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Volume 26, No. 2. September 1995 <br />1995 CENSUS NEEDS OUR SUPPORT <br />Soon , you will be visited by a U.S. <br />Census Enumerator . Your <br />cooperation will be a significant help <br />to the Town in terms of receiving a <br />fair distribution of state shared <br />revenu es . Every 10 years, on the <br />decade, the U.S. Census Bureau <br />conducts a count of the population <br />across the United States. However, <br />thi s year, a special census will be done <br />across Maricopa County because of <br />the rapid increase in population. <br />During the period of October 6-31 , a <br />cen sus taker (or U.S. Census <br />Enumerator, as they are officially <br />known) will be vis iting homes. Please <br />welcome that person and help him or <br />h er obtain answers to the 17 questions <br />they will be asking. The census taker <br />visiting your home will be wearing a <br />red, white, and blue name badge <br />indicating that he or she is an official <br />"U.S. Census Enumerator." The <br />badge will include an expiration date <br />and the words "U.S. Department of <br />Commerce Bureau of the Census ." A <br />certification statement and signature <br />of the enumerator will be on the <br />reverse side of the badge. Only give <br />information to a person with this <br />identification material. <br />All of the information collected is <br />strictly confidential and is NOT <br />available to any private firm or <br />government agency. The visit should <br />not be disruptive because it will only <br />take a few minutes of your time. At <br />present, there are good indications that <br />the census enumerator will be a <br />resident of Paradise Valley, however, <br />we are still in need of a few <br />volunteers. <br />If you are not home during that <br />period, there will be a short campaign <br />in November to allow those residents <br />who were away to be included in the <br />population count. If you know you <br />are going to be away in October, <br />please contact one of the local census <br />bureau offices so that they know to <br />include you during the November <br />effort. <br />As a side note, the last official count <br />of the population in Paradise Valley <br />was 11,903 and 4,882 homes. Any <br />increase the census re veals above that <br />number of residents will bring <br />approximately $200 per person to the <br />Town from state share d revenues. <br />If you have any questions, or would <br />like to be a census taker, please call <br />the Town Attorney's office at 948- <br />7411. <br />INSIDE <br />Mayor's Comer <br />Looking to the Future <br />Final Budget for 1995-96 <br />D.A.R.E. Program <br />Primary Election