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TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />January 1998 . Volume 29, Issue 1 <br />PRIMARY ELECTION <br />March 10,1998 <br />The Town of Paradise . <br />Valley Primary Election <br />will be held on Tuesday, <br />March 10, 1998. <br />VOTING <br />To be eligible to vote in <br />the Primary Election, you <br />must be a resident of the <br />Town and be registered <br />to vote. The last day to <br />register to be eligible for <br />the Primary Election is <br />February 9, 1998. Voter <br />registration forms are <br />available at Town Hall. <br />You must be a citizen of <br />the United States, a resi- <br />dent of Arizona, and at <br />least 18 years of age. <br />Voting in this <br />election will be by optical <br />scanner. Sample ballots <br />will be available at Town <br />Hall February 5, 1998. <br />CANDIDATES <br />There are twelve <br />candidates running for <br />seven seats on the council. <br />They are: (listed in alphabet- <br />ical order) Bernie Barry, <br />Jane Cole, Richard Gordon, <br />John M. "Jack" Hook, Ed- <br />ward F. Lowry, Daniel W. <br />Schweiker, Virginia "Jini" <br />Simpson, Dorothy Smith, <br />Gerry Thomas, Robert A. <br />Williams Jr., Ed Winkler, <br />and Sylvia Yoder. <br />A simple majoriy of <br />the total votes cast is re- <br />quired to be elected in the <br />Primary. If necessary, a <br />General Election will be held <br />May 19, 1998. <br />TOWN TO CONSIDER STAGGERED TERMS <br />Voters in the Pri- <br />mary Election will be asked <br />to consider whether or not <br />the terms of Town Council <br />Members should be in- <br />creased to four years begin- <br />ning in the year 2000. This <br />is the result of an Ordinance <br />passed by the Council in <br />Candidate Statements <br />Early Voting <br />Voting Districts <br />December requiring voter <br />approval. <br />If approved by vot- <br />ers, the Town would con- <br />tinue to hold elections every <br />two years. Three council <br />seats would be filled in one <br />election. Two years later <br />four seats would be filled <br />thus making the terms over- <br />lap. <br />For more informa- <br />tion on this or any other arti- <br />cle, contact the Town of <br />Paradise Valley Clerk's Of- <br />fice at 948-7411. <br />3 <br />9 <br />11