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TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN 0)2' PARADISE VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 'lo ~r c a Y ,,,\;.\J t <br />INSIDE <br />()nee aga;n , the Town of Parafae Val- <br />ley w ill lead th e way in inn ovatin g <br />loca l governme nt ser vices by conductin g its <br />firs t "a ll m a il ballot" Primary E lection, as a <br />m eans of in c reasing voter turnout and provid- <br />in g convenience. To be e li gib le to vote in the <br />Primary E lec tion, you mus t be a resident of th e <br />Town, a citizen of the U nited States, at least 18 <br />years of age, a nd be registered to vote . The last <br />day to register to be e li g ibl e fo r th e Primary <br />E lection is Monday, February 14 , 2000. Vo te r <br />reg is t ration for ms are avail a ble at Town Ha ll. <br />T he Mari copa Co unty E lections Department <br />w ill mail ballots to a ll re g istered vote rs in <br />Town o n Fe bruary 17. T he Primary E lection <br />w ill be on Tuesday, March 14 , 2000. <br />Vote rs w ill hav e an oppo rtunity to atte nd <br />candidate foru ms and reflect o n each candi- <br />date's persona l s tatements in c lud e d in thi s e di- <br />tion of the Town R eporter. Voter s a re encour- <br />aged to re turn th e ir voted ball ots to t he M ari- <br />copa Coun ty E lecti o ns De partme nt v ia U.S. <br />m a il us ing a 33 -cent s tamp. Return ba ll o t en- <br />ve lopes are <br />coded with a <br />Posta l Cod e so <br />c ia ls know to handle <br />s pec ia l <br />that posta l o ffi- <br />them wi th extreme <br />care, promptness, a nd not to leave the m un se- <br />c ure d. Returned mail ballots must b e r e- <br />ceived by the County by Election Day. Vot- <br />ers may also h a nd deliver ballots t o the <br />Town C le rk's Office by 7:00 p.m . on the day <br />of the election, M a rch 14. <br />If vo t er s m isp lace th e ir ba ll o t, do not receive <br />a ballot, or s poil th e ir ballot in a ny way, they <br />may v is it the Town C le rk's O ffi ce to vote "a <br />bal lot to be verified." T he County w ill perio di- <br />ca ll y co lle ct th ese ball o ts fro m the C le rk's Of- <br />fi ce during th e e lection fo r ve rifi cat io n and <br />counting. <br />If voter s know th at the y w i II be o ut of Town <br />during th e e lecti o n season , the y may notify <br />Maricopa County i11 writi11g that th ey w is h <br />th e ir m a il ball ot to be sent to a diffe re nt ad - <br />d ress . <br />Please see Primmy Electio11 , p age 12 <br />Town Hall Meet the Candidates Night <br />Candidates' Night at Camelback Inn <br />Candidate Statements <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />Census 2000 13 <br />14 <br />15 <br />Town Service Quality Improvements <br />Arts Advisory Committee 2nd Art Exhibit