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TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />November 1976 <br />Now Is The Time to Protect Against Next Flood <br />"The time to p lan for flash floods <br />is when it i sn't raining," says Oscar <br />A. Butt, Town Manager. "Three <br />hundred and sixty four days a year, <br />most of us forget we live in a flash <br />flood area . We just have to p lan for <br />that one day." <br />That one day recently was the <br />morning of Sept . 25 when 21h in ches <br />of rain fe ll within a half-hour. Most <br />everyone in Paradise Valley fe lt the <br />impact. Flood waters and runoff hit <br />ev erywhere from the northern slopes <br />of Camelback M ountain to the flat <br />desert area. Roads, bicycle paths, <br />yards, f ences, retaining wa ll s, trees <br />and plants were damaged , some ex - <br />tensive ly . Some double driveways <br />on 64th Street were wiped out. Ap- <br />prox imate l y twenty homes actua lly <br />had w ater in them. <br />"It cost $38,000 ju st to clean u p <br />and make stopgap repairs of the <br />roadways," says Butt. ''We've asked <br />for assistance of $133,200 to co r- <br />rect the prob l em , both from the <br />Governor's Emergency Fund and the <br />U.S . Army Corps of Eng in eers. The <br />town al so hopes to work w ith <br />Phoenix, Scottsdale and the M ari- <br />copa Cou nty Flood Contro I District <br />on long ra ng e so lutions." <br />Paradise Valley has flooding prob- <br />lem s now t hat it d idn't previously <br />have due to the desert's natural <br />drainage being blocked off or altered, <br />says o n e Town resident w ho suf- <br />fered quite a bit of damage to hi s <br />property at 54th Street and Palo <br />V erde, just south of McDonald. <br />"I built her e in 1958," says A. I. <br />"B in" Marshall. "This i s th e first <br />time I've eve r had water in my <br />hou se. The problem is, great big <br />cont. on page 2 <br />"Bin" Marshall shovel s silt from his patio.