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TDIN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Septe mber 1993 <br />Addition Of A New P olice Facility Is A Reality! <br />I"', <br />/ ) <br />~-~~,1./ <br />'<~~ <br />co1'erect ollicer I <br />palrol <ioit par luog <br />38 <br />New Police Department Building to Complement Town Hall <br />To ease th e cra mpe d quarte rs for <br />P o lice De partme nt s ta ff , cons tructio n <br />of a n e w p o li ce faci lity will begin la te <br />this fall . This fir st s te p of the project <br />wi ll a lso include re locating the p a rk- <br />in g areas, the cons truc ti on of p e rim e- <br />t e r wa lls , a nd la ndscaping a round <br />most o f the Town 's prop erty . <br />The n ex t ste p o f con struction wil l <br />include re n ova ting th e curre nt po li ce <br />s p a ce for use by the Court, a nd build- <br />in g a Stree t De partme nt facility. <br />The to ta l $4.6 milli o n e xpa n s ion will <br />be fin a nced with excise ta x ba ck ed <br />bo nds . The bo nds a re to be re pa id <br />with fund s from a n in crease in th e <br />bed a nd sal es ta xes. The entire pro- <br />ject will be comple te d <br />over the next 24 to <br />3 0 mo nths with no <br />loss in servi ce to <br />To wn resid e nts .