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TIIN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Vol. 19, No. 3 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PA~AOISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />October 1987 <br />Primary .... February 9, 1988 <br />All Seven Council Seats <br />Are Up For Re-Elect~on <br />On February 9th, the residents of <br />the Town of Paradise Valley will vote <br />in a primary election in order to <br />select Town Council candidates for <br />the March 29, 1988 general election. <br />Any candidate receiving a majority <br />of the votes in the primary is officially <br />elected at that time and does not <br />require a second vote in the general <br />election. <br />Candidates wishing to apply for <br />election to a seat on this Council are <br />hereby notified to register at this <br />time. <br />In order to be a candidate: <br />1. Applicant must be a resident of <br />the Town of Paradise Valley for at <br />least one year. <br />2. Applicant mus t be a registered <br />voter. <br />3. Applicant must be at least 18 <br />years of age at the time of the <br />election. <br />Nomination <br />Petitions Due <br />Between 11/11/87 <br />and 12/11/87 <br />Applicants are required to obtain a <br />minimum of 53 to a maximum of 105 <br />signatures on their nomination <br />petition. Nomination papers are avail - <br />able at the Town Hall. <br />Election Calendar 1988 <br />Primary Election, Tuesday, <br />February 9, 1988. <br />General Election, Tuesday, <br />March 29, 1988. <br />1. Council adopts resolution <br />calling election, 10/8/87. <br />2. Candidate packets with <br />filing papers and petitions <br />available, 10/8/87. <br />3. Candidates file <br />nominating papers and <br />petitions, 11/11/87 · <br />12/11/87. <br />4. Numbe r of signatures <br />required. At least 53 but <br />no more than 105. <br />5. Last day for voters to <br />register for primary, <br />12/21/87. <br />6. Voters may apply for <br />absentee ballots, 11/8/87 · <br />2/5/88. <br />7. Absentee ballots will be <br />available, 1/7 /88. <br />8. Last date for write-in <br />candidates to file, <br />1/26/88. <br />9. All candidate and <br />financial agents file pre- <br />primary financial <br />statements, 1/25/88 <br />-1/30/88. <br />10. Council meets to canvass <br />the vote. Not less than 6 <br />days nor more than 15 <br />days after the election, <br />2/ 15/88 · 2/24/88. <br />11. Candidates and financial <br />agents file post-primary <br />financial statements. No <br />later than 2/29/88. <br />The memo accompanying the <br />candidate packets contains all <br />the filing dates and information <br />pertaining to running for office.