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s.OA p J<..D i o( <br />PV council to r::l rev:tew <br />.... ·-~ <br />re·s rt tim -s ax~e· ·l n f int r st <br />The Paradise Valley Town Council on Thursday <br />. will pick up where it left off two weeks ago when it <br />reconsiders a request to convert the Hermosa Inn <br />to time-share ownership. <br />· The meeting will begin at 7:30p.m. in the Town <br />Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. <br />A closed session will take place prior to the <br />council meeting, at which time the council will <br />receive legal advice concerning the Hermosa Inn <br />application from attorney Burton M. Apker, said <br />' Town Manager Oscar Butt. \ <br />William Bliss, general partner of.Hermosa lnn <br />Ltd., has proposed to convert the resort,· 5532 N. <br />Palo Christi Road, to investor time-sharing use. <br />The request was first heard by the council Sept. <br />9, but was continued until Oct. 14 because council <br />members wanted answers to legal questions con- <br />cerning the proposal. . <br />At its Oct. 14 meeting, the council -aftering <br />hearing three hours of pro-and-con testimony - <br />postponed action on a motion to approve the time- <br />sharing request until Thursday's meeting. <br />The postponement was approved · after at- <br />torneys for Bliss came up with last-minute addi- <br />. tional information that the town did not have an <br />opportunity to review.' Bliss exploded in anger at <br />that postponement and stormed out of the council <br />meeting. <br />Thursday, the council will consider the motion <br />made by council member William Simon and an <br />amendment to that motion made by council <br />member Robert Plenge. <br />Simon's motion was to approve the request and . <br />Plenge's motion was to add a stipulation to the <br />original request. · · · <br />Bliss, who is recuperating from tropical fish <br />poisoning after a recent trip to Mexico, said today <br />he probably will not attend Thursday's meeting. <br />Bliss also said rumors have been circulating <br />that he is in bankruptcy and that he or associates <br />have threatened residents. He termed both false. <br />Bliss said after the last council meeting he told <br />5 ...... .. c <br />a couple of residents he would throw them off the <br />Hermosa Inn property if they showed up. · <br />"Supposedly, some (threatening) phone calls <br />have been made," Bliss added, noting that <br />neither he nor his associates made the calls. <br />Resident Robert Swanson, who opposes the <br />time-share proposal, received two threatening <br />phone calls, said resident Robert Mueller. <br />"They (the callers) identified themselves as <br />Bliss investors," Mueller said, adding he did not <br />receive any calls.' <br />"As far as the threats are concerned, he (Bliss) <br />did make physical threats ; . . no matter what he <br />said," Mueller added. · · <br />Mueller and Swanson are studying the possibili- <br />ty of ll~gal action against Bliss, although no deci- <br />. sion has been made yet, Mueller said. · <br />Meanwhile, the board of directors of the <br />Paradise Valley Homeowners Association has <br />mailed letters to all town residents asking them <br />to oppose the time-sharing request, said PVHA <br />President Howard Lastar. <br />"This change of the special use permit would <br />allow intense use of this small parcel of land (6.5 <br />acres) by huge numbers of people (as many as <br />1 750 owners) and could be an irreversible expan- <br />sion that might appeal to other resort businesses <br />located in our community," the letter states. <br />"I still contend it's a matter of can the town <br />control ownership of real estate. That gets into a <br />constitutional issue," Bliss said. . <br />The council also will hear a request for an <br />amendment to a special use permit to construct a <br />chapel at Valley United Presbyterian Church, <br />6947 E. McDonald Drive. <br />On Oct. 5, the town Planning and Zoning Com- <br />. mission recommended approval on a 6-1 vote. <br />At the commission