Council is skeptical about the 24 w1ll mtroduce the legislation <br />$8.5 million price tag Phoenix has when the next session begins in <br />hung on part of its water system January. But another fact of life in the <br />neighboring town of Paradise Val-· <br />ley is that burglars tend to avoid Michael G. Gannon ,J? the. southeast Valley, Tempe <br />pohce said they expect an increase <br />of. 4 or 5 percent in the annual <br />cnme rate, while Mesa police are <br />projecting as much as 30 percent. <br />'.·Both. agencies said they will beef <br />o William M. Piatt, 5311 E. <br />Via Los Caballos Road, a director <br />of the homeowners association. <br />that serves 1,854 homes in Paradise M <br />Valley. :, atch ends <br />burglar alarms. <br />Police Chief Peter Wainwright <br />said that through November, there <br />were 98 residential burglaries in <br />1985, down noticeably from the <br />118 reported during the same <br />period in 1984. <br />-· "I think the publicity -that's <br />· been given to the fact that this <br />town is very burglar-alarm con- <br />scious has been a factor," Wain- <br />wright said. <br />In fact, most Paradise Valley · <br />burglaries occur in homes that. <br />don't have an alarm system. <br />For the past two years, town <br />government has operated a bur- <br />. glar-alarm system that rings di- <br />rectly into . police headquarters. <br />up thmr drunken-driving enforce- <br />ment in 1986. <br />·:Mesa will add a special squad of <br />SIX motorcyc!e officers to target <br />drunken dnvers beginning in <br />¥,arch, Police Chief Len Kotsur <br />said. . <br />\".We think this will really make <br />a-difference. If anything will help <br />re?~ce the. n~mber of persons <br />dl'lvmg while mtoxicated on our <br />streets, we think it will be ar- <br />rests." ' <br />o Millicent H. Piazza, 6566 N. · <br />43rd Place, a director of the <br />homeowners association. <br />o · Sara Dreier Moya, 5119 E. <br />Desert Park Lane. <br />i. -__ .; .. ------·oo:-'-· <br />The council unanimously agreed . <br />last week to fund-its own appraisal . <br />of the system. <br />The. study will include ways of <br />financmg the purchase of the sys- <br />tem and a cost analysis of running <br />thesystem. · <br />The council said it needs the <br />study before it can make a decision <br />on the cost-efficiency of owning a <br />water company. <br />C~unciJ members have been <br />!oo~mg for ways to answer mount- <br />. mg complains from homeowners <br />who s~y. they ~re being gouged by <br />. Phoemx s unfmr water rate struc- <br />A compromise between the Town/ <br />Council ~nd Loews Paradise Valley' <br />Reso.rt will allow the luxury hotel to' <br />use !ts enc!osed tennis courts· for <br />pubhc mcetmg space. <br />Complaints from neighbors who <br />say use of the tennis cour~ for <br />public events aggravates problems <br />with noise, traffic and parking <br />forced .town officials to confront th~ <br />resort m March. <br />!own officals told Loews, that· <br />usmff t~e cou~ts for anything but <br />renms v10lates 1ts operating permit. <br />Normally, alarms ring at a sccu-Peter Wainwright <br />rity company, which, in turn, <br />notifies police, slowing response <br />'Mary Jo Pitzl, David Cannella, and ; <br />. _ 'Neal Savage also contributed to .: <br />· · , this storY, ' <br />. ture. Phoenix charges out-of-city <br />-cu~tomers double what Phoenix <br />: res1dents pay for the same service. <br />The resort admits to' using the <br />courts for public events since it <br />opened about two years ago The·- <br />resort's owneJ'S claimed that' they· · <br />had the legal right to use the courts · <br />for such events all along. <br />time. <br />Wainwright also credits t.he <br />recent cracking of a burglary ring <br />for helping to · cut the town's <br />home-burglary rate. <br />Property crimes aren't unique to <br />the northeast communities, how- <br />ever. · , \.i:..·· <br />Police officials in Glendale and <br />Peoria report that the bulk of <br />crimes reported to their agencies <br />fall into the category of thefts and <br />burglaries. , : ·· <br />In Scottsdale, Gannon pointed to <br />-'Swat,' Extra 3 <br />: Paradise Valley residents, unable. <br />·to vote Phoenix council members in: <br />: o~ ~ut. of office, say they are being <br />: VIctimized by an unregulated mo- <br />.. nopoly. <br />: : Many of those . residents have <br />· : organi~d under the name of Citi-i <br />. : zens for Fair · Water Rates. The . <br />Both parti~s negotiated through- <br />out the year m an effort to avoid a. <br />court battle. <br />Af~r ihe hotel was able to prove <br />that Its par~ing space exceeded· <br />~~~-~~--~------------------------------ <br />· group nl:lo has taken its complaints <br />. : to state kgiHiators and are helping· <br />; ~to wri~c .a bill that would prohibit <br />: ... Phocmx from charging more to <br />. what w~ denianded· by the town <br />code, council members . voted 4-2 <br />last 'yeek to allow the hotel to hold .. <br />pubhc events on the 12 660-c· j <br />square-foot tennis courts. · ' · <br />...:. __,.,~~,--~-~~.,....._.,.