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Town Fire Protection Transition <br />Overwhelming Success <br />At precisely 8:00 a.m. on the first morning inJuly, a <br />Sunday, an informal ceremony marked the transition <br />from 50+ years of £.re protection service by Rural/ <br />Metro Fire Department to the City of Phoenix Fire <br />Department. At that moment, Rural/Metro Engine <br />829 pulled out from under the cover at the £.re station <br />on Lincoln Drive in the Town Hall Complex , and <br />Phoenix Engine 92 , with emergency lights flashing , <br />pulled under the shelter. Instantly, a Phoenix Fire <br />dispatcher notified all Valley £.re personnel that <br />Phoenix Engines 91 and 92 were in service , protecting <br />the Town of Paradise Valley , and welcoming the Town <br />to the regional automatic aid system. <br />At the regular Town Council meeting on July 12 , the <br />tape of the Phoenix Fire welcome was played , and <br />Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Khan thanked everyone for the <br />superb help and cooperation on the transition. Sixteen <br />Phoenix Fire officers and civilians were presented with <br />a Mayor 's Certificate of Appreciation for their special <br />individual contributions to the transition process. <br />Thus , a historic moment, concluding the transition, <br />occurred without incident. <br />Contents <br />Major Benefits to Town <br />The Town gains two tremendous benefits with the <br />change in £.re protection and emergency medical <br />service to the Phoenix Fire Department. First , the <br />Town is now fully covered by the Valley-wide automatic <br />aid system , under which the closest available unit <br />is sent in response to the emergency, regardless of <br />municipal boundaries, and emergency equipment <br />and personnel throughout the Valley will be available <br />to assist in a major event. Second, homeowners, <br />schools , resorts and religious facilities will no longer <br />have to pay an annual subscription fee. This was <br />made possible by the expenditure limitation override <br />passed by Town voters three years ago, and the Town <br />having the funds available thanks to conservative fiscal <br />policies and strong revenues. <br />The benefits to the City of Phoenix are also substantial <br />-instead of needing to build , equip and staff fire <br />stations to serve the Arcadia and Paradise Valley <br />neighborhoods of Phoenix, service can be provided <br />out of the two stations in Paradise Valley. <br />Under the partnership agreement with the City of <br />Phoenix, the Town provides the fire stations , fire <br />engines and tanker , and some services, and Phoenix <br />Fire mans the stations. Operating costs, about $3.6 <br />million a year for both stations, are shared equally by <br />the two municipalities. <br />( Continued on Page 5) <br />........................................................................................................................................... <br />2 The Mayor's Corner <br />3 2008 Elect ions <br />3 1 OK V intage Car Show <br />4 Kiva Field Dedication <br />6 Planning and Bu ilding Update <br />8 D id You Know? <br />8 Light Bulbs Incandescent vs . CFLs <br />10 Improvement Projects Update <br />10 Go ldwater Maquettes Still Available <br />11 Comm itte Reports