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TOWN REPORTER © <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />November 2004 Volume 35, Issue 2 <br />TOWN CELEBRATES 1 OTH <br />ART EXHIBITION ... <br />W ith the opening in October of Jacques Bar- <br />bey 's art exh ibition titl ed Dyn amic Imagi ng, <br />the Town ce leb rated a m il estone. Mr. Ba r bey is the 10th <br />Town artist to show his wor k at Town Ha ll. Since the fi rst <br />art opening in 1998 , all the art open ings have been very <br />successful and we ll attended even ts , with we ll over 100 <br />g uests at the opening on October 12. Mr. Barbey's ex - <br />hibit wi ll be on disp lay through September 2005. <br />Paradise Valley has an impressive history of artists <br />li ving in the Town even before it was incorporated. A <br />small art, dance and architecture colony existed here <br />since the 1930's , with nationa ll y known artists such as <br />Lew Davis (1910-1979), Lon Megargee (1883-1960), and <br />Oscar Strobe l (1891-1967). There was a lso a small art <br />collection wh ich was casually maintained by the Town , <br />and a need was perceived to make T own res idents <br />aware of the treasures and hidden ta lents of loca l artists . <br />In June 1997 the Town estab li shed an Arts Advisory <br />Committee to see if loca l artists would be interested in <br />having their works displayed at Town Hall. When the <br />Mayor and Town Counci l met in the newly renovated <br />Town Ha ll, they noticed many blank walls, which p re- <br />sented a perfect opportunity to feature the work of some <br />INSIDE <br />The Mayor's Corner <br />New Town Council <br />Joan Horne Memorial <br />Wash Maintenance Update <br />West Nile Virus <br />(Co ntinued on p age 4) <br />2 <br />3 <br />3 <br />4 <br />5 <br />THE 10 ART EXHIBITORS WERE ... <br />1. Carol Critchfield, artis t of th e mid west and Ariz ona <br />paintings of beautiful garden flowers . <br />2. Robert McCall , a N ational Aeronautics and Space Ad- <br />mini stration (NASA) a1ti st whose work was featured in a <br />postage s tamp series, in a poster for the film 2001 : A <br />Space Odys sey and at the National Air and Space Mu- <br />semn in Washington, D.C. <br />3. Louise McCall, who se works include "Earth Garden <br />Windows" in the chape l of Valley Presbyterian Church <br />on McDonald Drive and is known intern ationally. <br />4. Beth Ames Swartz has two large paintings in Temple <br />Solel as well as work in the Phoeni x Art Museum, San <br />Francis co Muse um of Modem Art and many private col- <br />lections. <br />5. Jules Keller, printmaker and Dean Emeritu s of the Col- <br />lege of Fine Arts at ASU. <br />6. Dale Terbush, flamboyant land scape painter a nd one of <br />the originators of the giclee reproduction technique. <br />7. Bil Keane, cre ator of hundreds of the syndi cate d Th e <br />Family Circ us cartoons. <br />8. Paolo Soleri, architect and vi sionary creator of th e urban <br />laboratory at Arco santi. <br />9. Patricia Stillman, c la y and bronze sculptor and still life <br />painte r. <br />10. Jacques Barbey, photographer, di g ital imaging us ing <br />MAC a s his medium. <br />Goldwater Memorial Dedication <br />Utility Underground Update <br />Water Committee Update <br />New Resident Guide <br />Arts Advisory Committee Update <br />6 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11