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TIIN BEPIRTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VAtLEY <br />Vol. 21 No. 3 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />October 1989 <br />Town Resident Leads <br />SUccessful Fight for SRP <br />Utilit y Undergroffl\ding <br />Project <br />"The Town Needs More Than Preservation ... The Town Needs Restoration." -Mrs . Helen Harold <br />Paradise Valley <br />Residents Can Make <br />A Difference <br />Mrs. He len Harold, a 32-year resident <br />of the Town, has reason to be pleased. <br />The 5 -year campaign s he led, to h ave <br />SRP underground the utility poles and <br />wires in her Palo Cristi n eig hborhood, <br />has been successful. Her gentl e <br />ma nn er and soft spoken ways greatly <br />beli e her persistence and persuasiv e- <br />ness. After fiv e years a nd three abor- <br />tiv e petition drives, which were <br />rejected because of red tape technicali- <br />ties, Mrs. H arold has developed the <br />fir s t conversion district within SRP ser- <br />vice territory. (Th e guidelines of this <br />21-year old s ta tute, ARS 40-341 <br />through ARS 40-356, are reviewed in <br />the fac t s heet). <br />"It all s tarted in 1984 ... " said Mrs . <br />Harold , "when I wanted to sell some <br />property adjacent to my house. The <br />Town code required that prior to t he <br />sale, I would have to underground two <br />poles on the property and the n p ave <br />the s treet. Although I supported <br />undergrounding, I felt that the project <br />should go beyond my property. I sur- <br />veyed my neig hbors and everybody <br />thought undergrounding was a good <br />idea." S he continued with a smile, "so I <br />started ga th erin g s ignatures." <br />Although s h e avoids bein g labeled as a <br />community acti vist, Mrs. Harold is not <br />a newcomer to community action. In . <br />the late 1950s and early 1960s, Mrs. <br />Harold led the successful petition drive <br />to keep what is now a beautiful secti on <br />of our Town from being annexed by <br />Phoenix. <br />What's next for Mrs. Harold ? Well , <br />s he's not very pleased with the pro- <br />posed cana l project being buil t by the <br />Corps of Engineers. She feels tha t th e <br />flood control ditch which will run a long- <br />side th e canal from t he Aqua Fria to <br />40th S treet, is uns ightly and unneces- <br />sary, and she's looking for s upport <br />from other Town residents. The Corps <br />of Engin eers is a formidable opponent, <br />but Mrs. Harold's love for the Town <br />seems to overcome a ll obstacles. <br />Engineers ... beware.