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• -• <br />town of val l ey <br />Fire Service Transition <br />In the 2006 e l ection , voters approved a ba llot measure <br />i ncreas i ng the Town's expenditure l im i tat i on which <br />will provide the necessary funds to build and own <br />two new fire stat ions, acquire new fire equipment <br />and pay for fire and emergency services. TheJuly I, <br />2007 changeover dat e from Rural/Metro to the City <br />of Phoenix Fire Department i s rap idly approaching. <br />As part of the Town's contract with Rural/Metro, the <br />subscription financing must be continued through <br />June 30, 2007. Following t his date, the Town w ill <br />share t h e expenses directly with the City of Phoenix. <br />As the Town moves forward with the transition, <br />progress h as been made on a number of changes <br />which are part of the new Phoenix/Paradise Va ll ey <br />partnership. These changes wi ll bring the Town <br />into the valley-wide Automatic Aid Consortium of <br />municipal fire departments wh i ch s hare resources and <br />utilize a common communications system to assure the <br />most efficient and effective emergency service. The <br />Town is a l so pursuing a good neighbor policy with two <br />unin corporate d areas of Maricopa County, C l earwater <br />Hills and the Franciscan Renewal Center, by a llowing <br />them to contract for fire service at the cost incurred <br />by the Town and the C ity of Phoenix. City of Phoenix <br />and Rural/Metro representatives have met on severa l <br />occasions to go over details of the change in servi ce in <br />order to assure a smooth transition. <br />Contents <br />- <br />Two New Fire Stations <br />Through a competitive process, the Town se l ected <br />LEA Architects to design the two new fire stations. <br />The new buildings will be sited at the same locations as <br />the Rural/Metro stations; Fire Station No. I at Tatum <br />Boulevard and Mockingbird Lane and Fire Station <br />No. 2 at Lincoln Drive, west of Casa Blanca Road. <br />Each new station will be designed to i nclude, <br />,vhenever possible, certa in energy and green <br />building design principles, while keeping the <br />buildings on a similar scale and character as the <br />sur rounding neighborhood. Fire Stati on No . I will <br />be approximately 7, 500 square feet, and Fire Station <br />No. 2 will be approx imately 8,500 square feet. <br />Prel iminary estim ates indicate that the tota l cost to <br />design and construct the two new fire stati ons will <br />be in the range of $7 million. The fire stations w ill <br />be comp l etely owned by the Town. Construction is <br />sc h e dul ed to begi n in June 2007. <br />The new stations will be equipped to meet current <br />fire department standards. The Town has purchased <br />two new fire engines, one for each station, as well as <br />a tender (water truck). The fire equipment which is <br />currently in use is a l so owned by the Town, and will <br />be retained for backup purposes. The tota l cost of <br />new fire equipment which is sc h eduled to arrive at <br />the end of June 2007 is $1. 2 million . <br />........................................................................................................................................... <br />2 The M ayor's Co rne r <br />3 Town Council 2006-2008 <br />4 Annou n cements <br />5 N o n-N ative Grasses : Fi re Haza rd <br />6 Town's Resort Update <br />7 Building Safety Department <br />7 Identity T h eft and Mail boxes <br />8 Construct ion Site Securit y T ips <br />9 Brush Fi re Prevention <br />10 Town's Municipal Court <br />1 1 Committe Reports