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INFORMATION <br />BULLETIN <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />Volume 5, No. 1 TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 July 1982 <br />Published periodically by the Town Council <br />J. Duncan Brock, Mayor William M. Fulton Robert W. Plenge <br />John V. Long, Vice Mayor Richard H. Baxter William J. Simon <br />Joan R. Lincoln <br />Oscar A. Butt Mary Ann Brines <br />Town Manager Town Clerk <br />Annual Slurry Seal Program <br />Each year during the summer months some <br />seven to ten miles of streets within the Town are <br />treated with slurry seal. <br />This is a routine maintenance program designed <br />to prolong the life of our streets. Slurry seal places <br />approximately 3/8 inch of an asphalt and sand mix- <br />ture on the roadway. It helps to fill cracks, level <br />low spots, and smooth the roadway. This year the <br />work will be performed by Southwest Slurry Seal. <br />The work will take place during the latter part of <br />July and early part of August. The Town will <br />attempt to notify residents a day in advance of <br />when their street is to be treated, as it is necessary <br />to stay off the street for a few hours during and <br />after treatment. A list of streets scheduled for treat- <br />ment this year is printed below. <br />1982 SLURRY SEAL STREETS <br />1. 74h St. (Town limit to dirt) <br />2. Cholla Ln. (73rd Pl. to end of cul-de-sac) <br />3. 73rd Pl. )Cholla Ln. to Sage Dr.) <br />4. Sage Dr. (73rd Pl. to 74th St.) <br />5. Quail Run Pl. (Vista Dr. to new subdivision) <br />6. 70th Pl. (Vista Dr. to new subdivision) <br />7. Quail Run Rd. (Jackrabbit to MacDonald) <br />8. Casa Blanca (MacDonald to Jackrabbit) <br />9. Casa Blanca (Jackrabbit south to County) <br />10. W.1/2 Casa Blanca (Chaparral to County) <br />11. Quail Run Rd. (MacDonald to north end) <br />12. Valley Vista Ln. (Mockingbird E. around loop) <br />13. Valley Vista Ln. (w/o Mockingbird) <br />14. Invergordon (Lincoln to Cactus Wren) <br />15. Cactus Wren (60th St. to Invergordon) <br />16. Cardinal Dr. W. (Cactus Wren to Redwing) <br />17. Redwing (Cardinal to east end) <br />18. 63rd Pl. (Cactus Wren to Joshua Tree) <br />19. Joshua Tree (63rd Pl. to Invergordon) <br />20. Desert Hills (Cactus Wren to north end) <br />21. 60th St. (Lincoln to Indian Bend) <br />22. Redwing Rd. (60th St. west to end) <br />23. Indian Bend Rd. (57th Pl. to 60th St.) <br />24. Indian Bend Rd. (Mockingbird to E.) <br />25. 69th Pl. (Indian Bend to Hummingbird) <br />26. Hummingbird (69th Pl. to Sheraton) <br />27. Catesby Rd. )Cheney to end of cul-de-sac) <br />28. Calle Caballeros (Stallion to Mockingbird) <br />29. Northern Ave. (Ironwood to Foothill Dr. S.) <br />30. Foothill Dr. N. (Mohave to Northern) <br />31. Coconino (Foothill to Mockingbird) <br />32. Foothill Dr. (Saguaro to Mohave) <br />33. Saguaro (Foothill to end) <br />34. Charles Dr. (Mockingbird to end) <br />35. Laurette Ln. (Mockingbird to Charles) <br />36. Lillian Ln. (Mockingbird to Charles) <br />37. Butler Dr. (49th St. to Mockingbird) <br />38. Tomahawk Tr. (50th St. to Mockingbird) <br />39. Roadrunner (Tatum to 52nd St.) <br />40. 48th St. (Lincoln to Indian Bend) <br />41. 40th St. (Lincoln to n/o Flynn) <br />42. Lamar (40th St. to Highland) <br />43. Highland (Lamar to north end) <br />44. Highland (Lamar to 40th St.) <br />45. 40th Pl. (Lincoln to Desert Crest; <br />46. 41st St. (Lincoln to north end) <br />47. Desert Crest Dr. (north end to dirt) <br />48. 45th Pl. (Lincoln to end) <br />49. Camino Sin Nombre (Palo Cristi to east end) <br />50. Camino Del Contento (no, end of dirt to end) <br />