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Volume 26, No. 1. <br />TOWN O f :p A llA DISE \/ ALLEY <br />6401 EAST L 1NcOLN ·i ID 1u VE ·· <br />p A llADISE VALLEY, A RI ZON A = ·lh5''2a3> <br />M ay 1995 <br />Con s truction B egins on Town Public Safety Building <br />During t he April 27th Town Council <br />meetin g, the May or and Council <br />awarde d to C ohen Contracting, Inc . <br />the contract to build the n ew Public <br />Safety B uilding. Ju st on e we ek <br />earlier, at 2:00 p .m . on April 2 0th, in <br />the offices of Les cher and Mahoney, <br />the bids were op ene d in the presence <br />of a sma ll, but optimistic crowd . The <br />contract b id of $1,990, 130, submitted <br />by Cohen Contracting, Inc., proved to <br />be th e most favorab le to the Town <br />among very tou gh competition . Of <br />the bids s ubmitted by te n firm s, a ll <br />were w ithin $290,000, the highest bid <br />being $2,279,53 9 . After a few days of <br />evaluat ion of the submitte d bid <br />prop osals by Lesch er and Mahoney, <br />and E .A .M. Grou p Inc., the Staff <br />made its recommendation to t h e <br />Council conce rning w hich firm should <br />be selecte d to bu ild the Publi c Safety <br />Building. <br />A ll bids addressed all face ts of the <br />proj ect: the new po lice bu ilding , a <br />vehic le process in g build in g and <br />vehicu lar s allyport, ceramic til e in the <br />locker room, e lectrical serv ice to <br />Town Hall , security equipment , and <br />li ghtning protection. Likely, the <br />bidding process favored the Town <br />s ignificantly beca use of the large <br />number of comp et in g fo ms. <br />Construction of t he Publi c Safety <br />Building's nearly 15,000 square feet <br />of floor space began on Fri day, May <br />12, 1995 . At 9:00 that m orning, the <br />Town Counci l, Staff, a nd severa l <br />residents gathered at the construction <br />site to participate in the traditiona l <br />"ground breaking ceremony." <br />Councilmeni.bers, along with Chief <br />Karl Emberg, planted the ir shovels <br />into the site land scape for the frr st <br />tim e to symbolically initiate the <br />constru ction proj ect. <br />The site was cleared by the Town's <br />Street Department in anticipation of <br />the arriva l of the construction <br />comp any. In a matter of few days, <br />eve ryon e sh ould be able to ob serve <br />th e con stru ction activities surrounding <br />th e new building. Under the time <br />schedul e, the building w ill be ready <br />fo r oc cu pan cy b y the Police <br />Department n ear th e end of Janu ary, <br />1996. We a ll anticipate op ening day <br />and look forward to seein g thi s project <br />serv e its intende d purpo se . <br />(S tanding left to rig ht: Vi ce Mayor <br />J im Vie h, Council memb ers Dav id <br />Han n, Bart Thompson, Sara Moya, <br />Mayor J oan Hom e, Coun cilm an John <br />Am ory, Poli ce Chi ef Karl Emb erg, <br />and Rick Cohen of Cohen <br />Contracting, In c.) <br />INSIDE <br />Mayor 's Corne r <br />PRIDE Commi ttee <br />Undergrounding Program <br />Weeds <br />Sewe r Rate In cre as e <br />Buildi ng & Zoni ng U pdate <br />Graffi ti <br />Mee t Your New Police Officers