meeting, the panel was <br />presented a petition signed by 34 resident~ opp?s- <br />ing the chapel's height. The chapel and 1ts sp1re <br />would total60 feet. · <br />· By DIANA BALAZS <br />. Progress Staff Writer <br />Possible conflict of interest involving officials <br />of the town of Paradise Valley and the proposed <br />La Place du Sommet residential subdivision is be- <br />ing investigated by the state Department of <br />Public Safety with the consent of the Town Coun- <br />cil. · <br />The town has been negotiating with Burns In- <br />vestment Opportunities Inc. of Phoenix <br />developers of La Place du Sommet to settle ~ <br />lawsuit filed by the . firm earlier 'this month <br />against the town. <br />The company wants to develop a luxury home <br />subdivision on Mummy Mountain, a plan opposed <br />by some residents who claim construction· would <br />scar the mountain. The subdivision's final plat <br />was denied by the council in a 4-3 v,ote Aug. 26. <br />. On Thursday, a special public hearing to recon- <br />Sider the La Place du Sommet application was <br />postponed indefinitely. <br />DPS investigators began their interviews Fri- <br />~ay, but town officials stressed that the investiga- <br />tion does not necessarily mean a conflict of in- <br />terest exists. <br />During a closed meeting Oct. 18, the Town <br />· Council was advised by the Town Marshal's office <br />of a possible conflict of interest involving a staff <br />member. The council reportedly agreed with the <br />marshal's. recommendation to request the in- <br />vestigation. <br />According to sources, the staff member is Town <br />Engineer Bob Atherton, who reportedly has done <br />work for developer Robert Burns. . <br />"They (DPS investigators) are checking all <br />town employees, including myself for possible <br />conflicts," Atherton told the Progress . <br />"I do not believe that I had a conflict but <br />welcome the investigation with no problem.,? · <br />When asked if he had done work for Burn:s <br />Atherton said he would rather have that informa: <br />tion come out in the investigation. <br />"I do not believe the development on Mummy <br />·,~ ,--~PTtccr~rx f?'i1-z,~Tf5-.... ~ :A1fsr <br />1 .·'·~~ Pcu~adise Valley panel·· <br />to postpone hearing To'Wn. hires ne'W <br />buildi:qg chief <br />A former Maricopa County <br />building inspector has been <br />hired as chief building in- <br />spector and zoning ad- <br />ministrator for the town of <br />Paradise ·valley, town of- <br />ficials said today. <br />Daniel McNabb, 30, who <br />began work today, replaces <br />Roy E. Jacobsen, who <br />retired in September after <br />more than nine years of ser- <br />vice to the town. <br />Town Building Inspector <br />Ben Thompson assumed <br />Jacobsen's duties while the <br />town searched for a new zon- <br />ing administrator. <br />McNabb, a Phoenix resi- <br />dent who plans to move to <br />the town, served as a county <br />building inspector for ap- <br />proximately six years: He <br />will be responsible for runn- <br />ing the town:s building and <br />safety department which in- <br />cludes building inspections <br />and enforcement of zoning <br />regulations. <br />The Paradise Valley Council will postpone. <br />indefinitely reconsideration of an earlier, decision <br />that· quashed a controversial plan for a luxury <br />housing development on Mummy Mountain, Mayor <br />J. Duncan Brock said. <br />Th.~ council had scheduled a special meeting <br />tonight. At that time it was· expected .to reverse an <br />Aug. 24 decision that defeated a Burns Investment <br />Opportunities Inc. plan to build the 32-house La <br />Place du Sommet subdivision on -the mountain's <br />northeast slope. · · <br />... -·---···.·-:;-·-·· ·-·--.----···-·-... <br />Instead, the meeting will be postponed to allow <br />time for examination of Uri foreseen ~events, Srock <br />said. Information. has been discovered that could <br />affect the issue, he said;·-refusing --to-·elabOrate <br />further. .. . . . . .