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A r eco r d 35 perce nt of Paradi se Valle)' r es id ents voted <br />in th e T own Coun c il Primary E lection h eld la s t month. <br />In cumbents R o n C lark e and Virgin i a "Jini " S i mpso n <br />r e ceived a majority of t h e ba ll ots cas t and were r e- <br />e l ected co another four-year term. A run off e l ectio n <br />b etwee n Sam Vve r c i n s ki and Brian Cooney w ill be <br />h e ld to fill th e rema inin g seat. A s in pa s t e l ections, <br />r es i dents wi ll vote by m ai l. Voters s hould rec e iv e t h e ir <br />ball ot t h e w ee k of April 17 a nd will have until 7 :00 <br />p.m. on Ma y L6, 200 6 LO return chem. V o t e rs m ay vote <br />for one of the two ca ndid ates b y co mpl eting the arrow <br />next co the se lected ca ndidate's name wit h a bla c k pen <br />or number 2 penci l. Ba ll ots may be returned b y fir s t <br />cla ss mail u s in g the enve lope provided or droppe d off <br />at T own H all durin g bus in ess hours . <br />R es ide n ts will al so b e as k ed co vote on two ball o t <br />m eas ures . Proposit i o n -+00 see k s vote r approva l to <br />p e nnanencl y adju st the s tate -imposed expendit ure <br />limit fo r t h e Town. Propos itio n 40 1 as k s tor vote r <br />a pprova l to se ll the s urplu s T ow n-ow n e d propert~' at <br />the corner of Scottsda le Road a nd Doublccree Ran c h <br />R oad. Official pub l ic ity pam phl e t s will b e mailed to <br />Contents <br />1 Primary Election Results <br />2 The Mayor's Corner <br />3 45th Anniversary Celebration <br />3 Relay For Life <br />4 New Home Occupation Ordinance <br />Important Dates <br />April 7 Publicity Pamphlet and Ballot <br />Format mailed to households <br />April 13 Ballots mailed to registered <br />voters <br />Voter registration closes April 17 <br />May16 Election Day -Voted ballots <br />must be received by 7,00 p.m . <br />e ach hou se hold on o r about April 7. Th e pamphlets <br />will in c lud e ex planati o n s of the propos ition s along <br />with arguments in s upporL or and o ppos ition to th e <br />meas ures. <br />For mo r e i ntormati o n o n Proposition s 400 and 401 <br />plea se contact the i\tl anagement Services Department <br />at 4 8 0 -3 4 8-3532. For i nto r mation on voti,w, contact '=' <br />the Town C le rk's Oflice at 4 8 0 -3 4 8-36 10. <br />4 Noise Ordinance <br />5 Fi re Prevention <br />6 Recycling <br />7 Capital Improvement Projects <br />7 Committee Reports