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~iA- <br />Many major decisions await Council-citizen action <br />If the Town Council were given to sloganeer- <br />ing their theme might be for the months ahead, <br />"guiding the community toward maturity." With <br />or without a slogan this maturing process will in- <br />evitably take place simply by studying and reach- <br />ing decisions in major areas of municipal concern. <br />None of these is more important or more difficult <br />than two prosaic necessities: water and sewage <br />disposal. <br />The question of public ownership of a public <br />water supply has been resolved satisfactoril y in <br />many communities. Phoenix is a major exampl e. <br />Mesa is another, and its lon g-established water <br />system contributes as much as 16 % of the City <br />budget. Scottsdale is now acquiring control of <br />water sources directly or by contract. Several <br />important considerations are sometim es overlooked <br />in considering municipal water in water-short des- <br />ert areas. One is the scarcity of the product. <br />The steadily lowering water table requires con- <br />tinuous investment to deepen or refurbish wells <br />and to enlarge or improve the efficiency of pump- <br />ing equipment. In some instances homes have <br />been without adequate water because the private <br />owners have been unwilling or unable to sink ad- <br />ditional wells. <br />Another consideration is the quality of the <br />water. Some water in the area is regarded as <br />unhealthful. Some residents have complained that <br />sediment in their tap water was so p ervasive that <br />the water was discolored. In some valley locations <br />that water is unpleasant to taste. Maintenance of· <br />potable water of minimum health standards is <br />basic. <br />Another aspect of the water problem is cost. <br />With monopoly over a limited resource and a con- <br />stantly growing demand for water service, the <br />water rates have often not been adjusted to <br />changes in the market. Water user ,suits require <br />initiative, energy and capital to pursue. Most <br />users will tolerate an overcharge rather than suf- <br />fer the complications of challenge. The Mesa <br />municipal system is able to sustain close to the <br />lowest Valley rates -despite a 57% usage in- <br />crease - and still delivers service. <br />It is believed that the Town would also estab- <br />lish more equable rates than has been the <br />continued page 6