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TOWN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DR IVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Vo l ume 18, No . 2 May 1986 <br />New Town Council Seated <br />On April 10, 1986, the Town <br />of Paradise Valley seated it's <br />newly elected Town Council. <br />The seven council members <br />represent a combination of five <br />incumbents and two first-time <br />electees. <br />Elected outright during the <br />February 11, 1986 primary were <br />veteran council persons, Robert <br />W. Plenge, Joan R. Lincoln and <br />Richard E. Andeen. The March <br />25th election for the remaining <br />four seats resulted in the elec- <br />tion ofJames D. Coffee, Russell <br />W. Mosser, Sara D. Moya and <br />Kent D. Wick. <br />Moya Election Decided <br />By One Vote <br />An interesting footnote to the <br />recent election was the <br />extremely close race between <br />Sara Moya and William Barber. <br />After the first count, Ms. Moya <br />had a slim three vote lead. Mr. <br />Barber requested a recount <br />which resulted in his gaining <br />one vote and Ms. Moya losing <br />one vote. The shift in those two <br />votes, however, did not affect <br />the outcome. Ms . Moya was <br />elected by one vote. <br />1 <br />The Council -left to right : fames Coffee, Joan Lincoln, Robert Plenge, Sara Moyd, Kent Wick and <br />Russell Mosser. Richard Andeen (in se t) wa s not availabl e at time of photo session. <br />Rob e rt W. Plenge <br />Elected Mayor <br />Nominated by former Mayor <br />Joan Lincoln, Robert Plenge, 4 year <br />Council veteran, was unani- <br />mously elected to a two-year term <br />as Mayor of Paradise Valley. The <br />council then elected Joan Lincoln <br />as Vice Mayor. <br />11 Our members share the <br />responsibilities of the town's <br />business/' Mayor Plenge stated, <br />''Joan and I have rotated respon- <br />sibilities during the last two years <br />and will do it during the next two <br />years.'' <br />YOUR COMMENTS <br />ARE WELCOME <br />If you would like to see a specific <br />subject covered in a future issue of <br />the TOWN REPORTER, please let <br />us know about it. We welcome <br />your comments and suggestions. <br />Letters to the editor which contain <br />appropriate material of general <br />interest to town residents will be <br />published as space permits . <br />Mail or deliver your comments to: <br />Editor, TOWN REPORTER <br />6401 East Lincoln Drive <br />Paradise Valley, Arizona 85253