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·-------~------~- <br />0 <br />Volume 6, No. 1 <br />0 <br />. ! <br />Candidates' Night <br />Thursday, Jan. 31 <br />at new Town Hall <br />All 19 candidates for <br />election to the Town Coun- <br />cil are expected to appear in <br />the meeting chamber of the <br />Town Hall at 7:00 the even- <br />ing of Thursday, January 31. <br />It is the largest number of <br />candidates in any Town <br />Council election. <br />Primary election day is <br />Monday, February 11, 1974. <br />Each candidate will be in- <br />vited to state briefly his qual- <br />ifications, supplementing the <br />information given in this <br />special election issue of the <br />Town Reporter. Fl"lllowing <br />these statements the meeting <br />will be ope11 for questions <br />from the floor. <br />Because of their large num- <br />ber, candidates will be pro- <br />vided with identifying bad- <br />ges. After the meeting there <br />will be an opportunity for the <br />voters to converse with them <br />more informally. <br />The date: Thursday, Jan- <br />uary 31. The time: 7:00. <br />The place: the new Town <br />Hall, The occasion: the once <br />in two years opportunity to <br />make a personal choice of <br />your Town representatives. <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />January 197 4 <br />Kowal <br />(..,~~ <br />CJ~tS <br />Lordigyan <br />'' <br />< f ' <br />The Mayor's <br />Corner <br />We should all be proud there <br />are so many citizens willing to <br />donate their time to make "OUR <br />TOWN" an excellent place in <br />which to live. The large number <br />of Council candi- <br />dates is an ex- <br />ample of CIVIC <br />( pride. And equal- <br />' (, -"~ ly important are <br />, '-:,:.,.;::...;; the people who <br />· r ---· · serve (and offer <br />1 <br />/"\ ~~ann~~;e) .::~ <br />'.:.....i._____1 Zoning, the <br />Board of Adjust- <br />Mayor Tribken ment, ad hoc <br />committees, volunteer deputies, <br />etc. <br />To help strengthen local gov- <br />ernment concepts, you have a <br />duty to vote as an informed citi- <br />zen. To plan for the future, the <br />next Council will be making many <br />critical policy decisions, assisted <br />by our steadily improving Town <br />staff. <br />Of concern are: <br />Town Services -water, fire <br />protection, trash, sewers; <br />Continuing to pay for our <br />services without a property <br />tax; <br />Security and Crime <br />Prevention -Marshal's <br />Department; <br />Flood Control and Indian <br />Bend Wash development; <br />Cable TV -including its <br />implications on security; <br />Traffic Flow -how to move· <br />outside traffic around us; <br />Land development and the <br />preservation of our "open <br />spaces"; <br />Community Goals -Long <br />term; <br />And many others, such as <br />our environment. <br />The accomplishments of the <br />New voting procedures in election <br />The Town of Paradise Valley <br />Primary Election will be held on <br />February 11, 1974, in the new <br />Town Hall. An unprecedented <br />nineteen candidates will be com- <br />peting for seven Council seats, <br />and the largest voter turn-out ever <br />is anticipated. The polls will be <br />open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00p.m., <br />and Les Naumann will once again <br />head up the Election Board. <br />Maricopa County Election of- <br />ficials will be on hand to lend as- <br />sistance as the Town inaugurates <br />the CES (Computer Election <br />Systems) equipment provided at <br />no cost by the County. Punch <br />card ballots will be utilized for the <br />first time, and an accurate vote <br />count will be completed quickly. <br />Candidates' names will be <br />placed on the ballot in alphabeti- <br />cal order beginning with "v." <br />After consulting with Phoenix, <br />Tempe, Scottsdale, and Maricopa <br />County, it was learned that they <br />Town Hall dedication <br />A Red Letter Day on your <br />calendar should be January <br />27, 1974, when the new Para- <br />dise Valley Town Hall will <br />be dedicated. All townspeo- <br />ple are invited to attend <br />Open House from 3:00 to <br />5:00 p. m. on that history <br />making Sunday. <br />past have been significant. Those <br />of the future may be more im- <br />portant. Because of our transi- <br />tioning from "a struggling child to <br />a mature adult" these are critical <br />years. Your votes are vital to <br />both the quality and the breadth <br />of support of your next Council. <br />Let's demonstrate what local <br />government really means by citi- <br />z.en participation. <br />73J67~ <br />2 <br />all use an alphabetical listing of <br />names which is rotated between <br />precincts. All ballots within one <br />precinct are the same. Inasmuch <br />as our Town has only one polling <br />place we have only one rotation. <br />Candidates agreed to hold a <br />drawing to determine which name <br />would appear first in the rotation, <br />as this gave every candidate an <br />equal opportunity to be at the <br />top of the ballot. The drawing <br />was held at the Town Council <br />meeting on December 27, 1973, <br />and the name drawn was that of <br />Barbara von Ammon. So the al- <br />phabetical rotation will begin <br />with von Ammon followed by <br />Wainwright, Adams, Baltz and so <br />on through the alphabet. <br />Be sure you don't vote for more <br />than seven candidates in the Pri- <br />mary. If you do, your ballot will <br />be voided, and none of your votes <br />will count. <br />TOWN ENGINEER <br />Charles Atkinson, has tackled <br />many Town engineering prob- <br />lems since his appointment last <br />June. He is the first staff engi- <br />neer for the Town.