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r <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Volume 13, No. 1 February 1981 <br />Silent Witness Program <br />J <br />Dave Rolston of Camelback Inn presents a check to Les Naumann, Chairman of the Silent <br />Witness Governing Board, while Board Members Susan Dean and Scott O'Connor look on. <br />The Town of Paradise Valley has initiated its own <br />Silent Witness program which will be in addition to <br />the City of Phoenix Silent Witness. Initial funding <br />has been provided by a gift from the Paradise <br />Valley Homeowners Association and the <br />Camelback Inn. This money will be used to pay <br />rewards for information leading to the solving of <br />crimes committed in the Town. The purpose of the <br />program is to obtain information on criminal <br />activities, vandalism, etc. from citizens who would <br />only furnish this information for monetary gain . <br />These citizens are provided complete anonymity . <br />From time to time the Marshal will publicize infor- <br />mation concerning crimes committed within the <br />Town. Persons with information about these <br />crimes may · telephone the Marshal's · office at <br />948-7410 between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M ., Mon- <br />day through Friday, and advise the department that <br />they have information for the Silent Witness Pro- <br />gram Coordinator. The detective in charge will take <br />down the information and assign a code number to <br />the informant. The informant will not be asked to <br />identify himself unless he is willing to testify . The <br />informant can call in from time to time identifying <br />himself by his code number, and if investigation <br />based upon his information leads to the solving of <br />the crime, arrangements will be made for him to · <br />receive a reward. There is a Governing Board <br />appointed by the Mayor which will determine the <br />amount of the payment in each case. The Govern- <br />ing Board will also implement the method of pay- <br />ment. Names of the Board appear e ls ewhere in this <br />publication. All types of crimes, both major and <br />minor, are covered by this program. Anyone who is <br />not a commissioned law enforcement officer or a <br />member of his immediate family, the victim of the <br />crime, or the defendant, is eligible for the reward. <br />If any informant volunteers to be identified and <br />testifies, the Governing Board may authorize a <br />larger reward.