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TOWN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Volume 17, No. 1 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALL EY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Fall 1985 <br />How To Sneak Up On Your Weeds <br />If you could keep unwanted <br />weeds from growing on your prop- <br />erty with very little effort, would <br />you be interested? <br />Every year I see many families <br />toiling in the hot sun to rid their <br />yards of weeds. I often wonder if <br />they would still be hoeing and rak- <br />ing under the summer sun if they <br />knew how easy it is to keep their <br />yards weed-free by proper spraying <br />in the fall. <br />There are companies that will <br />treat your yard to keep weeds from <br />By Russ Mosser, Councilman <br />growing, similar to those you hire <br />to control pests. The Town of Para- <br />dise Valley uses these firms to spray <br />road medians to keep them weed- <br />free . If you're handy, you can spray <br />your own yard. It takes only about <br />two hours a year to treat an acre. <br />A phone call to the county agri- <br />cultural agent -the Cooperative <br />Extension Service, at 255-4456 - <br />will get you a free pamphlet titled <br />"The Care and Weeding of Desert <br />Landscape and Rock-Covered <br />Areas." This will explain the <br />This fountain at La Place at the northeast corner of Lincoln Drive and lnvergordon once <br />wasted a lot of water. Now, converted into a bea utiful flower bed, it uses no water. {See <br />water story inside}. <br />techniques and chemicals involved. <br />Let me share my experience. Ten <br />years ago, after spending too many <br />days under the June sun to rid my <br />own yard of weeds , I obtained this <br />pamphlet from my county agent. <br />Among the choices they recom- <br />mend is the use of a "preemergent" <br />chemical. This is sprayed on the <br />ground in the fall before weeds ger- <br />minate. It prevents them from <br />sprouting. When used as directed it <br />should have no effect on existing <br />p lants. <br />I have annually sprayed cactus <br />plants, palm trees, various types of <br />shrubs and trees with no apparent <br />damage. Likewise, if the weed seeds <br />have already sprouted, a preemer- <br />gent will have no effect on them. <br />That's why it is important to spray <br />in the fa ll before the weeds <br />germinate. <br />It takes me only about two hours <br />each year to spray my yard, using a <br />15-gallon sprayer. When spraying, <br />it's only necessary to dampen the <br />surface. But to be effective, the <br />preemergent has to be soaked into <br />the soil by rain or irrigation. <br />It is important not to spray areas <br />where seed germination is desired, <br />such as flowerbeds, gardens or <br />lawns (if winter grass is planted). <br />Since a preemergent is about 85 per- <br />cent effective, you should spray <br />twice the first year and once a year <br />after that. Co ntinued on page 2