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r <br />Volume 2, No . 1 <br />INFORMATION <br />BULLETIN <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Published periodically by the Town Council <br />Ma rch 1979 <br />Barbara vonAmmon, Mayor <br />J. Duncan Brock, Vice Mayor <br />William M. Fulton <br />John V. Long <br />Joy P. Maclean <br />Thomas E. Sunderland <br />Peter S. Wainwright <br />Oscar A. Butt <br />Town Manager <br />Mary Ann Brines <br />Town Clerk <br />RESULTS OF LEASH LAW S U RVEY <br />191 responses to the Leash Law Questionnaire were received. 97 indicated that the present Town regulations are <br />adequate, and 94 wanted to adopt a law which would require dogs to be on a leash unless confined in a penned <br />enclosure . People on both sides of the fence mentioned that cats and horses can also be offensive . How many peo- <br />ple were willing to pay to enforce a leash law, and what were they willing to pay? Sixty-seven of those who favored a <br />leash law said they would pay something. Below is a tabulation of their responses . <br />AMOUNT PER YEAR <br />No specific amount -a fair <br />share <br />$2 per dog <br />$5 <br />$10 <br />$20 <br />$25 <br />$50 <br />$100 <br />Unwilling to contribute <br />No response to question <br />NUMBER OF RESPO NSES <br />38 <br />7 <br />13 <br />2 <br />4 <br />1 <br />21 <br />6 <br />94 <br />Of the ninety-seven opposed to a leash law seventy-nine indicated they would not want to contribute any cash <br />toward enforcement, fourteen did not respond to the question, and one civic-minded individual was prepared to <br />pay $5.00 annually even though opposed to such a law. <br />Our thanks to you who took the time to return the questionnaire, and, in several instap.ces, wrote letters as well. <br />The replies indicate there is no great majority either pro or con. The Leash Law Committee will continue to study <br />the matter and ultimately make a recommendation to the Council.