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Vo l ume 25, No. 2 . <br />TOWN OF PAllADISE y ALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, A1ttZONA 852'53 <br />NEW TOWN COUNCIL <br />Standing from left to <br />right: Vice Mayor James <br />Vieh, Phyllis Sears, <br />Mayor Joan Horne, Sara <br />Moya, and David Hann. <br />Seated: Bart Thompson, <br />and John Amory <br />INSIDE <br />The Mayor's Corner <br />Ju ne Calendar <br />"A Look Over the Past 2 Years" <br />Community Policing <br />Poli ce Department Admini stration <br />May 199 4