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TDIN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Vol. 22 No. 1 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />April 1990 <br />New Town Counci~ Seated <br />The Town of Paradise Valley has <br />seated its newly elected Town Council. <br />The seven Council members represent <br />a combination of four incumbents and <br />three first-time electees (see "Meet <br />Your New Council Members"). <br />Incumbents Sara Moya, Kent Wick, <br />Richard Mybeck and Scott O'Connor <br />and newly elected Oscar Butt, Joan <br />Horne and Phil Edlund were installed <br />as the new Town Council at the Coun- <br />cil Meeting on April 12, 1990. Adminis- <br />tering the Oath of Office was Town <br />Clerk, Mary Ann Brines. <br />Mayor Kent Wick and Vice Mayor Sara <br />Moya Elected by Council <br />Immediately following the Oath of <br />Office, the new Council addressed <br />their first order of business by electing <br />Kent D. Wick as Mayor and Sara D. <br />Moya as Vice Mayor. <br />The new government was applauded <br />by all residents and Town Staff with a <br />resounding ovation. The TOWN <br />REPORTER, reflecting the feelings of <br />all involved, wishes the new Council a <br />successful term in office. <br />How The Town Voted <br />Although there are over 8,000 regis- <br />tered voters in the Town, the 1990 <br />election drew fewer than 19% of them to <br />the polls in the February 6th primary. <br />According to Mrs. Brines, the low <br />turnout could be attributed to an elec- <br />tion without any controversial issues <br />and a small number of candidates; nine <br />candidates for seven Council seats. <br />The results of the primary <br />election were as fallows: <br />Elected to Office: <br />Oscar A. Butt <br />Joan Horne <br />Sara D. Moya (incumbent) <br />Richard R. Mybeck (incumbent) <br />Scott H. O'Connor (incumbent) <br />Kent D. Wick (incumbent) <br />Nominated to run in the general <br />election: <br />Philip A. Edlund <br />John E. Miller, Jr. <br />In the March 27 general election Philip <br />A. Edlund was elected to office. <br />Mayor Wick Posts ·Office Hours <br />Mayor Kent Wick will be at Town Hall <br />every Tuesday from 12 noon to 2:00 <br />p.m. Citizens who wish to meet with <br />the Mayor may call for an appointment <br />during these regular office hours. <br />Renewal of Southwest Gas Corp <br />Franchise Approved <br />Town voters, endorsing the recom- <br />mendations of the Council, approved a <br />25-year renewal of the Southwest Gas <br />franchise by a vote of 927 to 298 in the <br />February 1990 primary. In addition to <br />adding about $32,000 in franchise fees <br />to the Town's coffers this year, the <br />franchise allows Southwest Gas access <br />to the Town's public streets and ease- <br />ments to construct, operate and <br />maintain its gas distribution system <br />in the Town.