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,a,m RIPDRTIR <br />TOWN OF PAR!DISE VALLEY <br />Vol. 21 No. 1 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALL.EV, ARIZONA 85253 <br />February 1989 <br />Crime Prevention Fair <br />Demonstrations <br />of State-of-the- <br />art Crime <br />Prevention <br />Techniques <br />Come one ... come all. The Town of <br />Paradise Valley Police Department <br />invites resident families to attend this <br />once-a -year event. It's a great time to <br />meet your Town of Paradise Valley <br />police force and experience hands-on <br />presentations of the sophisticated <br />high-tech crime stopping tools it uses. <br />Helicopters, patrol cars, fire trucks, <br />exciting firearms training equipment <br />displays, clowns, live animal exhibits, <br />food and the great crime stopper, <br />Officer McGruff, will all be there for <br />your enjoyment. <br />Last year, over a thousand Town of <br />Paradise Valley residents attended the <br />Crime Fair. Come early and have a <br />great day. <br />The Crime Fair tentatively is sche· <br />duled for the last week in April. Watch <br />your newspaper for the exact date. <br />Announcements will be distributed at <br />the local schools. <br />The exhibits will be presented on <br />the grounds and inside the Police <br />Department. The proposed dis- <br />plays will include: <br />Outside <br />Helicopters: police and Airevac <br />Fire Department: fire truck, ambu- <br />lance, talking fire plug and blood pres· <br />sure screening. <br />D~partment of Public Safety: rollover <br />simulator, airbags, van, talking <br />squad car. <br />Town of Paradise Valley Police <br />Department: photo radar, squad car, <br />food and e nte rtainment. <br />Inside <br />Town of Paradise Valley Police <br />Department: <br />Drug abuse display: See drug para- <br />phernalia and learn how to identify <br />drug abuse. <br />Firearms safety: If you own a weapon, <br />learn how to use it.. . safely. <br />FATTS · Firearm Training System: <br />Firearms computer tests your skill in <br />authentic police "shoot or not to <br />shoot" situations. <br />Locks and home security: See com· <br />parisons of various locking systems for <br />your home. <br />Children's finger-printing and photos: <br />Protect your children with better iden- <br />tification records. <br />Intoxilyzer display and photos: Learn <br />when one more drink too many. <br />D.A.R.E. display and photos: Course <br />materials and curriculum. <br />Fingerprints and composites display: <br />Fingerprints lifted with space age <br />laser beam. <br />Crime prevention materials: Make <br />your home as safe as possible for <br />your family. <br />AZ Game & Fish Display (AZ Game <br />& Fish Department): Live animals <br />including owls, snakes, tarantulas <br />and more. <br />Tours of Police Department: See <br />the e quipment and systems that <br />prote ct you.