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to see reports <br />•on.ditch Work <br />PARADISE VALLEY -Engineers' reports on the <br />Invergordon Ditch repair project and a six-month review of <br />the town budget ·head the agenda for this week's town , council meeting .. <br />The council will meet at 7:30p.m. Thursday in the Town <br />Hall, Invergordon Road and Lincoln Drive. · . <br />Town Manager Oscar Butt said engineers from the firm <br />gf Collar, Williams and White will brief council members on' <br />the amount of flood water coming into the Invergordon <br />system and will make recommendations on repairs needed <br />to handle the increased flow. <br />Butt said the engineers probably will insure that repairs <br />they recommend will carry all water that comes into the <br />town from north of Mountain. View Road, the north-south <br />boundary between Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Scotts- <br />dale. ' <br />The coun~il authorized $9,800 for the engineering study. <br />Heavy ram of Sept. 25 and earlier storms did considerable <br />damage to the Invergordon Ditch and minor damage to the <br />Bern ell and Mountain Views Ditches. Property damage in <br />· the area following the storms alSo was heavy. <br />Butt has estimated that the repair project will cost nearly <br />$300,000. The town requested and received from the state $133,~00 in floo~ disaster funds, of which $100,000 will go to · <br />repair of the ditches. The remaining $33,200 is tabbed for <br />~repairs to streets, roads and bicycle paths damaged during <br />the rains. <br />Another $150,000 in town contingency ftmds is expected to <br />· be appropriated later this year to supplement the state <br />funding. Improvements to the ditch system are expected to <br />consist of relining of the ditches and construction of box <br />culverts at certain locations. <br />Town Clerk Mary Ann Brines is preparing a six-month <br />budget report which is expected to be readied for the <br />council meeting. . <br />Butt said the report probably will show a low level of <br />· expenditures during the first six months of the 1976-77 fiscal <br />year, but a high level of commitments, or expenses for <br />which the council has yet to authorize funds. <br />. In other busines~, the council is expected to adopt a · <br />resolution which formalizes the change in the speed limit on <br />·. Invergordon in front of Camelback Desert School from 40 <br />miles per hour to 25. <br />The change was authorized last month at the urging of the <br />town marshal and a resident lobby. group concerned with <br />town safety. <br />The council also will consider a request from developers <br />of the proposed Alamos Village Resort for a time extension <br />for obtaining building permits and will discuss possible <br />realignment of the intersection of Tatum Boulevard and McDonald Drive. · <br />.. • · ·.. JAtu. lj) lCf)1 . <br />McDonald work begins·.· <br />PARADISE VALLEY-Construction on the McDonald <br />Drive improvement project has begun and Town Engineer Workmen a~e e~pected to c?ntinue widening McDonald <br />Charlie· Atkinson advises that residents should use alter-o~ thet~orth·ftde m front of Ktva School until Wednesday .. nate routes for the next 60 days: . •. , w en ey WI have pr?gressed past the school to the west ~rews ar~ working from the east to west now of the McDona_ld-~ockmgbird intersection, he said. <br />bemg done m front ~f Kiva School, 6900 E. McDonald Drive. A four-fo.otwtdemng of McDonald will be completed from Par~nts _and residents complained Monday that. con-about Quml R~ Road ?n the east to just east of Tatum structwn m front of the school has started · without Boulevard, Atkmson satd. <br />notification. · He added th t · · t d · • · . . . . a m seven o 14 ays, crews Will resurface · Atkmson said ~e school's crosswalk temporarily has th_e street in front of Kiva School. Resurfacing will be a'_ . been moved f_rom. m front o~ the scho.ol we~t about 1,000 feet plied to the length of the improvement project.· · p to the Mockmgbtrd Lane mtersectwn with McDonald to A ki · direct students away from construction on the north side of 1~ ns?n ;m? he does n?t anticipate moving the cross-the street. The crosswalk will be returned to its normal wa .. a gam unng resurf~cm~. He said he will notify school <br />location after wi~ening work clears the school area, he said. ~~~~~~~s when constructiOn Is to resume. in front of the <br />J~-trJ-1s; t97 { <br />·$57,768 project <br />PV to ask city's aid <br />fixing flood ditch <br />1111' <br />lD <br />PARADISE VALLEY-Scottsdale will <br />. be asked by the town to help defray the <br />cost of repairing and improving the <br />Mountain View Ditch here, towri officials <br />said this week. ' <br />Mayor Barbara vonAmmon and· Town <br />Manager Oscar Butt said they would seek <br />help from Scottsdale in the $57,768 project <br />which will consist of lining one half of the <br />2,500-foot-long ditch with three inches of <br />sprayed cement, or gunite. <br />..