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TOWN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIV E <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Volume 16 , No. 2 July 1984 <br />Town Alarm Monitoring Now Available <br />Over two years ago, the Town of Paradise Valley <br />mailed a survey questionnaire to its residents to <br />determine the level of interest in a safety alarm <br />monitoring system (intrusion, fire, medical emer- <br />gency, etc .. ) to be operated by the Town Police <br />Department. <br />The response was overwhelmingly in favor of such <br />a service, and the Town Council authorized the pur- <br />chase of the computer terminal and related <br />equipment. <br />We are pleased to report that the Town-operated <br />alarm monitor system i s now in full operation, and <br />more homes are being connected each week. <br />By utilizing the Town's special control panels, most <br />existing home al arm installations can be adapted to <br />report directly to the Town Police Department. Our <br />control panel, called the "subscriber terminal," i s <br />simple to operate, and if you should happen to signal <br />a false al arm, you can easily cancel it. <br />Several private alarm companies are now experi- <br />enced in converting and upgrading existing home <br />alarm systems so that they may be hooked up to the <br />Town's monitoring service . <br />If you currently have no home alarm system, these <br />private alarm vendors can custom-design a compati- <br />ble system for your home . <br />We invite citizens to visit the Police Department <br />and observe the system in operation first-hand . This <br />is a state-of-the-art high technology system that con- <br />stantly polls your home alarm system. Utilizing a <br />telephone circuit, it alerts the police to possible <br />problems that might arise . <br />Any problems at your home are immediately <br />reported to the Police Department in printed form, <br />and our dispatcher sends police, fire, medical and <br />other emergency services to your home without delay. <br />After initial installation charges, the service is <br />$20.00 per month. <br />We suggest you call Mr. Onno Prinsze, Alarm <br />Project Manager, at 948-7 7 51, for more details on how <br />the Town of Paradise Valley Police Department can <br />help protect your home from break-ins, further <br />enhance your safety and welfare and provide you with <br />peace of mind. <br />Free Ride to Hospital <br />On March 12, 1984, St . Luke's Medical Center and <br />St . Joseph's Hospital Medical Center inaugurated free <br />round-trip transportation between Paradise Valley and <br />Scottsdale and their facilities . <br />An air-conditioned van departs dail y ( except <br />weekends) from Smitty1s at Tatum and Shea, and <br />from the Scottsdale Hilton Hotel at Lincoln Drive and <br />Scottsdale Road . For further information or reserva- <br />tions please call 246-1852 .