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Volume 6, No. 1 <br />Adams De laney <br />Baltz <br />Barber Eaton <br />Brock Hitchcock <br />Cooper <br />TDWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Special Election Issue <br />Candidates' Night <br />Thursday, Jan. 31 <br />at new Town Hall <br />All 19 candidates for <br />election to the Town Coun- <br />cil are expected to app ear in <br />t h e m eeting chamber of t h e <br />Town H a ll at 7:00 the even- <br />ing of Thursday, January 3 1. <br />I t is the largest number of <br />candidates in a ny Town <br />Council election. <br />Primary ele ction d ay is <br />Monday, F ebruary 11 , 1974. <br />Each candidate will b e in- <br />vited to state briefly his qua l- <br />ifi cation s, s upplem enting the <br />information given in this <br />special election i ss ue of the <br />Town Reporter. Following <br />t h ese statements the meeting <br />will b e op e11 for ques tions <br />from the floor . <br />Because of their large num- <br />b er, candidates will be pro - <br />vide d with identify ing bad- <br />ge s . Afte r the meeting there <br />will be an opportunity for the <br />voters to converse with them <br />more informally. <br />The d ate: Thursday, Jan- <br />u ary 31. The time: 7:00 . <br />The place : the new Town <br />Hall, The occasion: the once <br />in two years opportunity to <br />make a p ersonal choice of <br />your Town representatives . <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DRIVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />January 19 74 <br />-Kowal O. C. Palmer. Sr. <br />Lordigyan Stuart <br />Mybeck Timbanard <br />L.B. Palmer von Ammon <br />Wainwright