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TOWN REPORTE~ <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />January 2003 Volume 34, Issue 1 <br />GENERAL PLAN ELECTION <br />O n November 21, 2002, the Town Counci I adopted <br />th e Town of Paradi se Va ll ey General Plan and <br />called for a S pec ial Election to be held March I I , 2003, to <br />seek vo ter rati fication of the Plan. Thi s issue of th e To\\'11 <br />Reporter contains genera l in formation about the up co ming <br />e lecti o n. It is hoped that thi s information will aid voters in <br />makin g a n in fo rm ed b_a llot choice. <br />Thi s election will be conducted uti li zing th e sa me .. all- <br />mail ballof' voting method used in previous Town e lect ions. <br />Every registered vote r in Town will automatically receive an <br />official ballot in th e mail by mid-February. Voters will have <br />until March 11 , 2003. to ei th er return thei r voted ballot via <br />fir st-c lass mail o r depos it their voted ballot at th e Town <br />Clerk's Office during bu si ne ss hours. As in previous elec- <br />tions , rep laceme nt ballots may be obtained at the Town <br />Clerk's Office. at any Maricopa County Elections fac ilit y, or <br />by calling the Coun ty Elections Depa rtme nt at 602-506-1511 <br />durin g business hou rs February 7 through March 7. The <br />Town Hall vot in g location will be open on Election Day, <br />March 11 , from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to receive voted bal- <br />lots or to serve those who wish to vote in person. Whether <br />voted ballots are mailed or delivered in person. they must be <br />received by 7:00 p.m. on March I I, 2003. <br />To be e li gible to vote in thi s election. you must be a resi- <br />dent of th e Town , a c itizen of the United States, at least 18 <br />yea rs of age, and a reg is tered voter. Voter regi stration c lo ses <br />February 10. Voter registration forms arc availab le at Town <br />INSIDE <br />The Mayor's Corner 2 <br />New Town Council 3 <br />Town 's Website 4 <br />Human Services 4 <br />Hall or registrat ion may be s ubmitted on lin e at <br /> <br />In addition to the in formation contained in thi s Town Re- <br />porter, voters sho uld expect to receive a n official Genera l Plan <br />Publicity Pamphlet in the mail around Febru ary 5. The pam- <br />ph let wi ll include a genera l description of the plan a nd it s ele- <br />ments along with any argu- <br />ments submitted by voters <br /><.upporting or opposing <br />ratification of th e Plan. A <br />----lMJ!-OR-TAN-T-DA 1'-ES~- <br />complet e copy of the Gen- <br />eral Plan may be accessed <br />at <br /> <br />General Plan Update.htm <br />For e lection informa- <br />tion please contact the <br />Town Clerk's Office at <br />480-348-3610. Plea se <br />refe r to page 9 for answers <br />to frequent ly asked ques- <br />tions on th e Genera l Plan. <br />Para una vers ion en <br />espaiiol del folleto <br />informati vo Ila me 480- <br />348-36 10. <br />General Plan Insert <br />General Plan FAQ <br />Burglary Prevention <br />Februar 5 <br />Official election publicity <br />pamphlets mailed <br />Februar 10 <br />Voter registration closes <br />Februarv 12 <br />Official ballots mailed to <br />registered voters <br />March 11 <br />Election Day -voted ballots <br />must be received by the <br />County <br />5, 6, 7 , 8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />Code Compliance -Signs 11