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• - <br />town of p a radi s e vall ey <br />winter 2006 <br />Important Dates <br />F ebruary 2 <br />February 9 <br />F e b ruary 13 <br />March 14 <br />April 13 <br />April 17 <br />May16 <br />M eet the C a n did a t es N ig ht a t <br />Town H a ll , 6:00 p .m. <br />Ballots m a i le d to regis t e red <br />vote r s for c ouncil efe ction <br />V o t e r regis t r ation closes <br />E l ection D ay -V ote d b a llots <br />mus t b e rece ive d b y 7:00 p .m . <br />B a ll o t s m a ile d t o r egi s t e r e d <br />vote r s for b a llot m easure e l ection <br />Vote r r egi s tration closes <br />E l ectio n D ay - V o t e d ballots <br />mu s t b e r eceive d b y 7:00 p.m. <br />Town Council Candidates Forum <br />6,30 p.m . Monday , Fe b. 13 <br />Asc e n si o n Luthe r an C hurch <br />• <br />7 100 N . Moc king bird Lane, P ar ad i se V alley <br />Presente d b y the Town of P a radise Valley Inde p e ndent <br />E -ma il candida te questio n s t o wmille r @ n ewszap .com. <br />Contents <br />- <br />The T own of Paradise Va ll ey will hold an election on March 14., <br />2006 to fill three seats on the Town Co un c il. Ir necessary , a <br />run -off e lecti on will be h e ld o n May 16 , 20 06 in conju n ctio n <br />wi t h a ballot measure e lect ion. <br />This e dition of the T own Reporte r includ es ge nera l electio n <br />information and personal s tat e m e nts prov i ded by each of th e <br />ca ndidates to a id voters in making inform e d ballot c h oices. A n <br />o ffi c ia l publ ic i t y pamphlet wi ll be m a il e d t o vo te r s prior to th e <br />May e lection wit h in format ion o n th e t wo ba llot m easu r es. As in <br />past yea r s , vo t in g in these e lectio n s will b e by mai l. <br />Frequently Asked Questions <br />When Your Home I s Your Poll ing Place <br />D o I n eed t o re qu es t a b all o t ? <br />No . All r egistered vote r s in Pa r ad ise Va ll eywill 1·eceive an o f fic ia l <br />e lect ion b a ll ot in the mail a u tomati ca ll y. Ballots wi ll be mailed <br />o n February 9, 2006. <br />How d o I co mple t e m y ba ll ot? <br />Vote 1·s m ay vote for up t o three ca ndida t es b y comp le ting the <br />arrow next t o the se lec t ed ca ndid ates' names with a blac k pen <br />o r number 2 pencil. Ballots must b e r etu rn ed by mail to th e <br />Maricopa County E lec tion s Depa rtm e nt by first class mail using <br />the e nvelope provided. Vo te r s may also dro p off th e ir ball ots <br />at Town Ha ll during business h our s between February 13 and <br />March 14 , 2006 o r at any Maricopa County p o lli n g location. <br />(Continued on Page 2) ........................................................................................................................................... <br />1 2006 Electio n Iss ue <br />2 Meet th e Candidat es Ni ght <br />3 Candidate Statem ents <br />5 Ca ll fo r Argume nts <br />The o rder o f candidate statements was select ed by a random draw ing of names <br />6 Ba ll ot Measure Fact Sh eet <br />7 VIN Et ching a n d Watch Yo u r Car <br />7 lnve rgordon Road Improvements Up d a t e <br />• A Spanish translation of this issue of the Town Reporter can be obtained at the Town Clerks Office. <br />*U na vers16n en espai\ol de este folleto onformat,vo se puede conseguir en la Oficina del Secretario del Munoc,pio.