-' . ' <br />An engineer hired by the town in · <br />November to design plans for repairs· to <br />the Mountain View, Invergordon and · <br />Berneil Ditches told council members this <br />week that runoff water entering the town is <br />coming from Scottsdale to the north. <br />George Tepley, an engineer with the <br />firm of Collar, Williams and White, said, <br />"Scottsdale is dumping more than half the <br />flow into Paradise Valley." <br />VonAmmon emphasized that waters <br />coming from Scottsdale literally "tore up <br />up" the· Mountain View Ditch. <br />Butt said he does not know how much of <br />the cost of repairs and improvements the <br />town will ask from Scottsdale. ·He said, <br />however, that he hopes Scottsdale is <br />receptive to participating in the project. <br />Tepley, in a report on the repair and <br />improvement project, said once the <br />Mountain View Ditch is improved it will be <br />' rJI/-tLJ . J4 I I q~ "1 <br />able to handle twice the flow it does· now. <br />He told council members and residents <br />that his plans for lining the Invergordon <br />Ditch with either gunite or gabions (large <br />rocks contained in heavy wire baskets <br />· inside drainage ditches) will ·handle <br />projected runoff from a 100-year storm <br />after complete urbanization of the <br />residential areas north of the town ex- <br />tending to the Central Arizona Project <br />Dike . <br />Tepley said cost of the Invergordon <br />repair and improvement phase which also <br />includes installation of three street box <br />culverts and two private driveway <br />culverts will be $147,270. <br />All ditches within the present system <br />were dirt channels until rain water eroded <br />the banks last fall. <br />Butt said repairs oh the Mount~in View <br />and Berneil Ditches are continuing and <br />that the project will be in full swing when <br />Tepley, finishes his plans in 10 days. He <br />said bids are expected to be opened Feb. <br />10. <br />Butt said the town will spend $60,000 to <br />$70,000 of state flood disaster funds it <br />received in November for repairs only. <br />The remaining cost for improvements is <br />estiniated at $155,000, which will be taken <br />from town contingency funds, he said. <br />Lincoln paving pact frustrates · PV opponents <br />' ' '! <br />PARADISE VALLEY -Residents last <br />night voiced frustration when they learned <br />that the town council six months ago had <br />entered into a binding contract with . ' <br />Maricopa County to widen Lincoln Drive to <br />four lanes. <br />Resident Barbara Perlman said she <br />discovered . the contract had been signed <br />July 6 and that residents did not know <br />, aboutit. <br />However, town officials today said the <br />council voted 4-1 on July 8 to enter into the <br />agreement with the county, anil that a <br />public hearing was held when the item <br />came up for consideration. . <br />To\m Attorney Roger McKee said the <br />town would be subject to a law suit for <br />breach of contract if it violated the agree- <br />ment or withdrew from it. <br />Town Manager Oscar Butt said the item <br />appeared on the· agenda for the July 8 <br />meeting under the section entitled "Peti- <br />tions, Hearings and Communications." <br />Minutes· from the meeting included <br />council discussion on the requirements of <br />the contract, the design of the street once it <br />is improved, cost of the project and traffic <br />flow, Butt said.· <br />Mayor Barbara vonAmmon and council <br />members ·L. Barry Palmer, PeterS. Wain- <br />wright and John V. Long voted in favor of <br />the agreement. Council member Jon Bon- <br />nell voted against the contract. <br />The Progress reported July 14 that the <br />agreement· had been made and that <br />engineering would begin with the town <br />reimbursing the county for one-half the <br />cost of the engineering, or $40,000. Total <br />cost of the project was set at $300,000. <br />Residents last night' asked council mem- <br />bers if they could.present alternatives to· <br />the proposed four-lane street at two public <br />meetings Jan. 24 and 26 in which prelim- <br />inary plans for the Lincoln widening will <br />be made public and open for citizen com- <br />ment. · <br />Although no answer was . given the <br />residents' request to submit alternatives, <br />council member J. Duncan Brock said he <br />hoped council members would take a stand <br />on another resident request for the town to <br />employ an independent firm to conduct a <br />"feasibility and impact study" on the <br />widening project. . · <br />Mira Ditchek, president of the Paradise· <br />Valley Homeowner's Association, told the <br />panel that the Department of Transporta- <br />tions's Office of Highway Safety has <br />recommended that such a study be com- <br />pleted before road improvements such as <br />widening are considered. . <br />. Richard Walmsley, . engineering <br />program specialist for the Office of High- <br />way Safety, said today he "strongly" <br />. urges and recommends that such a study <br />be conducted for Lincoln Drive. · <br />Walmsley said in the case of the <br />widening of Lincoln Drive, the town should <br />consider a study to discover possible <br />safety hazards of telephone poles one foot' <br />from street curbs and bike paths too near <br />thestreet. · <br />He said the poles may cost $1 million tn <br />relocate, "but is that too much to pay for a <br />life?" <br />Town officials on previous occasions <br />have said the 'cost of relocating the <br />telephone poles on the south side of Lincoln <br />would be $2 million. <br />Ditchek also said a survey conducted by, . <br />the PVHA of about three-tenths of the 2,653 <br />town households shows that 411 households <br />are opposed to Lincoln widening while 343 <br />are in favor of it. She noted that 85 per cent <br />of those polled who lived in the Lincoln <br />. "corridor" are against the widening .. <br />S • f • ·, Jl}fl). I ;LI I 01 ~o1ress photo by Bob Johnstone·· 1gns, 1nes up · . : <br />Motorists in the Town of Paradise Valley may ha~e frowns on their <br />faces if they don't obey these happy face signs wh1_ch went, up today <br />at entrances to the town. As part of a ~rackdown on sp7ed~rs, town <br />marshal's deputies have been handmg out more (!ltabons and <br />speeding violation fines have gone up. Drivers cited for traveling ?ne <br />to nine miles per hour above the limit will pay $12. Te? to 14 miles <br />per hour above the limit will cost $15 while 15 to ~9 m~les ~er h()Ur <br />above.the limit will cost $25. Fines will be $30 for vwlahon~ 1~ school <br />zones and $35 for more than 20 miles per hour above the hm1t, town <br />officials say. ·