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2 . (\;.e.-f ~6J4~~; <br />Sunday, June 23, 1957 ------------------ <br />'Vitb Scliools, Stores, Parks . <br />Paradise Valley Planners <br />Predict 102,000 Population .... <br />By W. R. HARROD <br />· 'A 58-square-mile are a <br />Paradise Valley ultimate-· <br />ly will: <br />· Be home to 29,143 fam- <br />ilies containing 102,384 <br />members. <br />Have one regional shop- <br />ping center, three com- <br />munity shopping centers, <br />and 25 n e i g h b or h o o d <br />shopping areas. <br />Boast 29 elementary schools, <br />10 junior high schools, and two <br />senior high schools. <br />Maintain 1,000 ac~es of parks, <br />including 20 neighborhood play- <br />grounds; four playfields, six <br />neighborhood parks, and two <br />large recreation parks of 120 <br />acres each. <br />Be completely· devoid of in· <br />dustries. And its residences will <br />be in the range from better-class <br />to mansions. <br /># # # <br />THE ABOVE predictions are <br />contained in a 56-page report on <br />Paradise Valley prepared after <br />a year of study . by the Mari· <br />copa County Planning and Zon· <br />ing Commission. <br />The-report is to be the base. <br />· Cof. ,a, long-Nnge planning pro· 'grani 'for 11ie valley. It is the <br />ment consultant who did the <br />population forP.cast" for the <br />study, does. not predict when <br />the 102,384 J}opulation will be <br />reached. He does, however, an; <br />ticipate that hi 1975 .there will <br />be 50,000 persdns 'living in the <br />area. This contrasts 'with' the <br />present population of 3,838. <br />* >II< * <br />STANLEY K. DABROWSKI <br />work of Stanley K. Dabrowski, <br />county planning analyst, and his <br />assistant, William R. Dedrick, <br />THE REPORT recommends <br />, that Paradise Valley be devot- <br />. e!J s~lely ta . homes, with the <br />exception of shopping centers to <br />serve the expected 29,000· fam- <br />ilies living in the area. <br />Industrial development, which <br />would provide livelihood for <br />many of the family breadwin- <br />ners, would be concentrated in <br />Deer Valley, which adjoins <br />Paradise Valley on the west. <br />Thirty-nine square miles would <br />be limited to Residence One lots <br />with a 35 density. This means <br />that each lot would be a com~ <br />mercia! acre in area. Slightly <br />less restrictive Residence Two, <br />zoning would be permitte,d ,iin <br />an additional 16 square mi!¢s. ' . <br />; ~ '' ' <br />Although Paradise Valley, ly· <br />ing northeast of Phoenix, con· <br />tains some 210 square miles <br />of area, the study. took in only . <br />the 58 square miles which have <br />the town of Scottsdale as their <br />southern base. The area studied <br />is bounded roughly by Pima <br />Road on the east, the Arizona <br />Canal and McDonald Drive on <br />the south, 40th Street and Ta. <br />tum Boulevard on the west, and <br />Union Hills Drive on the north. The Residence Two zoning <br />' '\vould be' limited to the 'area James Gilles, planning depart·' bomided by Pima Road,' 'the. <br />', Arizona Canal and McDo.11ald ' <br />Road, Tatum Boulevard, .and- <br />. Double Tree Road. · .. <br />«< "" * <br />AND GUEST ranches, highly <br />popular in the Scottsdale area, <br />' would be strictly limited under <br />the long-range plan. The report <br />has this to say about ~them: <br />"It is expected that zoning <br />. for guest ranches will be .. held I to a miilimum in 'the 58-square~ <br />I mile, studi area. Indeed; ther~ <br />) is rnuch .. to be said· for. 'rnain1 · taining the zoning of such de· <br />velopments at their present <br />level.'' <br />Less restrictive residential <br />zoning would be on the western <br />i edge pf Paradise Valley, adjoin· <br />: ing Deer. Valley. <br />"There is an inordinately large <br />proportion of the land (in the <br />area) held for single-family <br />homes on. acre or larger sites," <br />the report points out." "This does <br />not mean, that in 'the future <br />there may not be a shading of <br />zoning. in such manner that on <br />the western side of the villley, <br />in the area closest Deer Valley, <br />there could not appropriately be <br />some lower-priced type of de- <br />l .. velopment.'' .. ... ... <br />THE REPORT points out that <br />residents of the area will do <br />'their major shopping in Phoenix <br />and Scottsdale. Therefore, the <br />shopping centers suggested <br />would be scattered throughout <br />the areas and would utilize a <br />total of 400 .acres. <br />The report\ indicafes a total <br />of 570 acres should be devoted <br />to ·schools to . serve the area. <br />The 29 · elementary schools <br />would require 290 acre~, the 10 <br />junior high