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!DIN RBPDRTBR <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Vol. 23 No. 2 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />October 1992 <br />Keeping Our Valley a Paradise <br />Fall landscaping <br />pays beautiful <br />dividends <br />year round. <br />As Fall settles upon Paradise Valley, <br />it is again bearable to get out into the <br />yard and tackle those la ndscaping <br />projects you've planned a ll s ummer. <br />With a little work, and a littl e <br />imagi na tion, you can make your home <br />a beautiful d esert s howcase. <br />With over 500 species o f native <br />Sonoran Desert plants available for <br />planting in your ho me la nd scapes, <br />n ow is a good tim e to learn about <br />these beautiful wildfl owers, trees and <br />s hrubs . This issue of the Town <br />Reporter includes he lpful information <br />on enh a ncing your property a nd <br />r eports on h ow the Council is <br />protecting the unique beauty of · <br />o ur Town . · <br />Inside: <br />• Useful plant c are information <br />and tip s <br />• A word from Mayor Hann on <br />how your Town Council is <br />keeping Paradi se Vall ey <br />looking great <br />• A fre e admission c oupon for your <br />family to visit the annual Fall <br />Landscape Plant Sale at the <br />Dese rt Botanical Garden on <br />Sunday, October 25th <br />Council approves <br />PRIDE guidelines. <br />At the regular meeting of the Paradise <br />Valley Town Council on September 10, <br />1992, the Guidelines presented by <br />Pa radise Valley Residents Improving th eir <br />Desert Environment (PRIDE) committee <br />were approved. <br />The PRIDE Committee was establi shed <br />by Mayor Hann and t he Town Council to <br />provid e ongoing guidelines for land- <br />scaping within the Town . The Committee <br />has focused on the use of native and a rid - <br />land plants fo r landscaping in order to <br />pre.serve the natural desert environment <br />in public areas. <br />The committee, whic h was appointed in <br />May 1992, immediate ly began consult ing <br />wi th landowners, landscape a rchitects <br />and developers to help them answer <br />lan dscaping a nd property improvement <br />questions. Existing homeowners in each <br />area of the Town are often a part of <br />the process. <br />In addition to PRIDE committee chair <br />Helen Harold, other members are <br />Marlyne Jones, Ken Allison, Bernie Barry, <br />Jane Cole, Dick Nosky, Gerald Thomas , <br />Nina Lash, Jim Kramer, Ernie Cofrances <br />and Frank Peddy. Neighborhood rep· <br />resentatives responsible for recom- <br />mendations concerning the plant palette <br />are Charlene S iler and Kate Ellison <br />(South/East), Jeanne DeAngelis (CentraV <br />East), Jane Cole (CentraVWest), Carol <br />Scha tt (North) and Nancy Swanson <br />(South/West). Council representatives to <br />th e PRIDE committee are Vice Mayor <br />J oan Horne, J ohn Amory and Dr. <br />Bart Thompson. <br />Town Landscape <br />Guidelines <br />Goal: Tree-s haded s treet s and paths <br />throughout the Town of Paradise <br />Valley, in order to reflect the na tura l <br />desert la ndscape, provide visu al relief <br />and to s hield residents, homes and <br />passersby from heat and traffic. <br />1. Along the collector and arterial streets, <br />plant trees in righ ts-of-way between the <br />path and street and be tween th e path a nd <br />private property. <br />2. Where space or sightlines make t rees <br />impracti cal, plant sh rubs, ground cover <br />and wild flowers. <br />3. Where crushed granite is used, it should <br />be desert colored, 3/4" minimum size. <br />4 . Require developers to use informally sited, <br />desert-compatible trees and p la nts, c rush ed <br />granite, ground cover plants, and water <br />elements in lieu of grass (tu rO . <br />5. Curbs shall be ribbon or rolled, desert <br />colored cement with a salt finis h . If water <br />control or some oth er circumsta nce make a <br />vertical curb prefe rable, then it must be <br />specifica ll y recommended by Town Staff to <br />the Plannin g and Zoning Commi ssion. <br />6. Re c reational paths shall be desert colored, <br />salt finish, slightly meandering and laid out on <br />site by a landscape a rchitect to assure a <br />random appearance and usable planter <br />space. The path should be as far from the <br />road as the right -of-way permits. The grade <br />should not exceed 5% in order to be <br />disabled-friendly. <br />7. In any non -residential project, parking and <br />lighting sha ll be screened fr om view alo ng all <br />boundaries by planting, berms, wall s or a <br />combinatio n of these elements. <br />Parking lots sha ll be broken up with <br />planted is land s , landscaped with both <br />s hrubs and desert shade trees. <br />Any ext erior transformers, utilit y <br />pads, cable television and telephone <br />boxes s h all be screened with walls <br />a nd/or vegeta tion .