____ ····~ J <br />l:t.lcumbent vows to keep PVIs x·ural]ilestyle <br />').r p /21fJ ~ ~?;, Cf ,5~ . This is another i~ a series of ar-both lorig-range and short-term.'' deteriorated to be overlaid: and . do everything within our power to <br />j-14 o ~ ticles ~n the Paradise Valley Town And Barber's voting record shows ~&~&[Q)O §~3 street standards required that an protect the interests of oqr <br />Council race. he has opposed commercial develop-M & [S[S l3 '\7 improved Invergordon be at least 32 residents." <br />/ ' <br />"·"'--. : \ <br />';' <br />·-·~:~-ment and residential lots smaller '\'/ feet. wide. -Higher police visibility. <br />By SUSAN KEATON than an acre. 13 lS 13 © lf' D@ ~ Another street that Barber said -Stricter enforcement of town <br />Progress Staff Writer He also worked on amendments to X concerns him is Tatum Boulevard, · speed limits. <br />Keeping Paradise Valley a com-strengthen the town's hillside especially its sharp curve at Mock-He said 'he opposes commercial <br />munity of acre lots and narrow building regulations and supported ingbird Lane, which he said is an development and continued par- <br />streets is the goal of Town Coun-studies of the town's police depart-street." ' "extremely dangerous situation." ticipation in a town-sponsored <br />cilman William Barber as. he seeks ment and water supply. He suggested that the town take He said the council should conduct burglar alarm system. · <br />his second two-year term. He said he is "chagrh;cd. at the better care of its roads so they need an engineering study to determine Barber said town residents sup- <br />" I think the community has a width of the roads in the (town's) only patching or overlaying instead what can be done to make the curve port his re-election. <br />termendous desire to stay the way it master plan." Although the new ' of rebuilding or other im-safer. "I think I have done a very good <br />is," said Barber, a 37-year-old standards allow a range of widths provements. Barberalsosaidhefavors: job," he said. "My attendence has <br />English and speech teacher at A.r-for roads, he said, "I think they're When streets are improved, he --Investigating the possibility of been outstanding." <br />cadia High SchooL . . excessive." said, they have to be built to the new buying the portion of the Phoenix He estimates that being a council <br />Barber said that desire should "No one has proved to me that standards, which in most cases re-water company serving town member takes around 300 hours a <br />help him in his· re-election bid, wider streets are safer streets," he quires them to be widened. reHidents, or other water companies, year, but, "It has been a very en- <br />because he has shown his dedication said. "As a matter·of fact, it's my A "perfect example" was an April e.lthough he is unsure the town could joyable experience." - <br />in keeping the town a rural, residen-belief that it's just the contrary. I council decision to improve and afford such purchases. Phoenix Fourteen other residents,. in- <br />tialcommunity. think wider streets are more widen Invergordon Road from 22 to charges its Paradise Valley eluding five other incumbents, are <br />"I have upheld the wishes and the dangerous. They encourage traffic, . 32 feet,·he said. Barber was the only customers double the rates its in-seeking seats in the town's Feb. 4 <br />desires of the residents," said the traffic travels at an excessive council member to vote against the city customers pay. . · election. If fewer than seven can- <br />Barber, 5525 N. Quail Run Road. "I rate of .speed, and I also think it is final plan. "I don't think the town should be in dictates receive a majority of votes <br />voted exactly as I said I would, con-extremely disruptive to the The town engineer had said the business at all, if they can help it," in the primary, a run-off election Barber <br />sistently, for two years, on issues lifestyles of the residents of the road 's bed was too bad 1 y Barber said, "but I think w~ have to will be held March 25.