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TDIN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF P!RADISE VAtLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Vol. 20, No. 2 Oct. 1988 <br />P. U EleR\entary <br />Students Learn Ho:\V to <br />Avoid Substance Abuse <br />D.A.R.E. to Say <br />Noto Dru·gs <br />In an effort to fight drug addiction , the <br />Town has implemented a grass roots <br />anti-drug program aimed at grade <br />school children . Drug Abuse Resis- <br />tance Education (D.A.R.E .) has shown <br />great promise in steering our children <br />away from future drug and alcohol <br />usage. Currently in operation in over <br />forty states and at least four other <br />countries, the D.A.R.E. program pro- <br />vides children with the coping skills <br />they need to avoid drug and alcohol <br />abuse. <br />Learn to Resist <br />D .A.R .E. is a comprehensive <br />seventeen-week program based on <br />research which indicates that effective <br />prevention of substance abuse must <br />focus on dissemination of accurate · <br />information, strengthening coping and <br />decision making skills and presenta- <br />. tion of positive alternatives. Scare tac- <br />tics, relating only to the harmful effect <br />of drugs, are counter productive and <br />therefore are de-emphasized in the <br />program. D .A.R.E. teaches students <br />what being "grown-up" really means ... <br />resisting peer pressure, making your <br />own decisions and learning to cope <br />with life's problems in positive ways. <br />Photo by Bill Oosham Courtesy of Town of Paradise Valley Independe nt. <br />Dective Tony George, P. V. P. D. at Cherokee S choo l, 9/21/88, Mrs. Cope's 5th grade cl ass. <br />"It's the most exciting anti-drug <br />program I've ever seen in my <br />twelve years on the police force." <br />-Detective Tony George <br />Detective Tony George of the Town <br />of Paradise Valley Polic e Department <br />is the D .A.R.E. instruc tor in our <br />schools. With warmth, friendliness <br />and even a little humor, he carefully <br />guides our school children through <br />what might be the most important <br />c urriculum of their lives. <br />"It 's just a fabulous course. It brings <br />together the two most effe c tive wea- <br />pons against substance abuse · educa- <br />ti on and law enforcement." Detective <br />George continued, "we have the total <br />support of the community." <br />In order to qualify as a D .A.R.E. <br />instructor, Detective George received <br />over eighty hours of instruction. Pre- <br />sently the D .A.R.E. program in Para- <br />dise Valley is being taught by Detec- <br />tive George a t Che rokee and Judson <br />Schools, with Phoe ni x Country Day <br />starting soon. <br />Children Fully Involved <br />The Town Reporte r sat in on less on <br />three, "Consequences" with a 5th <br />grade class at the Cherokee School. <br />The children devoted their c omplete <br />atte ntion to Detec tive George and the <br />subject matter. They were quick to <br />answer questions and offer their <br />points of view. Detective George <br />listens as well as teaches, making the <br />children feel fr ee to participate and <br />learn. He certainly is the right man for <br />the right job.