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• -• <br />town of paradi s e valle y <br />fa I l • <br />The Town of Paradise Val ley will soon JOln other c1t1es <br />throughout the Va ll ey that are members of t h e Automatic <br />Aid Consortium (AAC), a Vall ey-wide public partnership <br />of c ities and towns des igned to offe r greater fire protection <br />and a further depth of r eso urces in the event of major fires <br />or other more se rious emergency conditions when outside <br />ass i st a nce i s n eed ed. <br />The d eci s i o n to sw itch fire se rvi ce providers from Rural/ <br />M e tro to the C ity of Phoe nix was spurred by t h e Town's <br />n ee rl to b e long to the AAC, since Rura l/Metro, a private ly <br />owned fire d e partme nt, is not a m em b er . ln Jun e, the <br />T ow n e nte1·ed into a partnership agreement w ith the City <br />of Phoenix, the prim ary membe r of the AAC. The n ew <br />in te r g overnme ntal agreement for fire service with the City <br />of Phoenix followed m o r e than tw o yea r s of st udy a nd <br />public di scu ss ion a nd will become effectiveJuly I, 2007. <br />Unde r the new fire se rvi ce agreement, the T ow n and City <br />of Phoe nix wi ll sp lit th e operating cost s for the Paradise <br />Valley Fire D epa rtm ent. The City wi ll o p e r ate o u t of two <br />new fire sta tions owned by the Town , w hic h the Town will <br />des ign and build over th e nex t two yea r s . Fire Station No. 1 <br />will be l ocated at the s ite of the existing s tation near Tatum <br />Boulev ard and M ocking bird Lane, whi le Fire Station No . <br />2 will be located just east of th e Town Hall. B o th locations <br />not only se ,·ve the n eed s o f the Town , but a lso the City <br />of Ph oenix , res u lting in a w in/win partners hip b e twee n <br />the C ity and the Town. The Town will also o wn the fire <br />e n g in es a nd other specia lized a ppa r atu s . <br />Contents <br />- <br />Update <br />The Tow n 's need to join th e AAC r es ults fr o m the growth <br />in s iz e, populatio n , dens ity and number of building <br />structures over the las t 50 years . Once a semi -rura l , l ow- <br />dens ity com munity, t h e Town is now nearl y fully deve l oped <br />w ith l arge r eside ntia l homes that ave r age IO , 000 s qu a re feet <br />a nd more , requiring th e res ponse of seve r a l fire e ngin es in <br />th e eve nt of a s tructura l fir e . The AAC r esponse from <br />neighboring c i ties, wh e n nee d e d , provides a higher leve l <br />of fire safety than the T own ha s h ad in the past. The City o f <br />Phoen i x Fire D e partme nt al so provides h azardous material <br />r es ponse units, aeri a l s upport a nd a dditi o nal equipment <br />for hills id e fires, and other s pecialized r es ponse units for <br />major disaster s. <br />Whil e b e long ing to the AAC will provid e Town r es id ents <br />with enhanced fire protection , the new agree m e nt with <br />th e City of Phoenix will a lso save residents mon ey. Und e r <br />th e Rural/M e tro contract, r es idents pay a s ubscription fee <br />each yea r. Under the n ew agreeme nt, the C ity of Phoenix <br />and the Town w ill each pay one -half of the o p e rating <br />cost s . Therefo1·e, effectiv e July I , 2007, res id e nts w ill <br />n o l o nge r have to p ay s ubsc ripti o n fee s assoc ia t e d with <br />fire protection. Howeve r , s ince the n ew contract i s not <br />e ffectiv e until n ext s umm er, r es id e nts must still continue <br />to s ubscribe to Rural/Metro 's se r vice v ia pro r ated charges <br />t hroughju ne 30 , 2007. <br />Overall, t h e n ev.r fire se r vice agreeme n t a nd parti c ipation <br />in the AAC w ill e nh ance Town fire protection, save Tow n <br />r es ide nts money and a lso h e lp the C ity of Phoenix b etter <br />serve Phoe nix n e ighborhoods located near Town borde r s . <br />........................................................................................................................................... <br />Fire Service 4 C a p ita l Improveme nt <br />2 The M ayor's Corner 4 So lid Town Revenues <br />3 1 OK Vin t age Ca r Show 6 Sa f ety T ips <br />3 Plannin g and Bu ilding 7 C omm ittee Repo rts