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Vol. 18, N o. 3 <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VAL~EY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />September 1986 <br />To"7n Council Travels To Sedona <br />For Working Retreat <br />Th e s e v e n -m e mbe r Town <br />Counc il a nd Town Ma nager , <br />J o hn B a ud e k , journe yed <br />north t o S e dona for a working <br />retreat. The m a in purpose of <br />this r e treat was to r e affirm <br />on -g oin g goa ls for the Town <br />of P a r a di se Va ll e y a nd it s <br />le ade r s. The two-da y m eeting, <br />h e ld o n July 11th a nd 12th , a t <br />th e P oco Di a bl o R e sort <br />pro ve d t o b e extre m e ly fruit - <br />ful. Si x t ee n sp ec ifi c goals <br />w e r e d e t e rmin e d , providing a <br />clear s t a t e m e nt o f a ttitude <br />a nd c ommitme nt. <br />GOALS: July, 1986 <br />1 To provid e a des irable e nvironment <br />and li fes tyle fo r the To wn 's res idents <br />for to day a n d the future. <br />2 To preserve the re s id en tia l na tu re of <br />the Tow n wi th a minimum zoning of <br />one acre p er h o use. <br />3 To e ns ure tha t the citize n s of our <br />communit y a re able to ac quire those <br />es sen tia l servi c es such as water , elec- <br />tri cit y, gas, garbage pi ck -up, s ewage <br />coll ection, tele phon e, cable TV a n d <br />al a rm sys te m th a t a re consistent wit h <br />the lif est yle of our community and at <br />reasona b le cost . <br />4 To provide p rofessional police s ervic es <br />so as to mi nimi ze crim e a n d provide <br />protection to the citi zens of the Town. <br />5 To ensure tha t adeq uate fire p rotectio n <br />and emergency medica l s ervices are <br />provided for the res iden ts o f the Town . <br />6 To c o n s truc t a n d main t a in a safe and <br />environ mentall y compatible roadway <br />system wit hi n the Tow n . <br />7 T o opera te the Town with fi scal <br />respons ibi lit y. <br />8 To preserve a nd p rotect the·moun tains. <br />9 To implement policies for ensuring lo ng <br />ran ge 'wa te r supply, considerin g wate r <br />conserva tion , additional suppl y, reuse, <br />and recharge m easures. <br />10 To su p port and encour age the develop- <br />men t of a road way system which wi ll <br />divert traffic around the Town. <br />11 To underground uti lities, o r route them <br />around th e Town. <br />12 To provide, as n eed ed, communi ty <br />services such as parks, library fac il it ies, <br />a r t gall eries, communit y cente rs, etc. <br />13 Construc t and ma intain b icycle pa ths <br />in t he Town where they ar e n eeded for <br />safe ty. <br />14 To encourage citi zen pa rticipati o n in <br />Town Government. <br />15 To annex a ll County is la nds and streets <br />where o f ben efit to th e Town . <br />16 To establish a nd p romote ong o in g <br />comm u ni cati o n between t h e Tow n, <br />t h e leg is la tur e and surro und in g <br />G overnmen ts.