· . <br />The development had been vehemently opposed <br />by residents living in the foothills below Mummy <br />Mountain. They unduly scar the <br />mountainside. --· ---------· - <br />possi le · flict <br />PV subdi IIBI <br />lSI On on <br />Mountain was treated any different than if the <br />development was done by somebody else," Ather- <br />ton said. He saiil:he has a set of hillside building <br />~egulations and subdivision codes to go by, noting · <br />the majority of those are "black and white" and <br />'· "The (DPS) review will be of the total co~cil <br />members, including myself, and the staff and any <br />other parties that may have been involved in the <br />application," said Town Mayor J. Duncan Brock. <br />Brock said the length of the investigation will <br />depend on the amount of information · in- <br />vestigators discover. <br />· cannot be left up to interpretation. · <br />He added he has not done any outside work that <br />would be "a conflict with any of the approval pro- <br />cesses that I have." <br />"I imagine we're probably looking at least a <br />week or two," Brock said. <br />. .. <br />; :.~ <br />PV town <br />deputies <br />kill,man <br />By JIM SHOWALTER <br />Progress Staff Writer <br />A heavily armed man who had threatened <br />the life of his girlfriend. was shot to death <br />Monday night by town of Paradise Valley <br />Marshal's deputies after a brief shootout in <br />the backyard of the woman's home. <br />Charles Albert Wettstein, 40, of Happy <br />Jack, was pronounced dead at the scene at <br />about 10:30 p.m. Monday by Dr. Heinz Kar- <br />nitschnig, of the Maricopa County Medical <br />Examiner's office. . · <br />Lt. Lou Mazurczyk of the Parfldise Valley <br />Marshal's office said Wettstein was fatally <br />wounded by deputies Ron Eck and Bob Van <br />Camp after he opened fire 'on them with a <br />shotgun. <br />Wettstein's body was transported to the <br />county morgue where an autopsy was <br />scheduled this morning. <br />Det. Steve Coe of the town marshal's office <br />said, pending results of the autopsy, it was not <br />known how many bullets entered Wettstein's <br />body. <br />Eileen Jarson, of 6225 E. Mockingbird <br />Lane, a neighbor who heard the shooting, said <br />she heard two shotgun blasts followed by six <br />gunshots. . ' <br />Mazurczyk said that Wettstein, who was liv- <br />ing with Cheri Spara, 23, of 6303A E. Mock- <br />ingbird Lane, apparently argued with her and <br />threatened her life. <br />· She ran from tier home to a neighbor's <br />house at 8210 N. 64th St., at about 9:30p.m., <br />where she called the marshal's office and <br />reported that Wettstein was heavily armed <br />and was threatening to kill any ·police officer <br />he saw, Mazurczyk said. <br />Mazurczyk said Wettstein was armed with <br />a shotgun and two holstered handguns when <br />deputies Eck and Van Camp arrived -at· <br />Spara's home. <br />The deputi~s took positions on an adjoining <br />property behind a fence and saw Wettstein <br />wa~k from the house into the back yard. Wett- <br />stem apparently heard the police radio in the <br />deputies' cruiser and aimed the shotgun in its <br />direction, Mazurczyk said. <br />Deputy Van Camp, who was positioned to <br />Wettstein's left behind the fence told Wetts- <br />tein to drop his weapon. Wettstein then spun <br />and opened fire on Van Camp, causing both <br />deputies to shoot Wettstein, Mazurczyk said . <br />. "I heard two shotgun shot:> and then six <br />shots," said Jarson. "I counted them because <br />at that time I had gone outside. I heard so- <br />meone say, 'Put your hands up, both of you.' <br />That surprised me because I thought it was a <br />family feud or something." <br />Mazurczyk said no one was involved in the <br />shootout besides the deputies and Wettstein. <br />He said he.J?elJeved Wettstein had been drink- <br />ing prior to the shooting. <br />Mazurczyk said the Paradise Valley Mar~ <br />shal's office will conduct an investigation into <br />the shooting in cooperation with the Maricopa <br />County Attorney's office and the Department <br />of Public Safety.