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Citizens called to guide <br />Council cable TV decision <br />The Town Council will devote its entire meeting <br />on January 9, 1975, to the subject of cable tele- <br />vision. A proposal for a CA TV system to service <br />the Town will be heard. The League of Arizona <br />Cities and Towns will present information gathered <br />from several sources concerning the drafting of a <br />meaningful CA TV ordinance. The use of cable TV <br />for educational programming will be explored. <br />Residents are encouraged to attend this meet- <br />ing not only to become infonned, but to express <br />their thoughts and make recommendations con- <br />cerning desirable CA TV services. Those citizens <br />who presently subscribe to CATV are requested <br />to submit to the Council prior to the meeting, any <br />comments they may have, adverse or complimen- <br />tary, based on their own experience. <br />The contract which the Town may ultimately <br />execute for a Town-wide CATV syste'm will stipu- <br />late conditions of service, programming, mainten- <br />ance and fees. Consideration of residents' require- <br />ments and desires will play an important role in <br />the determination of these conditions. <br />TOWN REPORTER <br />TOWN OF PARADISE VALLEY <br />Volume 6, No. 3 <br />6401 EAST LINCOLN DR IVE <br />PARADISE VALLEY, ARIZONA 85253 <br />Fall 1974 <br />Crime surveillance may be <br />prime use for cable TV <br />It is no mere theory that virtually the whole <br />Town of Paradise Valley could be brought under <br />daytime monitoring by television cameras placed <br />on Mummy and Camelback Mountains. Such cam- <br />eras would maintain constant surveillance of spe- <br />cified areas and could be remotely controlled to <br />zoom in for a close-up of a suspicious vehicle or <br />persons. With their pictures being constantly fed <br />into a monitoring room in the Marshal's office, <br />suspects could be located and followed until ap- <br />prehended. <br />Further, the same cable TV system could be <br />used to carry two way alarms, detect fire and carry <br />silent signals of threatening danger. <br />It suggests a police officer's dream. Technically, <br />such systems are already operating. One of a half- <br />dozen in the country establishes a security system <br />for homes in Echo Canyon, at MacDonald Drive <br />and Tatum Blvd. For a large system such as the <br />Town might require, one impediment is, as usual, <br />money. The other is the concern of residents who <br />continued page 5