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TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADIS E VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />August 1999 Volume 30, Issue I <br />"To preserve what cannot be replaced by man" <br />The Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust <br />In 1997, the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust <br />was established with the goal of preserving the natural <br />landscape, desert plants, wildlife and scenic beauty of <br />approximately 320 acres atop Mummy Mountain. The <br />Trust currently controls 218 acres within the area, <br />much of which was originally donated to the Town. <br />Mervyn and Lorraine Lakin <br />made the first such donation of THE FAMIIY cmcus. <br />3.1 acres in 1978 which was <br />transferred to the trust in 1997. <br />Th e latest acquisition was 31 <br />acres donated by Maricopa <br />County. <br />Other donors in- <br />clude: Velma Morrison who <br />gave 15 acres in 1980; La <br />Place du Sammet conveyed <br />32 acres in 1983; Michael <br />Greenbaum contributed 28 <br />acres; Jerry and Rita Steer <br />donated 5.2 acres in 1984; the <br />Donahoe family donated 20 plus <br />acres; Camelback Inn gave 42 <br />ac res; Dorothy Braun donated a 6- <br />acre conservation easement. W.A. <br />Franke, Carl Yarborough. Jack and Diane <br />Peterson , Philip F. and Nancy Schneider, and Jill and <br />Da vid Christianholz also have made contributions to <br />the Trust. <br />INSIDE <br />The Mayor's Corner <br />Resorts ' Success Benefit Paradise Va l ley <br />Doubletree Ranch Road Drainage <br />Open Space Criteria Ordinance <br />Year 2000 Preparedness <br />2 <br />3 <br />4 <br />4 <br />5 <br />Five Town residents serve as Trustees: <br />Former Mayor Robert Plenge, Chairman; Bennett <br />Dorrance, managing director of DMB Associates; <br />David Hann, a retired business executive and for- <br />mer Mayor; Bil Keane, internationally recognized <br />cartoonist and creator of the world renown "The <br />Family Circus"; Purdom Tho- <br />By Bil Keane mas, former president of the Fi- <br />esta Bowl and the Scottsdale <br />Charros. <br />These Trustees have <br />embarked on a campaign to en- <br />courage owners of undeveloped <br />property within the Preserve to <br />donate land, particularly acreage <br />at or near the top or on steep <br />slopes. Because the Trust op- <br />erates for charitable purposes <br />as defined by Federal Code 501 <br />(c)(3), contributors of land, cash, <br />securities or other assets receive <br />certain tax benefits in addition to <br />helping keep the remainder of <br />the mountain in its natural state <br />in perpetuity. <br />Those interested in contributing may con- <br />tact any of the Trustees either directly or through <br />the Town Manager. <br />1999 /2000 Budget Approved <br />Rural Metro Update <br />Burglary Prevention <br />Committee Reports <br />Council/Town Staff <br />6 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />12