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TDIN , REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Vol. 20 No. 1 May 1988 <br />NeW Town Council Seated <br />Incumbents Robert W. Plenge, Joan <br />R. Lincoln, Kent D. Wick, Sara D. <br />Moya and first-time Council members, <br />John E. Miller, Jr., Richard R. Mybeck <br />and Scott H. O'Connor were install ed <br />as the new Town Council at the <br />Council meeting on April 14, 1988. <br />Administering the Oath of Office to <br />the Council was Town Clerk, Mary Ann <br />Brines. Each member of the new Council <br />won a majority vote in the February 9, <br />1988 primary, eliminating the necessity <br />of a general election in March. <br />Immediately following the Oath of <br />Office, the new Council addressed <br />their first order of business by electing <br />Mayor Robert W. Plenge and Vice <br />Mayor Joan R. Lincoln for a second <br />term in office. As Mayor Plenge's first <br />act in office, he appointed Sara D. <br />Moya as Mari copa Association of <br />Government Representative, Joan R. <br />Lincoln as Legislative Liaison, and <br />Kent D. Wick as the Town's Repre- <br />sentative to the League of Arizona <br />Cities and Towns . <br />In keeping with the evening's agenda, <br />the following s taff appointments were <br />made by the Council. <br />Town Clerk: Mary Ann Brines <br />Police Chief: Donald D. Lozier <br />Town Engineer: Bill Mead <br />Residents and Town staff in atten- <br />dance at the meeting applauded the <br />new Town government with a standing <br />ovation. The T own Reporter, <br />reflecting the feelings of a ll involved, <br />wishes the new Council a successful <br />term in office. <br />Mayor Plenge <br />and Vice Mayor <br />Lincoln Elected <br />to Second Terms <br />After two years of strong leadership, <br />Mayor Robert W. Plenge was unani - <br />mously elected to a second term <br />in office. <br />Serving the Town for over ten years, <br />Mayor Plenge's career in the Town of <br />Paradise Valley government began as <br />a member of the Planning & Zoning <br />Commission, 1978-1982, Town <br />Councilman from 1982 -1984, Vice <br />Mayor 1984-1986 and Mayor 1986 -1988. <br />He continues to deal with the issues of <br />most concern to Town residents; <br />zoning, traffic control, utility under- <br />grounding, street improvements, <br />extension of mountain preserves and <br />tight fiscal responsibility. <br />Also reinstated as Vice Mayor by <br />unanimous vote of the Council, Joan <br />R. Lincoln will continue her excellent <br />leadership. <br />Council member since 1980, Mayor <br />from 1984 to 1986 and Vice Mayor <br />since 1986, Mrs. Lincoln has been a <br />strong defender of the Town as a <br />lobbyist to the legislature. Among her <br />many significant accomplishments was <br />the recent defeat of the origina l de- <br />annexation legislation and her <br />continuin g fight against a second <br />Arizona State Legislative Bill <br />attempting to resurrect the de- <br />annexati on proposal. <br />Standing from left; Miller , Mybeck, O'Connor and Wick. Seated from left; Lincoln, Plenge, and Moya.