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• <br />t ow n o f p a r a di se va ll ey <br />f a ll 2 0 05 <br />-• - <br />Kiva School Ath letic Field Improvement Project <br />....................................................................................................................................... <br />In April of 20 0 5. th e Town Counc il <br />form ed the Kiva Fi e ld Ta s k Force for <br />th e purpose o f r esearch ing how to <br />ren o va t e t h e athle ti c fi e ld located ar <br />Kiva El e m e ntary S c hool, 69 11 Eas t <br />M c Donald Drive . The Tas k Force mer <br />w eekly fo r s ix weeks at Town H a ll and <br />a ll the meetings we re open to the public. <br />The Tas k Fo rce add r essed eac h a s pec t <br />or athl eti c field re n ovati o n and r e ported <br />its findings to the Town Counc il o n <br />Ma y 26 , 2005 . <br />Alt h o ugh Kiva El e mentar y Schoo l is <br />lo cated in th e T o wn of Paradise Valley. <br />i c is pare of t h e Scottsdale Unifi e d <br />Schoo l Dis t ri ct. The Kiva lie ld is own e d <br />b~1 th e Dis tri c t and is o fren u se d for <br />s p o rtin g eve nts , s p ec ial events a nd o th e r <br />r e c reati o nal a c tivities . Be caus e the field <br />is located i n t h e T o wn , it docs not r ec ci vc <br />fundin g for main tcnan ce from th e City <br />o r S co ttsdal e as other school fick~s ch a r <br />arc loc ated in th e c ity do. Ic is p o cked <br />wi ch gophe r hol es and thorn y weed s <br />Contents <br />and is in d i re need o f re n ovation. lcs <br />high -inte n s iq, li ghts a r e s ti ll s tandin g <br />but are n o lo nger fun c ti o nal. In January <br />200-l, APS s hut off rhe powe r bec au se <br />th ev were un safe to u se . <br />I n t h e pa s t few 111 0 11 th s the T o wn <br />has take n leade r s hip in developing <br />a collabo rative plan t o r e n o vate the <br />field. The re novation project h as <br />r ece ived tre m e ndous s upport fro m <br />th e Town, Ki va El e m e ntary S c hoo l. <br />S cottsdal e Unifi e d S c h o ol Dis tri c t . <br />Valley Pres b y t e rian Churc h. n e ighbo r s . <br />s ports league r c p r cscntaLivcs . des ig n <br />and building profe ss ion a ls , re g io nal <br />bus in esse s . c ivic org ani zation s and o cher <br />members o t the community. <br />The K iva S c h o ol Fi e ld Ren o va ti o n and <br />Improveme nt Project ha s b een divided <br />into four phases . Phase s I and 2 will <br />includ e rc nov;ni o n and s ite i 111 prove men c <br />and che add i ci on o f n ew s porci n g <br />eq uipm e nt and enhanced la nd sc apin g . <br />Phase 3 incl u des the purchase and <br />in stallation o f n e w spo rts lighting and <br />Phase -l in c ludes th e con s truction o f a <br />r es troom and s cor;i g e (;i c ility. <br />The Town h as committed to completi ng <br />Phase l of th e p roject and will Cund <br />renovati o n and s ite improvements that <br />inc lud es : <br />· r emovi n g the inope r able li g hting <br />sys tem <br />· r e;ili g nin g rh (' fc n ,in g to make b e tter <br />u se of th e availabl e land <br />· making p e rimeter road improve - <br />mcn t s b r adding new c urbing and <br />s lu1T)' se al for the road that borders <br />the field to the south <br />· ins t a lling a nd refurbis hin g the <br />I r ri g at1 0 11 syst e m <br />· leve ling a nd r e-g radin g th e land <br />· pl a nti n g n ew gra ss <br />Th e T o wn ha s al so committed to <br />providin g lon g-t e rm ma in t e nance to <br />(C011ti1111 cd 0 11 Pag ,· 3) <br />....................................................................................................................................... <br />1 Kiva Schoo l Athletic Field Im p rovem ent Project <br />2 The Ma yor's Corner <br />4 Announcements <br />6 Ho m e Occupations <br />6 Identity Theft and Mai lboxes <br />6 Knox Key Switches For Electric Gat es <br />7 Tatum Boulevard/McDonald Drive Intersection <br />7 lnvergo rdon Road Improvement Project