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TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY 6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARAD ISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Volume 7, No. 2 <br />LOVELY LIZA KIESEL, Saguaro High School <br />senior, models dress designed for Town Bicen· <br />tennial gala, October 19. For more on this event <br />see page 5. <br />Fall 1975 <br />Council studies Town plan <br />In the most ambitious effort in Town hi story - <br />matched perhaps only by the reorganization of the <br />Town Code -the Council is deeply involved in <br />evaluation of the Goals Committees' recommenda- <br />tions. The Goals Commi ttees submitted their re- <br />ports and r eco mmendations to the Council in April <br />1975. <br />In general, t h ese committees expressed ap- <br />proval of the current Town philosophy. They <br />share the Council's belief that the bes t government <br />is the minimum government consistent with the <br />s afety, health and welfare needs of our c itizens. <br />In May and June, the Council meet with the Com- <br />mittee chairmen and in some cases committee <br />members, to discuss their reports in more detail. <br />Using the input from the committees, the Coun- <br />c il has r e-drafted parts of the Master Plan to in- <br />clude many of the recommendations made by the <br />citizen Goals Committees. The Draft Master <br />Plan is presently being assembled and the Council <br />plans to sch edule public hearings on the entire <br />plan in the near future. <br />The aim of the Council is to adopt a plan of de- <br />velopment that is "firmly flexible". General princi- <br />ples governing the Town's founding will b e main- <br />tained. The objective is to foresee areas of future <br />n eed (bike pathways are a current example) to <br />which these principles can be adapted. <br />Most importantly, the general plan should b e <br />u sed as a guide to evaluate future requests for <br />development. The general plan provides a frame- <br />work for public and private improvements. <br />Interested c itizens are encouraged to participate <br />in the public hearings which will lead to the adop- <br />tion of the new Master Plan. Some of the more <br />significant items covered in the draft Plan are <br />s ummarized below. <br />continued on page 9