schools, 200 acres, <br />and the two senior high schools, <br />80 acres. The schools, the re- <br />port urges, should be so located <br />that they will serve not on~y as <br />educational centers, but also as <br />recreational areas and commu· <br />· nity centers. Thus, they would <br />serve the valley 12 months out <br />of the year. <br />Of the 36,848 acres in the area, <br />1,000 acres would be set aside <br />•for public parks and play- <br />grounds. The 20 neighborhood <br />playgrounds would be five acres <br />each in extent, while the neigh· <br />borhood parks -six are rec· <br />ommended-would have 15 acres <br />each. The two large recreation <br />parks proposed would contain <br />120 acres each. <br />* * # <br />H. S. (CASEY) Abbott,. zon· <br />ing comiTiission chairma~,. is of <br />the opinion . that subdividers, <br />when laying out their tra~ts, ' <br />should be required to set asrde <br />land for use as public parks. <br />R. R. McGrew, county plan· <br />ning and zoning director, said <br />yesterday that a public hearing <br />on the over-all zoning program <br />for Paradise Valley will be held <br />in the fall. <br />Apartm~nt Zo~~74~':&o'ft1J~le1 <br />Draws Blast By Property Owners <br />A new battle loomed yester· <br />day over zoning in Paradise Val-· <br />ley ·immediately north of .Scotts- <br />dale. <br />The fight will be over the ac· <br />tion · of the Maricopa County <br />Planning and Zoning Commis- <br />sion in recommending hotel and <br />apa1:tment zoning for a 50-acre <br />tract on the east side of Scotts- <br />dale. Road immediately north of <br />the Safari Hotel, 461 N. Scotts- <br />dale Rd. <br />The commission approved zon- <br />ing for the area bounded by Mc· <br />Donald Drive, a line a· quarter· <br />mile west of Invergordon Road, <br />and the Arizona Canal. <br />THE PARADISE Valley Im- <br />provement .(l.ssociation, repre-· <br />sentcd by attorney Philip P. <br />Von Ammon, objected to the <br />zoning recommended for the 50- <br />acre tract. An unclassified zon- <br />ing' was placed on the Scottsdale <br />Road frontage, which would per· <br />mit granting of a use permit for <br />· n hotel at a later date. Residence <br />3 zoning (apartments) was <br />placed on the balance .of the <br />tract. <br />Von, Ammon said the PVIA <br />\vas unalterably opposed to more <br />hotels and apartments in that <br />l. area and would contest the com- <br />. 1~issi~n~s actipn when it comes . <br />before the board of supervisors <br />for final approval early in Feb- <br />ruary. <br />UIORNWOOD Acres subdivi- <br />sion is immediately west of the <br />50-acre tract and F. E. Ditt- <br />mer, speaking for the Thorn- <br />wood Acres· Improvement As- <br />sociation, said his group desires <br />the tract be limited to residential <br />·lots no' smaller tha'n a half-acre. <br />The subdivision in which he <br />Jives, Dittmer said, will be dam- <br />aged by a hotel and apartments <br />across the street. <br />at the northeast corner of In· <br />dian School and 33rd Avenue. <br />Recommended Commercial ~ <br />zoning for a lot at the northeasl <br />corner of Indian School and 33rc <br />Drive. <br />Recommended granting a use <br />permit to the Western Saddle <br />· Club of Glendale to operate a <br />riding ring and polo 1field on the <br />west side of43rd Avenue, begin· <br />ning 660 feet north of Glendale <br />Avenue. The tract is 660 feet <br />square. <br />Recommended granting a use <br />Arthur T. La Prade Jr., at· permit to -establish a day nurs· torney representin~ a syndicate ery on the west side of Smith owning the 50 acres, said there/ Lane, beginning 250 feet nor~ was a genuine need for apart-of Thomas. ) ments in that area. He added <br />1 <br />·"'""""~""xu""''"" ... ~ <br />that the Scottsdale Road front- <br />age was suitable only for a high <br />class hotel. <br />COL. CHARLES.Bathurst, zon- <br />ing commissioner from Scotts-· <br />dale, moved that the area on the <br />east side of Scottsdale Road <br />from McDonald Drive to Bonita <br />Vista Estates be given a Resi- <br />dence 1 classification, with Jots <br />of one-acre minimum size. <br />. Froin Bonita Vista Estates to <br />the 50-acre tract would carry <br />the same classification but with _ <br />lotS' a commercial acre in size. <br />On the west side of Scottsdale <br />Road· one-acre lots would be re- <br />quired from McDonald south to <br />Coronado Road. From that point <br />the size of lots would graduate <br />·down to 18,000 square feet-half <br />a commercial acre-in the re- <br />sort area at Camelback Road. <br />THE ZONING commission, in <br />other actions: <br />Recommended g r a n t i n g a <br />three-year use permit for opera· <br />tion of a vegetable packing shed !