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TDIN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Vol. 19, No. 2 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />June 1987 <br />Excessive Speeds [±] Winding Roadways El Danger <br />The Infamous Tatum Curve is Under Study <br />On February 26, 1987, the report <br />from the Citizens Study Committee <br />on Tatum Boulevard and the initial <br />proposal from the engineering firm <br />of Johannessen & Girand was read <br />into the Town Council minutes by <br />Committee Chairman, Robert <br />Mayfield. Johannessen & Girand's <br />suggestions were designed to <br />decrease the actual speed of the <br />roadway and enhance enforcement <br />with minimum inconvenience to res- <br />idents living in the immediate area. <br />Council action on the recommenda- <br />tions was tabled until the March 26, <br />1987 Council Meeting. <br />At the March Council Meeting, the <br />recommendations of Johannessen <br />& Girand, the Citizens Committee <br />and the staff for improving safety <br />and traffic conditions on Tatum <br />Boulevard were considered. Depart - <br />ing from normal procedure, Mayor <br />Plenge requested comments from <br />the public prior to the Council dis- <br />cussions. The comments generated <br />by approximately a dozen residents <br />included the following: <br />• Additional synchronized traffic <br />signals are absolutely required and <br />should be the first step. <br />• Pro and con regarding the exten- <br />sion of Desert Jewel to the east to <br />connect with 54th Street. <br />• Curve should be routed through <br />mountain. <br />• School bus drop-off points and <br />bike paths should be added to <br />both sides of Tatum. <br />After the comments were com- <br />pleted, Mr. Louis Lagomarsino of <br />Johannessen & Girand addressed <br />the Council. He indicated that the <br />original purpose of his firm's studies <br />was to increase safety on Tatum and <br />allow for safe access for residential <br />areas on both sides of the roadway. <br />As a result of 18-hour traffic counts <br />at each intersection, from Foothills <br />Drive south of the curve to Caida <br />Del Sol north of the curve, and daily <br />traffic volumes from Mockingbird, <br />the total volume of traffic on Tatum <br />within a 24-hour period was calcu- <br />lated at 44,000 cars per day. <br />After" soliciting additional comments <br />from the Town Council and the <br />audience, it was moved and sec- <br />onded that the Council approve the <br />general concept for improvements <br />to Tatum identified as Alternate C in <br />the Johannessen & Girand report <br />dated March 13, 1987 and to author- <br />ize the staff to contract with an <br />engineer to prepare detailed draw- <br />ings and specifications for the fol- <br />lowing improvements: <br />1. Horizontal and vertical realign- <br />ments of Tatum from a point <br />south of Mohave Place to a point <br />north of Mockingbird Lane east. <br />Horizontal and vertical realign- <br />ments of Tatum between Butler <br />and Sunset. <br />· Horizontal and vertical realign- <br />ments between Mockingbird Lane <br />east and Butler. <br />2. Eliminate access to Tatum from <br />Mockingbird Lane west. <br />3. Eliminate the traffic signal at <br />Mockingbird Lane east and close <br />access to Tatum from Mocking - <br />bird Lane east. <br />4. Close Mohave at Tatum and pro- <br />vide access to 4 7th Street for <br />these six lots. <br />5. Install full signalization at Desert <br />Jewel and Foothills Drive. <br />6. Install a traffic signal at Clearwater <br />Parkway and Tatum. <br />Work with the City of Phoenix to: <br />1. Modify the signal at Doubletree <br />and Tatum so that southbound <br />traffic on Tatum will be required <br />to stop. <br />2. Obtain a traffic signal at Sunset <br />and Caida Del Sol. <br />Authorize the staff to negotiate with <br />the owners of land that would be <br />affected by the recommendations to <br />obtain the required right-of-way. <br />Study the alternatives for handling <br />traffic from Mockingbird Lane east, <br />leaving all options open. <br />Expenditures for preparation of the <br />detailed design study and acquisition <br />of right-of-way shall come back to <br />the Council for final approval. <br />Johannessen & Girand has been <br />hired to prepare the engineering <br />plans and specifications for these <br />improvements. $2, 100,000 has been <br />budgeted for this project in fiscal <br />year 1987-88 .