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TOWN · REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Volume 15, No.1 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DR IVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, AR IZONA 85253 <br />May 1983 <br />Mutnmy Mountain Preserve <br />On March. 24 Mr. Poorman <br />Mueller presented to Mayor <br />Brock the deed to 33 acres on the <br />top of Mummy Mountain donated <br />to the Town by Burns Investment <br />Opportunities, Inc. The land is to <br />be maintained in a natural and <br />wilderness. ~tate forever with no <br />access, usage or trespass allowed. <br />With the acquisition of this <br />parcel there are now a total of 84 <br />acres in the Mummy Mountain <br />Preserve. Initially a 33 acre parcel <br />was donated to Maricopa County <br />as a bird sanctuary by G. B. <br />McKinley. Then the Town was <br />given 3 acres by Dr. and Mrs. <br />Mervyn Lakin in September 1978, <br />and Mrs. Velma Morrison donated <br />15 acres on December 4, 1980. <br />Last September Mr. Mueller was <br />appointed by Mayor Brock to <br />study the feasibility of acquiring <br />land on Mummy Mountain for a <br />mountain preserve. At that time <br />the Council placed a six month <br />moratorium on the recordation of <br />any new subdivisions on the <br />mountain, and Mr. Mueller was <br />charged with completing his study <br />and reporting to the Council before <br />the moratorium ended. At the con- <br />clusion of his assignment Mr. <br />Mueller reported to the Council <br />Left to right: Joe Adams, Burns Investment, Mayor J. Duncan Brock; Town Manager <br />Oscar A. Butt, Foorman Mueller, Chairman Mountain Preservation Committee. <br />that the approximate value of the <br />300 acres on the top of Mummy <br />Mountain was $15,000,000. In ad- <br />dition to the 33 acres from Burns, <br />Mr. Mueller has received a letter <br />from Philip F. Schneider, Jr. and <br />W. A. Franke, the owners of ap- <br />proximately 36 acres on Mummy <br />Mountain, which includes a por- <br />tion of the mountain top, stating <br />that they are seriously considering <br />the possibility of donating a por- <br />tion of their property, including <br />the mountain top, to the Town . Mr. <br />Mueller suggested the program be <br />expanded beyond gifts of property <br />on the mountain itself to gifts of <br />property any p lace within the <br />Town. Burns Investmeht has also <br />given the Town a·n option to pur- <br />chase 12 of the uppermost lots in <br />La Place du Sammet at their fair <br />market value until January 13, <br />1984. Mr. Mueller suggested that a <br />property gift without restrictions <br />which the Town could subsequent- <br />ly sell, as well as cash donations, <br />would provide funds to purchase <br />one or more of the 12 lots . <br />Mr. Mueller a lso advised the <br />Council that he had received <br />assurance of private funding by <br />neighbors t o repair the scarring on <br />the south side of Mummy Moun- <br />tain at Glen Drive. He will move <br />along as quickly as all of the details <br />can be put together . The Town of <br />Paradise Valley is very proud of <br />Foorman Mueller, and all citizens <br />owe him a great debt of gratitude.