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Gaal planning far growth where growth is in evitable <br />Goa ls committees completing work on <br />programs for 10 year de velo pment <br />After months of di sc uss ion a nd study by the <br />Town Co unc il, forma ll y a ppointed citizen goals <br />co mmittees have been working this winter on s om e <br />of t h e most important decision s facing the Town. <br />But enli s tin g more than 54 towns peo ple in the <br />diffi cult search for so lutions, the Council h as not <br />on ly extend ed its own p otential thinking pow ers; <br />it has move d a long way toward continuin g citizen <br />involvement in Town affairs. <br />The Co uncil purposely refrained from limiting <br />the scope of the co mmittee s tudies. "We'll never <br />get new ideas," one Councilma n put it, "if we put <br />blinders on these people and point down a path <br />they must follow. Freedom to think is the atmos- <br />phere in which useful innovations are spawned. <br />And that's wha t we are after." <br />Committees and the Council itself are still <br />anxious to have responses a nd suggestions from <br />res idents who have not formally joined committees, <br />but whose ideas may prove most valuable. Com- <br />mittee members li s ted below may be contacted <br />directly or s uggestion s sent to the Council through <br />the Town staff or t he Mayor. <br />Here are the activities committees. <br />continued on next page